1. 24play says

    I thought the big campaign-ad news yesterday was that Romney had stopped advertising in Pennsylvania and Michigan, apparently conceding that both states are out of his reach.

  2. says

    I take this as Romney’s convention did nothing for him, while Obama’s convention is making a huge impact, and now Romney needs to (again) stop the bleeding.

    He must be very thankful Citizen’s United is allowing him to raise unlimited funds from billionaires. It’s the only thing keeping him in the game, but I don’t think it will be enough for him to win it.

  3. Wayne says

    The sad truth is, both parties are bankrolled by corporations and billionaires. They buy influence… So to pretend that the democrats or republicans are working for the average citizen is a total farce. Money rules the day, that’s why we won’t see our political system truely change unless a libritarian type candidate is taken seriously.

    Most corporations have their hand in both parties at the same time. That’s their insurance policy…

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