Ann Coulter Announces ‘Disown Your Son’ (for Being Gay) Day


Coulter tweets: "Last Thursday was national 'coming out' day. This Monday is national 'disown your son' day."

GLAAD reacts:

I recognize that this is a joke, and that she is not really taken seriously in any context anyway, but with this coming right after National Coming Out Day, at the start of Ally Week and just days before Spirit Day, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about this idea of hers. There was a time in our culture's history when, if thousands of LGBT kids were to come out on the same day, the next week genuinely would be exactly what Ann describes, all across the country. Fathers disowning their sons and kicking them out onto the street. Mothers locking up their daughters or sending them to charm school. Children forced to undergo electro-shock or even worse forms of "therapy" to rid themselves of their orientation. To learn how to not be true to themselves.

And although we've come a long way from those ideas as a cultural collective, I have no doubt that last week, more than a few American households experienced the tragedy that Ann joked about. Approximately 50% of LGBT youth experience some degree of family rejection. There are as many as 100 thousand homeless LGBT youth on our nation's streets, and it's estimated that LGBT youth make up as much as 40% of our nation's homeless youth population. LGBT youth who are completely rejected by their parents are more than 8 times as likely to have attempted suicide. Pretty funny, right?

(h/t truth wins out)


  1. Sean in Dallas says

    She could be a little more specific. Are we disowning for murder? Dealing drugs? Legitimate rape? Republicanism?

  2. Scott says

    Ughhh. Honestly- I wanna find one of those lil GOP-ers and point to this and say- “is she really on your/our/any gay person’a side?” and if she’s just joking, then we should all make horrible misogynist/sexist jokes about her- horrible as I do find that kind- cuz we’re all just joking

    Seriously, I’m getting tired of Ann Coulter saying outlandish things. Then saying she’s joking, and then whining when a liberal person does the same thing and goes too far. Either hate us for real or stop doing real-hate disguised as ironic “faux-hate” – have some courage woman. At least Maggie Gallagher and Bryan Fischer stand their assertions about how horrible/diseased/demon-possessed/abominable/culture-wrecking/nation-destroying we are.

  3. Rob says

    Oh, isn’t she clever? Isn’t she witty? No, not at all. What she is, is the queen of the fame whores and she will say anything for attention. I vote we give this harridan the last thing she wants. Declare her irrelevant and ignore her from now on.

  4. hugo says

    Its parents must be so proud. Does it even have parents?

    re Johnny: that would be every day of the year. All 365 of them.

  5. Caliban says

    I really try not to use this word, but Ann Coulter is a c*unt. If ever that word was appropriate, this is it.

    Hopefully I’ll be around to celebrate Ann Coulter Dead In A Ditch day.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Her lack of empathy borders on sociopathy. As we used to say in the ’70s: She’s not a well woman.

  7. Markus says

    Wow! I only have three questions:-
    1) How do such people get to born as human.
    2) How come no one has yet tried to kill her. (I’m not asking the glbt, but I’m pretty sure she would be equally annoying to her straight neighbours)
    3)From where does such idea come to her? She’s mindless!

  8. Michael in Toronto says

    Don’t fret, think of karma. Bad things will surely come to the Three Witches of the Republican party: this ibitch, Sarah what’s-‘er-face and Michellish Bachmann.

  9. Francis says

    She is not a happy person. That is why she’s such a fame whore and says things she knows will result in controversy. She feeds off of insulting others. It’s completely pathetic….she is completely pathetic.

  10. Subhankar Zac says

    I dont care what that whore says, but I m more into why cant people Just shoot her in the streets?
    I would proudly go to jail and suffer my life in prison if I can exorcise the Republican party and the Fundamentalists from the US.

  11. Subhankar Zac says

    I dont care what that whore says, but I m more into why cant people Just shoot her in the streets?
    I would proudly go to jail and suffer my life in prison if I can exorcise the Republican party and the Fundamentalists from the US.

  12. Chris says

    I did not watch the O’Reilly/Stewart debate, but O’Reilly did make the point that capitalism drives this type of drivel. That is, saying outrageous things drives ratings. (I’m not sure if he included himself in that.) The difficulty is that not everyone knows this little tidbit….people don’t know that Rush, Bill, AND ANN are being outrageous for ratings. Also the victims of these outrageous statements get trampled in the meantime.

  13. Phil says

    Enough already…she’s a publicity whore is all this is. She has a new book out she’s needs to sells as it is tanking

  14. Annetta Gaiman says

    “There was a time in our culture’s history when, if thousands of LGBT kids were to come out on the same day, the next week genuinely would be exactly what Ann describes, all across the country.”

    For the T, it still is that time.

