1. jason says

    I don’t like it when people go to the media years down the track and complain about so and so. It’s like lapsed memory syndrome. The recollections are usually questionable at best.

    Julie Goodridge seems particularly bitter. The expression on her face resembles that which follows consumption of vinegar thinking it’s lemonade.

  2. Chris says

    I’m not surprised.

    At the RNC, they tried to humanize Mittens by trotting out people to give testimonials about what a good guy he is. Including the parents of a teenager who died from cancer, who Mitt visited while in the hospital. The problem is that those people are Mormons and the visits were a religious obligation for him as a church elder/leader.

    From stories of Mitt as a high school bully, to his actions at Bain, to this story above, it’s clear the man lacks a moral conscience, and maybe be a sociopath outright.

  3. J. Page says


    If you felt you and your family was under personal attack from someone that was running for public office something tells me you would have a bitter look on your face as well.

  4. Aedan says

    I’ve been saying this for a while now and evidence only grows stronger to support my claims: Mitt is a sociopath. He’s a sociopath. And with that fundamental lack of empathy for anyone outside himself there is absolutely zero reason to ever believe that he would work in the interests of anyone but himself: possibly the worst person possible to assume a position like POTUS.

  5. jason says

    Look, I’m not saying that Julie wasn’t treated unfairly. I’m saying that I find it odd that people come out years down the track with some recollection about so and so. It seems politically motivated and is unfair on the person who is being bad-mouthed.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    I’ll always remember when Marriage Equality became law in MA, Romney Inc found some obscure 1800’s law, never enforced, that required couples marrying in MA to reside in MA (in other words, no out of state folks)… and only when Marriage became legal, instructed people to begin enforcement.

    That to me, said so much. Despite the obvious change in law in the present, he was willing to mess with everyone for his own warped ideas. That’s not a leader… not in the slightest, more like a petulant King.

  7. Sean in Dallas says

    The super rich are not known for being sympathetic or kind. I know people who work for millionaires and billionaires as personal assistants or household managers…the stories are outrageous.

    The interaction Julie Goodridge had sounds pretty typical. There is a troubling disconnect and loss of empathy for people not in their economic class; we are nothing but potential disposable labor to them.

  8. Josh says

    Jason, if you would read the actual article you would discover that while Romney was Governor, his administration fired several of their people right before or right after they entered into a same sex marriage.

    Several people interviewed for the article said they felt that Romney had little to no empathy for gay people and did not view gay families as being similar to straight families.

  9. tilltheworldends says

    Why are we still answering Jason? He is a Repbub bug to just say stuff to get us up in arms. ignore him. He only comments on stuff where the donkeys are being painted bad.

  10. My2cents says

    Agree with previous post: Mittens displays the qualities of a sociopath and is a very dangerous, volatile man who is an earnest self-promoter, to the detriment and expense of others. This makes the homocons embrace of him all the more puzzling. Apparently, some of us never grow-up out of our culturally-trained self-loathing.

  11. Steve says

    I’m also convinced that he is a sociopath. Many of the symptoms fit. It would explain a lot: the constant lying, the lack of empathy and genuine emotions and also his past actions like the bullying and animal cruelty

  12. bobbyjoe says

    The lack of empathy and genuine emotions could also be explained by the fact that Romney is a robot.

  13. says

    Jason blabbers: “Look, I’m not saying that Julie wasn’t treated unfairly. I’m saying that I find it odd that people come out years down the track with some recollection about so and so.”

    This is what reporters and historians do. It’s about obtaining background and learning about someone’s past. Should we just set some arbitrary date- 1 year, 2 years- and then say that anything older than that must remain a secret?

    Are you really this stupid?

  14. luminum says

    Jason, it’s weird because there’s no lapsed memory here. She’s brought this issue up since it happened. And it was mentioned again back when Mitt was running as a potential elect. …And it’s being mentioned again because Mitt Romney is at the forefront of the election. Perhaps you should take the time to research the history of these complaints and issues before you go about calling them “unaddressed, memory lapse concerns”. It only makes you look like a fool.

    You said the same thing about the couple whose luggage was vandalized at the airport, even though the moment it happened, the story broke on and was only being reported on again on Towleroad one year later since the lawsuit made progress.

  15. jamal49 says

    @AEDAN Of course Mitt Romney is a sociopath! His religion is a blueprint for sociopathy. The same can be said for evangelical christianity or Islamic fundamentalism.

    People such as Mitt Romney are incapable of empathy or compassion. They have no real emotion; they feel no real love. It’s tragic and very frightening to watch Mr. Romney act out his sociopathy on a public stage. His superficiality is practically pathological and deeply disturbing.

    In fact, I would even go so far as to say that the entire GOP is sociopathic. There is no empathy, no inability to emphasize; the GOP’s behavior is anti-social, manipulative, devious, incapable of telling the truth and willing to destroy without remorse or without conscious anyone who gets in their way.

  16. FlexSF says

    Looking forward to the great Republican evisceration of 2012. We should audit Romney and financially devastate his entire family of bigots.

  17. says

    I agree with all the others who have said that Romney is a sociopath. He doesn’t want to be President because he has any interest in the job, he wants to be president so he can tick off a box on his lifetime “to-do” list. He’s a scary man and thought of him running this country gives me the willies.

  18. Caliban says

    @David R. Yes, I KNOW *all* religions can be considered cults, but you know what? It’s not a particularly helpful observation for people to bring up EVERY g*dd*amn time the topic of Mormonism comes up. Basically you’re saying “Oh, well it’s no worse than any other religion!” when in fact it IS worse. There has to be a way to discuss particularly abusive religions and differentiate them from others, Scientology and Mormonism for instance, without having to address the statement that all religions are the same.

    *I* am an atheist and there is NO love lost between me and organized religion, but there IS a difference between religions that, like it or not, have been around for thousands of years and have been a major influence in world history and a religion invented 160 years ago by a convicted con-man or 50-some years ago by a science fiction writer.

  19. MATT says

    @DEV: I think he wants to do it because his Dad failed in his attempt at the Presidency. He wants to prove something and do what daddy couldn’t.

  20. Marc C says

    Face it JASON, you’re fighting a losing battle. You’re on the wrong side of history and you hate yourself too. What could be worse? You really should start looking into some intense therapy before it becomes too late and you off yourself in disgust.

  21. Chuck Mielke says

    Mormonism, like christianity and islam in their more extreme forms, promotes psychopathy. For these religious activists, real people don’t matter. What matters to these religious activists is adherence to doctrine, approving and acting in accordance with “the will of god.” Look at the leadership of the Catholic Church: they have no interest in emulating the actions of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, they only want submission to church doctrine resulting in the continued power and enrichment of the hierarchy. Mormonism and those sectarian televangelists are no different.

    Real humans and their interests are completely unimportant for those religious extremists. The drive for moral and doctrinal purity has expelled all concern for, and even awareness of, the wide variety of human interests and behaviors. They place their narrow ideals above reality: there shall be only one choice for sexual expression, the opposite sex; there shall be only one object of worship, their church (disguised as ‘god’); there shall be only one nation worth any patriotism, the USA; there shall be only one reason to live, to make as much money as possible; there shall be only one political party, their own.