1. Jack says

    Come on Andy. There is enough perfectly on-point things regarding what Akin thinks of women, you don’t really need to engage in this kind of reach.

    What he said has nothing to do with her gender, it’s about her politics. Whether he’s right or wrong, and whether he hates women or not, this has nothing to do with his sexism.

    It just makes you look bad when you reach for stupid things like this when there are things that actually ARE evidence of what you claim available.

    Give it a rest, being a political blogger is not your forte.

  2. Jack M says

    Jack we have the same name, but I couldn’t disagree with you more. Every single thing this jerk says needs to be put out in the open. Perhaps one day, the latest Akin quote will be the one that makes all his Republican associates shun him for good.

  3. Jack says

    I think Akin would say the same thing about any Democrat, male or female.

    If Todd Akin said “McCaskill is unfit to be a member of Congress” would that mean that Todd Akin thinks that all women are unfit to be members of Congress? Just because he says something about a woman because his opponent happens to be a woman, doesn’t mean that he thinks that about all women.

    Like I said, it’s a stretch where none is even needed.

  4. Pete N SFO says

    He’s a politician & understands how to manipulate wording… although not explicitly calling her a dog, he manages to demean her by creating the parallel.

    He’s a d-bag. But, srsly, what’s up with MO that this guy can continue to be even or ahead in the polls?!

  5. Larry says

    Pete, it is similar to the fact that women are voting for Romney despite every bit of evidence showing he’s not supportive of equal rights, or the GOProud folks supporting Romney despite the fact he’d take all their rights away. Oh, wait. We don’t have many rights.

  6. stranded says

    Clearly he’s using the term in a derogatory way but I happen to believe dogs are superior to people so it’s not an insult to me. McCaskill has a horrible pro-corporate voting record and the only reason she seems like a viable candidate is because the alternative is so out there. Democrats are Republicans now and Republicans are beyond frightening. There are few actual progressives left in politics and CM is totally on board the big business bus.

  7. BSmart2 says

    Ok, as a gay man from Missouri who took the time to watch the Senatorial Debate and has listened to Rep. Akin when Rep. Akin should be keeping his mouth shut, I have to say the following. Rep. Akin blamed Sen. McCaskill for everything that he feels is wrong in Washington DC for the past 4 years. Funny that he has been in the House of Representaives for the past 12 years and in my mind he is as responsible for what is happening in Washington DC as any other elected offical.

    Things aren’t going well for him, so he has to try to place blame on someone other than himself. The fact is he (Rep. Akin) is a Washington insider who has earmarked pork with the best of them.

    If he can stir up peoples emotions about Sen. McCaskill, then maybe they will forget his outreagous and insulting comments.

  8. Jumper says

    Man, I feel sorry for the folks of Missouri that you can have such a total complete waste of carbon like Akin make the remarks he has made and STILL not have the entire state demand he stop running. Wow – Asshat of the day.

  9. says

    As a resident of the *ahem-hmrrrrgh-hack* “Great” State of Misery… um, MISSOURI allow me to speak to this running meme. Walking-talking-fecal-tissue such as Akin are allowed to run around in the public eye making all the flatulent noises they wish because this state is largely populated by people with an IQ equal to that of an artichoke. Our public school system lost it’s national accreditation over 12 years ago and has never gotten it back… does this start to give you a clue?

    Despite the relative “bright spots” of Kansas City and St. Louis on opposite sides of the state, this is a fairly large state and there’s a whole lotta nuttin inbetween. While all of the money and “culture” (choke-gasp-wheeze!) in this state is concentrated in the afore-mentioned cities, there is a great, sucking void in the middle. Even if o’-my-akin-ass should make some deranged racist comment he could still float through to election day based on the support of the inbred rednecks. About the only way he’ll get destroyed is if somebody produces video of him giving a blowjob to a Mullah at a communist cell meeting with the entire Sunday school 3-5 y.o. class naked and watching in the background. Then he might slip about 5 points.

    To be honest, he can make all the noise he wants. The power in this state is in KC and STL – Akin doesn’t have any traction in either city. And judging by the GOTV efforts in KC, especially by the Black community, Claire will be going back to the Senate.

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