  15. says

    Let’s all disown Annie. She’s an old jalopy and we might as well put her to rest. She’s run out of gas and she’s a rusty old gal whose time is past. Much like an old cow, put her out to pasture until the goddess takes her!

  16. peter says

    Her penchant for outrageous disinhibited remarks is pathonomonic for bipolar disease.

    I’m sure she’s disinhibited in the sack, which is why Bill Maher continues to like her.

  17. says

    Her insensitivity is tragic- as is her visibility. We have inadequate shelter beds for LGBT youth, inadequate counseling and support resources for meeting the needs of LGBTQ youth cast out of their family homes, and research tells us that the foster care experience for many LGBTQ youth is damaging. Her quip reinforces the idea that these are disposable children and that being LGBTQ makes someone less of a person. Oh, yes, Ann, you are so cool.

  18. says

    If there were any justice in this world, the amount of hate in a persons heart would be directly proportional to the growth of cancerous cells in their body…and Ann Coulter would die a long, slow, painful death.

  19. Caliban says

    There is one thing I think is hilarious about Coulter, that she’s ALWAYS in a “little black dress” even when she’s on a morning show. She looks like she just walked to the studio after waking up in some random guy’s bed and didn’t bother to shower. And THIS is the darling of The Right?

  20. Akula says

    If there really is a god a house would come spinning out of the sky and land right on top of Man Coulter.

  21. Mark M says

    The GLAAD response actually gets it wrong also – this “time in our culture’s history” isn’t past, it is now.

    And it is happening in newer ways throughout the country. Last Saturday’s Wall Street Journal described how two college kids were outed on Facebook, and were disowned by their inadequate and unloving fathers. (

    So it is still happening now, and is real and serious.

    Time to up the ante, GLAAD.

  22. Caliban says

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder? I’ll buy that.

    Bi-Polar? Nope. People with BPD say and do the things they do because they can’t help it, but Coulter deliberately PLANS her outrages for maximum impact, to promote book sales. She’s entirely too calculated to be bi-polar.

    There was an article here yesterday about the Westboro Baptist Church, with people up in arms about them, but Ann Coulter is FAR more insidious and dangerous than they could ever hope to be. The WBC is a joke- a bad joke to be sure but still a joke. No one takes them seriously. But Ann Coulter gets invited onto news shows as if she has something valid to say when she’s nothing more than an insult comic- Don Rickles in a wig with a real mean streak.

  23. says

    but she was talking about gay republicans. so it’s true. they are emotionally disowned. that’s why they then cut their balls off – Burnt Offerings, yo – as part of their plea to be tolerated. just barely.

    she’s a sick loser and i, for one, will crack open a bottle of champagne when she kicks the bucket.

  24. Cinemaniac says

    There is no one I’d rather pay to see shot through the head on live television.

    (Kiddiing! Get it? It’s joke)

  25. Cinemaniac says

    There is no one I’d rather pay to see shot through the head on live television.

    (Kiddiing! Get it? It’s joke)

  26. david says

    She’s so desperate for attention. It’s very sad. Not really anything else to say about it as her salvos are silly and depressing

  27. says

    Andy, please reconsider posting about her. She has absolutely no news value whatsoever. She’s never held elective office or done anything noteworthy or important and is the intellectual equivalent of the crazy woman on the bus who talks to herself. A couple of months ago I decided to stop clicking on news items about her and it’s made my life better. (Yeah I broke my own rule here today.) All the media that covers her is helping to keep her in business when she should have been banished to irrelevance after insulting 9/11 widows. I still can’t believe that wasn’t the nail in her career coffin.

  28. SFshawn says

    With a horse face like Ann’s it’s been a tough haul for the ugly gal. She just wants the ugliness that everyone sees on the outside reflect the true ugliness in her heart and brainless head.
    Ann is a proud ignorant c*nt!

  29. Adam says

    I think the joke, it turns out, is on her – some subconscious little voice inside her head is posting these things to make the big voice inside her look as ridiculous as she thinks either of these things are. What a fool she is.

  30. Vito says

    Strange that anyone would ever crave public attention so much that they would accept such a role in our society to get it. It’s a strange thing when you see a woman as an animal. Hard to comprehend what must have gone wrong in her own life that she would take it out on groups of people preceived as vulnerable and therefore perfect targets for her brand of hate.

    Good luck with old age, Ann!

  31. Bosie says

    WHY DO we give a fck about wha she has to say?? why? does she say anything new or a life changing experience?? towleroad is drama now. do we need to know everything these idiots say??? NO. then stop giving them attention.

  32. Javier says

    Ann shows her ass once again, SHOCKER!

