1. enough already says

    Sargon Bighorn got it right:
    The christians do not see us as human.
    The child raping catholics would strip us of the few rights we do have in a second if they could. And they will, should Romney and Ryan be elected.
    OH – much as I wish BKT well in his new job, boy is it a joy and a delight to be able to speak one’s mind here again.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Of course they don’t see gay people as human. They think we spontaneously generate, since according to them, we exist outside the idea of *family*, with no mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, etc.

  3. Hank says

    Byer Steel – and this from their website:

    PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED: Byer Steel’s is committed to being a truly professional workforce. We are a proud equal opportunity employer that seeks diverse employees and ideas to service our customers.

    I guess the GLBT are not part of their diverse culture. Another company that has meaningless mission statements.

    Lending their name and support to Myth Flip Romney and his tea party baby.

  4. says

    we can blame gay republicans for this. after all, they are the “gay friends” that these anti-gay GOP members claim to have.

    THUS, it is the cowardice and spinelessness of gay republicans that leads straight republicans to believe LGBT people would make bad parents, don’t deserve to marry, and are lesser beings.

    it’s the only possible explanation. i don’t know any heterosexual liberals who oppose Equality for LGBT people, nor do i know any that would SUPPORT those that oppose LGBT Equality.

    so, it’s all on you Gay Republicans. nice example you’ve set.

  5. dan lawson says

    I hate to start like this becouse it should not matter, but i’m straight and a christian and what pisses me off are these self-proclaimed americans who think that they heve the right to control another human’s life. Everyone should be free to love and marry who they want. Shut up Ryan and live your idiotic bigoted life.

  6. dan lawson says

    If you believe that the Holocust did not happen, women are beneath men, slavery never should have been abolished, and you have the right to control another human’s life (nazi), then the only choice for you is a tea-bagger or the next best thing mitt romney and paul ryan

  7. thom says

    …..OH HE IS JUST TRYING (DESPARATELY) to roil up the “fundies” and crazy Catholics.
    The Tea Party needs a new cup of tea….but they are simple minded and don’t know it. The more I see of this America the most concerned I get. This guy is clearly becoming a lightning rod for the ultra right and Mittens doesn’t give a $hit. He just wants to win. Remember, he as NOTHING else to do but give the Presidency a whirl.We’ve already had. THAT (for 8 years)…Maybe Mittens and Annie Oakley Romney should relocate to the Cayman Islands, so they can stroke and kiss their money. Bad news for America, bad news.

  8. thom says

    ooops. I just watched it again….they have a “5 Point Plan”?Oh. my. 5 points?…Can his audience count that high?… funny how they come up with numbers when their constiuents can’t even do simple math….Sheesh.Toad

  9. thom says

    ooops. I just watched it again….they have a “5 Point Plan”?Oh. my. 5 points?…Can his audience count that high?… funny how they come up with numbers when their constiuents can’t even do simple math….Sheesh.Toad

  10. Bob says

    This is an old Nazi propaganda trick, you first make the people you want to destroy see as if they are not human, then you keep repeating the lies and propaganda about how they are not human then after a while the masses start to believe the lies and propaganda and then you round up these people you want to destroy and take them to camps where nobody can see you murder them. The Nazis did it to the Jews and Homosexual in World War II after they got the Nazi Catholics to agree that the Jews and Homosexual were not human and now the new Nazis, the anti-gay Christian Republicans are now doing it again. Proof history repeats itself, not that long ago when your grandfather had to go to fight for our freedoms in Germany and kill Hitler the mad man. Only now we have mad men running for leaders positions just like Hitler did but here in the USA.

  11. EchtKultig says

    Where are our beloved trolls and crazies? Markus? Jason? Question mark? Isn’t the party that thinks you’re not human still worth defending on Towleroad?

  12. Robert K. says

    My concern is that if Obama wins re-election in November plus either the Senate remains Democratic or the House goes Democratic, that this may be a blow to the Republican Party, but it wont diminish right-wing hatred, violence and stupidity, which will only increase. We all need to be aware and prepared.

  13. billywingartenson says

    BTW try this one

    the catholic church claims to respect the worth and dignity of all human persons (thatsa quote)

    Either they are following Goebbels or they dont think gays are human

    There have been several cases where a gay couple who had a cath church funeral for a parent – the priest walked out of the service and didnt show at the cemetery.

    this was a few mos ago at St. JOhn Newmans in Rockville MD>

    The others in the US midwest and england.

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