1. rjp3 says

    What is the mental clitch in the GOP where they keep elevating these very sick men with Rich Daddy issues? W and Mitt both insist beyond all logic that they were “self made” …. sorry no. When your Daddy’s acomplishments get you press like this after paying for your prep school, Ivy Degree in Business and funds your law degree — you are not self made. Sorry not.

  2. Greg says

    I hope we put an end to his “possible political future” and his plans for “weekends at the White House” in the coming election

  3. Alan says

    Maybe that’s because we’d rather know if one of our candidates for president is a tax-evading criminal. I think that’s more important than anyone’ grades in college. You’re just desperately grasping at straws.

  4. Sam A says

    RJP3 left out that Mitt was given 1 million dollars to start his business. Maybe to Mitt, 1 million dollars is “starting from scratch”. I would have taken the million, put it in a longterm CD and lived off the interest :)
    I love how nobody made a fuss, now or then, about the fact that George Romney wasn’t born in the United States. If Obama had been born in Mexico, it would have disqualified. It’s bad enough Obama was born in the Kenyan Province of Hawaii.

  5. Caliban says

    And he’s so SWARTHY and dark skinned! Oh, wait. No he isn’t, HE JUST PUT ON EXTRA DARK MAKEUP FOR HIS APPEARANCE ON Univision!

    Hilarious. Romney’s skin was noticeably darker than it was earlier in the day and you can see the lines where the makeup stops. Trying to look more “ethnic” for the Hispanics, Mitt?

    Why not wear a sombrero and a poncho too?

  6. anon says

    I think the weekends at the WH were in reference to his father, otherwise, it would have been a long wait until he was 35 at least. So, the prediction was not quite so prescient as it seems.

    This is sorta Mormons pretending to be WASPs, which is kinda this election in a nutshell.

  7. tom says

    Like him or loath him, you’ve got to admit, he was a very, very good looking guy. And I doubt he was ever a “player.”

  8. BigGuy says

    Even though he’s a Mormon, that smirk is the upper class Waspy smirk that hurts the feelings of this very fat Jewish man. When a man to the manor born smiles at me like that, I feel punching his chin so hard that his teeth end up in his eye sockets.

  9. ratbastard says

    Yes, he’s obnoxious and an ahole. Guess what TR readers: Obama is a fraudulent character,also. He has lied about almost every aspect of his life, even changed his name. So, we have two aholes to choose from. Of course some hardcore republicans will automatically vote for Romney regardless of the fact he’s a poor candidate. And most black voters [almost all] will automatically vote for Obama because, well, because he has similar skin color to them. He in reality has done NOTHING tangible to ‘help’ ‘poor’ folks minus encouraging food stamps, and has spent his entire life trying avoid black folks UNTIL he need street cred to get elected so started attending a ‘black church’. This is all 100% true. Needless to say all a candidate has to be to get rapturous gay votes is be Democrat and just say he/she supports gay marriage. They could otherwise be horrendous n many ways, but as long as they throw a few bones to the ‘gay vote’, they’re praised.

    Romney was a mediocre governor of MA. He also greatly increased state fees for EVERYTHING, but avoided tax increases *sarcasm off*. So-called conservatives are in for a surprise.

  10. ratbastard says


    I’m part ‘WASP'; what the F is your problem? You insinuate that ‘WASP’ [for non-Americans it stands for: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] are evil, terrible people, why? They CREATED this country that is a sanctuary for so many ‘oppressed’ people from around the world, including of course Jews, who were eventually persecuted EVERYWHERE they lived in the world, EXCEPT the U.S., where they have ENORMOUS POWER and INFLUENCE in everything form politics to finance and business and academia. No bigguy, I’m not antisemitic, just telling the truth. Arguably, the most powerful political lobby in the U.S. is APAC. So I’m confused by you snarks at ‘WASPs’, because aside from your being gay [I assume you’re gay], you aren’t oppressed by any stretch of the imagination. And I know Jews who look quite similar to Romney and likewise have ‘smirks’ on their face, do you hate them too? I know gays, lesbians, black folks, men and women of all ‘races’ and ethnicities who walk around with ‘smirks’ on their faces, and who are in fact narcissistic know-it-alls.