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Listen To Adele's 'Skyfall' Theme Song: AUDIO


Here it is, Adele's theme song for the new 007 movie Skyfall! Well, it's not here.

The track, also called "Skyfall," is AFTER THE JUMP and you should listen to it because Adele did a great job of lending her unique, recognizable vocals to James Bond's larger, longer musical motif.

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Sununu Has A Habit Of Calling Obama 'Lazy': VIDEOS


Former New Hampshire Governor and current Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu is currently being criticized for calling President Obama "lazy" during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today.

"[The president] revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are, and how he has failed to even begin to address them," Sununu said about Obama's debate performance. Mitchell gave him an opportunity to clarify his remarks - "Did you really mean to call Barack Obama, the president of the United States, lazy?" -- and Sununu doubled-down.

"Yes," he said. "I think you saw him admit it the night before when he delivered the pizzas [to staff on Monday]. He said, you know, 'They're making me do this work.' He didn't want to prepare for this debate. He's lazy and disengaged."

"Lazy and disengaged" is almost the exact wording Sununu used during a September 24th appearance on Sean Hannity's Fox News program, when he called President Obama "lazy" and "detached". He reiterated those remarks three days later, on Gretchen Van Susteren's show, telling the host that slain Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens "suffered the consequences" of poor security in Benghazi.

Watch from today and the Hannity appearance AFTER THE JUMP.

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News: 'Ex-Gay' Suit, Altitude, One Billion, '30 Rock'

1NewsIcon A California counseling student named Aaron Blitzer claims he was "cured" of his gay desires by "ex-gay" reparative therapy, wants to spread the practice as his career, so now he's suing the state to overturn their recently passed law banning the notably harmful therapy for minors.

Helix1NewsIcon This picture of the Helix Nebula is NASA's image of the day.

1NewsIcon Check out the interview our friends from Occupy the Disco did with legendary NYC DJ Honey Dijon.

1NewsIcon Country crooner and Nicole Kidman husband Keith Urban loves all the "passion" seen on American Idol. Oh, and he thinks Randy Jackson is "the craziest."

1NewsIcon As NBC's hit sitcom 30 Rock begins its final season, AfterElton compiled its gayest moments.

1NewsIcon This is old, but I haven't seen it anywhere and it's worth a look because it's so ridiculous. An anti-gay activist in Maine claims marriage equality leads to socialism. "Eleven other countries have passed gay marriage: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa and Sweden," writes Erick Bennett. "Passing gay marriage is not the only thing they have in common: They are also ranked the most socialist countries on earth. So what does socialism have to do with same-sex marriage?"

Thefour1NewsIcon Marriage numbers.

1NewsIcon There are now officially one billion people on Facebook.

1NewsIcon An estimated 47,000 women die while getting unsafe abortions each year.

1NewsIcon Karl Frisch breaks down the numbers on equality-related laws, and reminds the presidential candidates that gay and lesbian people, particularly parents, are voters too and concerned with issues other than just marriage: "With so much at stake for LGBT people and numerous historic electoral wins on the horizon this fall, shouldn’t President Obama and Mitt Romney have a frank discussion about issues important to LGBT Americans and their families?"

1NewsIcon In other number news, about 30,000 people are expected to attend Disneyland's 15th annual gay day this year.

1NewsIcon Al Gore blames President Obama's poor debate performance on Denver's altitude, which is plausible.

1NewsIcon Problematizing Johnny Depp as Tonto.

1NewsIcon Logan Lerman chats about The Perks of Being a Wallflower with Jimmy Fallon.

1NewsIcon The men of Dieux du Stade. [Link FIXED and not work friendly.]

Daley1NewsIcon British diver Tom Daley recently romped around the beach and looks as good dry as he does wet. Well, almost.

1NewsIcon Francois Lebel, mayor of Paris' 8th district, has come out against gay marriage there, saying that allowing same-sex nuptials would open the door to bestiality and the such: "Why [if gay marriage passes] would the legal age for marriage be maintained? And why forbid marriage between close relations, paedophilia or incest which are all still common currency in the world."

1NewsIcon Which LGBT people oppose marriage equality? "Only 20% of LGBT respondents self-identify as Republicans but 51% of LGBT people opposed to marriage equality are Republicans. Looking at it another way... while only 9% of LGBT Democrats oppose marriage equality, 35% of LGBT Republicans oppose it."

1NewsIcon Well, at least Joe Biden thinks President Obama did a good job during the debate: "I thought the president did a great job last night making clear that our country faces the starkest choice in my memory."

1NewsIcon Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace.

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Teen Denied Eagle Scout Status Because He's Gay


This will be more bad publicity for the Boy Scouts of America - and perhaps that bad publicity will make them finally shift their policies toward inclusion. From NBC News:

Ryan Andresen had recently completed the requirements to earning his Eagle Scout award, including a "tolerance wall" for victims of bullying like himself, but his Scoutmaster would not sign off on honoring him with the Boy Scouts’ highest ranking because he is gay, his mother said.

The Boy Scouts of America have a longstanding policy denying membership to gay leaders and Scouts, which they reaffirmed earlier this year after a two-year confidential review of the controversial ban. Andresen’s father, Eric, resigned after the Troop 212 Scoutmaster in Moraga, Calif., confirmed Tuesday night that Ryan wouldn’t get the award, Karen Andresen told NBC News.

Now 17-years old, Ryan has been a Scout since he was 7-years old, his mother said, and this rejection "is sending Ryan the message that he’s not a valued human being". She went on, "I want Ryan to know that he is valued … and that people care about him." Hear, hear!

The image above, by the way, is of Ryan in front of the "tolerance wall" he made with nearly 300 elementary school children.

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Madame Secretary, Christina Aguilera's Eyes Are Up Here: PHOTO


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated singer Christina Aguilera's philanthropic works during the 2012 George MCGovern Leadership Award Ceremony last night, and as this picture shows, even one of the most powerful people in the world is powerless against Aguilera's ample body.

This image of course was one lucky shot in a million, but it really is one in a million, capturing a moment in time that should bring laughs for years to come.

[Image via Socialite Life.]

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David Mixner To Equality-Minded Voters: 'Let's Get This Job Done'

DmixnerWell aware that some voters are sitting on the laurels, either expecting President Obama to win or not caring about domestic policies, legendary activist David Mixner today implored voters to get out next month and cast their ballot for the commander-in-chief.

Reminding readers that all the GOP leadership has said they're committed to banning marriage equality from coast-to-coast and reminding us that inclusive laws could very well be passed or upheld in four states - Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland - next month, Mixner writes, "Never have we as a community been so close to full equality and never have we been so close to losing it all in this election."

From Mixner's post:

No matter how we would want the world to be this morning, it makes no difference. Our lives, our future and our freedom are at stake in this election. Don't play with it. Don't be high and mighty about it. Don't blame someone else about it. As a dear friend always reminds me, "It is what it is".

Just do what the courageous and noble LGBT community have always done in the times of adversity. Fight back. Fight hard. Ignore the odds. Show others how it is done. Most importantly take this nation to a new place in its politics, hearts and values.

Let's get the job done.

Of all the "this election is about a choice" messages going around right now, Mixner's may be one of the most blunt, and the most right.

(photo: rex wockner)

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