Zach Wahls On Pro-Equality Tour Of Minnesota

ZachwahlsmnZach Wahls, the University of Iowa student whose speech before the Iowa House about his gay mothers became an instant viral video sensation, embarked yesterday on a week-long tour through Minnesota, where he hopes to persuade citizens to vote against a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage equality.

On Top provides some details on Wahls' itinerary:

Wahls' first stop was the Minnesota State Fair, where he helped man the booth of Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition of groups working against passage of the amendment. Later in the day, he spoke at the 19th annual Duluth Labor Day Picnic.

On Tuesday, Wahls will help launch the University of Minnesota Duluth group UMD Students United for All Families. And later in the week, he is scheduled to speak to students at St. Cloud State University and the University of Minnesota.

Wahls has since last year become one of the most visible pro-equality activists in the nation. He penned a book, My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family, has appeared on countless national television shows, including Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, has been instrumental in combating homphobia in the Boy scouts and recently toured Iowa to explain why the Hawkeye State is lucky to have marriage equality, and why such rights should be extended from coast-to-coast.

He's basically a superman for equality.


  1. Schoolmarm says

    I hate to look because I know that the comments are going to be something nasty about that nice young man.

  2. Stefan says

    Well, no mean comments yet at least. Let’s bask in the short lived kindness :) Zach Wahls is a remarkable (and tireless!) young man and a shining example for everyone. He knows what’s right and then acts on that knowledge–it’s a very rare quality.

  3. Fruit-for-Peace says

    Oh SCREW the negative ninnies! Figuratively not literally as nobody DOES want to screw anyone that negative. 😉

    I really wish he’d make a stop at the Minnesota State University in Moorhead. He’d likely get some good news coverage from the Fargo/Moorhead news media and then LOTS more of the rural folk would get to know about this guy and what and why he’s doing it.

    I’m originally from the more rural MN area and people in the rural areas are the ones that REALLY need to hear this wonderful guy’s message.

  4. Mike says

    If only we had more people were like him who stand up for LGBT Civil Rights in America, he might be one of our new Martin Luther Kings who will help free the gays. Anti-gay Christian trolls who pretend to be gay to disrupt this post on Towleroad need not respond to this.

  5. Rick says

    “And here come the queens envious of Zach’s popularity”

    Well, the real question is why is a straight guy so popular doing something that a gay guy probably would not be popular for doing?

    Why would a gay guy sticking up for his own rights not be held up as such a good example as a straight guy is for sticking up for his lesbian parents?

    That is a perfectly legitimate question to ask without attacking Wahls for his advocacy.

  6. Alejo says

    I promise, I’ll answer your query but first just let me know if you seriously think yourself as a queen bee or you’re just a delusional baby doll?

  7. TANK says

    Well, a lot of meaningless drivel and some random chit-chat have already pervaded the 1,004th Zach Wahls story of the year on Towleroad, so it looks like Tank is gonna have to add some rationality to the discussion. Yes, Zach is an admirable guy, and yes, he is hot, and yes, he is doing a lot of good. BUT, there are a lot of straight AND gay guys out there doing good work, too, but they don’t get as much attention for their contributions, and that just isn’t fair. Zach is well on his way to lots of fame and fortune, and I’m glad for him for that, but I wish that others would get to share in the spotlight, too. Hey, I know some of the catty, middle-aged, clueless queens around here won’t like these reflections, but hey, Tank’s gotta keep it real!

  8. Rick says

    @ALEJO Neither one. I am a man, plain and simple, a man attracted to other men.

    And one who has enough life experience to know how deeply resentful most gay men are of other GAY men who have succeeded or become famous, which no doubt partly answers my question.

    Undoubtedly one of the reasons a straight guy is popular for doing this where a gay guy would not be is related to that phenomenon–and I think it is the same reason that gay male entertainers are generally shunned by gay men in favor of straight female entertainers.

    So you may be on the right track with the jealousy angle–it’s just that you yourself may be an example of what you are accusing others of.

    As for why a straight guy like Wahls might be more accepted by the general society and media in this role, it could be related to the fact that society is still terribly uncomfortable with the idea of a gay man being “forceful” and “demanding”…..which is expected of and admired in straight men.

    But you are welcome to present your own reasons for it, as is anyone else.

    I am not saying I know for sure what the answer is, but these factors no doubt play a role and they are not a positive commentary on either gay men or society as a whole.

  9. says

    feel free, RICK, to be that gay guy you want to see doing this.

    it’s so easy even I can do it. feel free to create your own page, blogspot, youtube, tumblr, whatever, wherein you now become That Gay Guy and put a face and name to what it is you’d like to see happen.

    it’s that simple. rather than saying “oh, he’s straight”, why not be the gay man yourself and show who you are and your stances for Equality

    any reason why you continue not to?


  10. Pommie says

    “you are welcome to present your own reasons….” So cute. Rick is too cute he thinks people wait for his invitation to express their opinions/reasons.

  11. TANK says

    @Stefan: You’re so lucky, getting to meet Zach in person! Please tell him that Tank, the Towleroad Commenter-in-Residence, admires his work quite a bit, as do most of the people at Towleroad. Also, please let us know if Zach has a cute caboose to match his cute smile! Thanks a lot!

  12. Rick says

    And I will throw one other log on the fire.

    I strongly suspect that if Zach had two FATHERS rather than two MOTHERS that his efforts would have been as well-received as they have been in the media.

    MOTHER is, of course, “sacred” in American culture, whereas FATHER is not so “sacred”… a son fighting for dear, old Mom, even if she is a lez, tugs at the American heartstring in a way that fighting for the rights of Dad just wouldn’t…….yet another negative commentary on the culture…..

  13. Pommie says

    Oh Rick and his logs on fire. I think, am developing a serious crush on him. Oh Rick you are so smart and intelligent. With all the weird suspicions one could possibly have, yours will always be the closest to reality. Love you. Ummmah 😛

  14. says

    it’s always easier to complain about what other people “aren’t doing” than do actually, you know, do the work yourself and show it, eh?


    *elegant curtsy*

  15. virtualdespot says

    I’m proud to have an ally as articulate, passionate, and committed as this. I say thanks, Zach Wahls.

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