1. UFFDA says

    That was lovely, every couple looked happy, complete, fulfilled with a fine song to celebrate by. And if you have read any of his blog stories and posts it is clear that OS2GUY, his husband and son are all well on their way to being able to celebrate “old love” as well as real love in the present.

  2. Josh says

    Lovely way to begin the day. Very sweet. Neal and Leandra, from Minneapolis, have always been a wonderful duo and the video fits the song beautifully.

  3. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Thank you for posting this, Andy. Very lovely… it brought tears to my eyes, and I immediately sent it to my husband. It describes very well the “old love” that we have.

  4. Caliban says

    I liked this video a lot.

    As I was watching it I thought of a great idea for an ad campaign. (Well I think it’s a great idea but then I would since it’s my idea.) Show individuals talking about how they met their partner or what their partner means to them, but without using pronouns or other words that might indicate that person’s gender. (Or have their partner standing next to them but that side of the screen blacked out.)

    Then after these people have talked movingly about their partners, at the end reveal whether their partner is same-sex or not, showing that while some are straight and some are gay they express their love in the same or similar ways.