1. UFFDA says

    This is just disgusting, dancing to foreign music right there at Annapolis in front of those big stolid gray stone buildings? Having fun!? Being cute? Who else in the world would even think of it? Being flexible will certainly be our downfall.

    Actually, it’s the greatest strength of all.

  2. secure214 says

    I can’t wait to see the viral video of all the Star Wars characters dancing “Gangnam Style.” You know it’s coming…

  3. CMLion says

    …and I just came in my pants.

    Watching cute men in uniform dance around to a kitschy song, we truly do live in the greatest country in the world. God Bless America!

  4. Frank says

    thank you to the beefy hot boy in the navy jacket and grey running shorts for not wearing underwear. You made my day!

  5. Pommie says

    Gangnam Style sucked from the day one. Please get over it fast folks or else we would all be traumatized by the lined up videos as it was with Call me maybe a.k.a. F*ck me baby song but these men oh f*ck yeah, they are the only thing that makes a song like this bearable.

  6. says

    Given that these guys are part of the 47% who live off the government tit (they are students at the Naval Academy after all), I’m glad to see my tax $$$ are being put to *very* good use. 😉

  7. Bill says

    Psy is an ugly ass and his backup dancers have had plastic surgery so looking at any other version would be more appealing to the eyes.

  8. Robert K. says

    For more info on gay antics and challenges in the Navy and other military branches, I recommend Conduct Unbecoming: Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Military by Randy Shilts.

  9. Caliban says

    Very nice. I prefer the Air Force Academy version of Sexy And I Know It from last year, if only for it’s shirtlessness, but still a good entry in the Military Academy Dirty Dancing Hall of Fame.

  10. KK Bloom says

    the white uniforms, the sexy and goofy dancing around and the one guy in shorts going boing, boing, boing – thanks for going commando, Commander! This was fun AND hot.

  11. Andrew says

    Is Towleroad so money hungry that they have to run anti-Obama ads on this site? Shame on you Andy Towle. Our basic freedoms depend on the reelection of Obama/Biden.

  12. DannyEastVillage says


    And I’m sick to death of the pretentious jaded hipsterfags posting here. Your drugs have destroyed your sense of humor and are well on the way to destroying your humanity. Get help.

  13. Chuck Mielke says

    This brought back many pleasant memories of my brief visit, to my brother during “Parents’ Weekend,” to Annapolis in the late 1960’s.

    The hot guys dancing in their dress whites was an added treat. The homoerotic element was totally no surprise.

  14. Thomas says

    So. My brother went to the Air Force Academy, and, while I know it’s different from the Naval Academy, he was given a bunny as a pet, and then dropped off in the middle of nowhere with his bunny with the idea that the cadet would kill the bunny for food. So, I guess what I’m saying is…are these two schools really that different that in one you’re conditioned to be a sociopath and in the other you try to lip sync to Korean lyrics?

  15. Tom Cardellino says

    This is the exact form of American Liberty that makes religiously fundamentalist heads explode here and abroad; and, that our world’s most powerful military has this form of freedom must make them apoplectic just before their eyes pop and their vile empty skulls start cracking open. You go, guys! And, on behalf of my Dad and brother (both Navy vets) Go Navy!

  16. Lymis says

    As a graduate of the US Naval Academy, I thought it was great!

    As someone who had to wear those uniforms, I also appreciate how impossible it is to keep them clean just walking around, much less rolling around on a soccer field. Ouch! Whoever put officers in white shoes should have been taken out and keel-hauled.