1. peterparker says

    People have been skydiving into Burning Man since the ’90s. This photo is definitely the best I’ve seen yet, though!

  2. Mike says

    Hmm….I smell a photoshop. Looks like he is standing on his tiptoes, and where is the wrinkle in his skin from the wind? or his shirt or pants?
    Not quite sure about this one.

  3. Jean Simenon says

    Yep people have been skydiving in the black rock before even Burning Man existed!! Check out Dust & Illusions (, on the history of the event all the back to the 1970s. Great flick, even for me who wasn’t interested in Burning Man and have never been!

  4. DB says

    Burning Man was amazing this year. The art was even bigger, better, and hotter than ever. I saw a lot of sky divers coming in which was really cool. There was also a theme camp that created 3D sculptures of volunteers using a 3D printer and delivered the completed sculptures to the volunteer by helicopter drone (using a GPS device for location).

  5. I wont grow up says

    I think I have finally figured out why skydivers wear helmets. Its to have someplace to put the camera. Because, lets face it, if the chute doesn’t open and you hit the ground at terminal velocity the helmet is not gonna help a lot, except maybe to help them find your head among the splattered remains.