    I’m intrigued… How will GOProud & Log Cabin spin this one?

    I’m sorry but if you worship this trash that they call Ann Coulter and you are LGBT, you may need to get help quickly. Worshiping Ann would be the equivalent of someone who worships another person who is physically, emotionally, or psychologically abusive towards them.

    This deranged lunatic does has a target audience that exemplifies the following traits: ignorance, uneducated, ill-informed, easily manipulated, governed by fear & hate mongering, and a general selfish & self-centered disposition.

    Let the haters hate & let the lovers keep loving! Peace & Love

  33. BRAINS says

    This pathetic self-loathing w$ore will say anything to be noticed, or sell one of her useless books!

  34. Caliban says

    I forget the details but her back-story is actually kind of sad. He father, a Conservative himself, was a misogynist and Ann was his only child. He didn’t like or respect women, he wanted a SON, so the only way she could get approval was by attacking “liberals” aggressively, “masculinely.”

    He’s long dead but here she is, still seeking his approval by acting like an attack dog.

    It’s no wonder the GOProud d*cks love her. Like them, she seeks approval from paternal figures by undermining her own worth and rights. “See how good I’m being?! I hate myself just like you hate me!” It’s pathetic.

  35. Michael says

    To put it in my best, proper English:

    What a f*cking b*tch.

    Gay kids being kicked out of their houses isn’t a laughing matter and I don’t see how this could be deemed as some kind of joke.

  36. Caliban says

    OK, I checked and I was wrong. She wasn’t an only child. Everything else is correct though. She is the one who most obviously sought her father’s approval by parroting his opinions even though they demeaned her.

  37. says

    Caliban, you’re spot on.

    Coulter’s dad was as reluctant to have her for a kid as GOProud’s members are to have those wimpy homosexuals for sons.

  38. Icebloo says

    She must have a new book coming out. She’s doing all the radio and TV circuits trying her hardest to shock us (and failing). She knows all she has to do is say something the majority of people think is shocking and she gets free promotion for her books.

    WE are the dummies for giving her that free publicity EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  39. Johnny says

    What goes around comes around Mr ANNdY COULTER. Oh come its a guy in skank drag people! Looks like its time to go into Costcos, Walmarts, book stores, etc. and rip covers off her book again. Then no one will stock her books since they loose too much money Just sayin.

  40. says

    Let’s not be too grandiose about her; she is cheap, vulgar, shrill and insecure.

    She feeds her appetite for attention with increasingly hysterical contrived quips.
    But she is essentially a bore.

  41. says

    It’s OK, Ann. Since no one wants to breed with you, you won’t have to worry about having gay children. Besides, that baboon uterus you had implanted during your sex change surgery doesn’t work anyway.

  42. Curt says

    I’ve got to day that I appreciate GLAAD’s response. This happened to me..I came out to my siblings, who told the parents, who totally freaked and cut me out of their lives. Took almost 2 years before I had any contact, and several more before acceptance was achieved. My first reaction to Ann’s “joke” was visceral anger, but that is not a healthy one. I am inspired to follow GLAAD’s example and reach out to those in my community that need acceptance and help to thrive.

  43. thom says

    Well, she is indeed a dinosaur (and a rich one, thanks to the GOP righties)…She is a horse-faced troll who would sell her own mother (if she knows who she is)for a buck.
    Actually, I think is really great. She is a symbol of what is wrong with America. She is actually a poster-girl for the delusional
    peeps out there who think. She has a right (thanks to America!) to voice her insane opinions. She is a fame-Ho and she knows it.

  44. thom says

    Well, she is indeed a dinosaur (and a rich one, thanks to the GOP righties)…She is a horse-faced troll who would sell her own mother (if she knows who she is)for a buck.
    Actually, I think is really great. She is a symbol of what is wrong with America. She is actually a poster-girl for the delusional
    peeps out there who think. She has a right (thanks to America!) to voice her insane opinions. She is a fame-Ho and she knows it.

  45. CJ says

    I really dont understand why she constantly gets coverage from the gay press. Shes completely irrelevant but you give her credibility by covering every absurdity that comes out of her mouth.
    I dont get it.

  46. jason says

    We should have a “cover up your body” day for women like Ann Coulter. She’s probably jealous of male-male sexuality. I’ve told you time and again that women are the biggest homophobes. They are the driving force of homophobia in society.

  47. RJP3 says

    Really wise and well crafted response — cuts her off at the knees with her well rehearsed braying (as in like a sad aging mare) “Liberals can not take or recognize a joke.” But I joke.

  48. Bill says

    Re Johnny’s question, “And when is “Throw a steaming bucket of crap on Ann Coulter” Day?” …. Figuratively speaking, that happens every time she opens her mouth!

