1. jason says

    Britney can’t dance and she definitely can’t sing. She spent years miming to songs and making millions from the tools who bought tickets to her concerts. I wonder if it’s possible to sue her for deception.

  2. Luke says

    @Jason, really?? She’s a performer who puts out products and shows that people buy. Sue her?? LOL.

    Love Britney, she’s looking amazing!!

  3. Brandon H says

    Is it just me or does Brit seem uncomfortable at every appearance she’s made over the last few months? She reminds me of Martha Stewart levels of stiffness. Maybe this whole Xfactor gig is showing off more of her personality than she would prefer.

  4. A_gay_guy says

    I thought this was great, but what is wrong with Brit? She looks really uncomfortable and that makes me sad :(

  5. Patrick says

    OMG Britney is looking good, not too drugy like 3 years ago and not a mess like K-Fed days. I’m not a big fan but i can appreciate that she is changing her ways!

  6. JNJ says

    Something is seriously wrong here… Brit looks controlled, like a Stepford Wife. I miss the free spirited Britney.

  7. Who cares? says

    Who cares about this washed up old ho? I never understood why so many gay men like her when she hasn’t done sh1t for gay rights.

  8. says

    That’s the most effort she’s put into dancing in the last 5 years!

    Never heard of Psy until this post. Still wish I hadn’t.


  9. Icebloo says

    I despise Britney Spears. She has NO talent. She is a moron.

    Britney is the perfect example of how having money does no stop you being stupid, white trash. She is as dumb as a dead frog. Her voice is one of the weakest ever and she can’t even sing live.

    I will never understand why gay people like her – she has NEVER done anything for us. NEVER. She has never even spoken out for us and I believe she once admitted she was a Republican.

    She is trash, trash, trash. Let her fade back into obscurity where she deserves to be ! She is a nobody.

  10. Jajungna says

    There are some hateful queens in this comments section. Any of you voting for Romney? You sound like perfect supporters of hateful speech. They just had fun on stage. So what? Whether you like them or not, what fuels words like “moron,” “trash,” “tools” or the sudden attacks on Psy? Hate. Let’s try a little kindness. This world needs so much of it right now.

  11. Wake Up says

    Jajungna, the only queens here are the ones who worship a brain dead ho with no talent and are getting upset at the people pointing out the facts: She’s never done sh1t for gays or gay rights and she’s a Republican, which means she votes for people who are trying to prevent gays from having equal rights. So how stupid does a gay man have to be to like this ho?

  12. Stefan says

    Wow, some people on here are desperately bitter. That includes Icebloo, Wake Up, and many others. The fact you can so loathe someone you never even met, and someone who surely never made a point to directly insult or hurt you, is sad.

    This wasn’t a political post, and it isn’t Britney’s job to vote a certain way or advocate for gay rights. We certainly didn’t “make” her and she doesn’t owe us anything. We don’t know how she votes, how she thinks, etc. and she’s never held herself out as being a political spokesperson (unlike many celebrities). Her job was and is to be an entertainer, and she did that job well for a certain group of people who found her appealing. I wasn’t one of them, but many were.

    I’d suggest that instead of spending time being hateful and jealous on the internet that you actually invest some time being a good human being and bringing a little joy to others.

  13. jajungna says

    Right on, Stefan. Finding reasons to hate these people is exactly what people are doing to us. We should all spend more time trying to understand people not hate them. So just as I know nothing about what sparked such biterness in these commentors, I will say I hope that you are experiencing happiness in your lives, and spreading it for others to partake in. If you are not, I hope soon you’ll be surrounded by love and kindness. We all deserve it. Much love to all of you, bitchy or not :)

  14. Iban4yesu says

    Psy, dear, just stay away from that talentless and deranged car wreck, at ALL costs!

    Don’t be like that idiot of a fellow Korean artist, Kim Gahng something, who was stupid enuff to pay that vile Hilton heiress to be in his music video!

    Yuck, excuse me while I go to vomit…..

  15. Iban4yesu says

    @ KDNA

    I looove the Gangnam Style video, but the dance steps and stuff detached from the context of the original narrative, especially here, would be only cringe-inducing …. That’s why I have not clicked the clip yet….(OK, avoiding that talent-free broad is also very important…)

    Check out the original and find out why that video is getting 90 million + views on YouTube…

  16. Iban4yesu says

    @ Stefan,
    Actually calling a spade spade is about “being a good human being” as there is an integrity involved and “bringing a little joy to others”, as there is an element of joy we can all share in telling the truth… .

  17. Iban4yesu says

    “We should all spend more time trying to understand…”

    Sorry, jajungna, but some of us should have better use of our precious and scarce time than wasting it on any scatological efforts…. Life itself is very limited timewise after all.