    I forget which idiotic right-wing bimbo it was, but there was one who sounded like a complete airhead during her public appearances. Then they found out that she graduated from one of the best universities in the country and had performed classical music, playing it quite well. Her apparent stupidity was just an act designed to appeal to a low-brow audience and rake in the bucks.

    You’ve to wonder if Ann Coulter is really that stupid or if she is putting on an act that targets a “redneck” audience.

  49. YAR says

    QUESTION: What did Ann Coulter’s boyfriend say after Ann farted while he was eating her out?

    ANSWER: “Mmmm… a breath of fresh air….”

  50. Caliban says

    How’s this for funny? Coulter lies about her age. According to her birth certificate she was born in 1961. So she’s 51 years old. But she claims on her current driver’s license that she was born in ’64. (48) But she has given interviewers birth years even later than that.

    So Coulter’s pronouncements about reproduction and reproductive rights are, at best, academic. Like Victoria Jackson, we’ll never know what she might have said when she had ovaries that, you know, actually WORK.

    And WTF would she know about standing up for who you are? She can’t even admit her age. She’s too busy being mutton dressed as lamb. How unfortunate it is that she never met the right man. Ted Bundy for instance.

  51. grego says

    when’s ‘throw a brick at Ann Coulter’ day? i wish you wouldn’t give her air time. She’s a tall bag of hate.

  52. SteveindeDE says

    It’s a blessing that one thing this barren old shrew will never excrete is offspring. Imagine having this gasbag as a mother.

  53. Kyle says

    Wow she always gets a lot of comments on here. What is she an expert on anyway? Besides hatred and divisiveness. Oh she must have blown Hanninty’s small cock.

  54. Mary says

    Coulter’s penchant for outrageous statements has gone so far that I’m no longer bothered when men on Towleroad call her “horse face”, wish ill on her, and refer to her as “c**t.” Clearly she’s after shock value with this latest remark . But what does it say about her that she’d “joke” about people being disowned by their own parents? How are “family values” helped when children are thrown out of the family/home? THIS conservative woman (and incidentally, Ann and I were both born the same year – 1961) doesn’t find Coulter funny or clever – just an embarassment.

  55. chucker999 says

    As someone who has been disowned by my Father and Brother for the last thirty years, I take this comment very seriously and personal. She should be so ashamed of herself, yet I know she is not. She is all about making hateful statements just to get some media attention. We must stand up to haters like her. She will never be on our side and never support us.

  56. MajorTom says

    And today is Neanderthal Throwback Attention-Starved Media Whore Day. Everyone send a card to Ann Coulter!

  57. says

    Sadly, there has been this day in effect for too many years. Many “Family Value” kind of parents have been throwing their kids OUT of their houses when they discover their children are gay, or in the case of AIDS that they have a illness perceived as gay. As for Ann, she reminds me how Anita Bryant was the best thing to happen to the early gay movements, because gave the gay communities movement,movement. Bryant galvanized all segments of the gay communities. So let Ann sound off her stupidity…in the long run for most of those kids,looking back they will realize they should be thankful to be liberated young, then live in closets of their parents homes.

  58. The Opinionaire says

    I have just set my browser to replace any mention of Ann Coulter with “Rabid Harpy.”
    It just suits her.

  59. marie says

    As a mother, I find this to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Whether my children were gay or not, they would always be my children! In the wake of all the suicides by children facing this type of discrimination, I find it horrific and totally irresponsible that anyone in the public eye could be so callous and cruel!

  60. JoeyO'Hagan says

    How about a needle and thread and sew her mouth shut day!
    The devil is a woman and her name is Ann Coulter.

  61. Onnyjay says

    Why is this demented hag still getting space on Towleroad?? Pronounce her brain-dead and move on.

  62. Munro says


  63. daws says

    While I see where GLAAD was going with their statement, I think the best thing is to just ignore that vile woman. Seriously, the people who actually pay attention to her aren’t likely to give a crap what any of us says. What she wants is publicity and that’s what she’s getting.

  64. jkl3321 says

    If someone made this joke in a gay bar, I’d think “yeah, that’s a good, but grim, observation.”

    This is a good opportunity for Coulter to make another statement in SUPPORT of LGBT youth (and adults). As she has in the past been somewhat supportive of us. But as a joke on it’s own, it’s very stupid and distasteful.

    But as usual, she’s more about making a shock then a joke. She’s all about the spotlight. From her days at Cornell, when a friend of mine, who was a classmate of hers told me, (and he mentioned this to me long before she was on TV) AVOID her, she loves to get up on her soapbox and she’s a spotlight loving nut.

    Saw her the other night on Bill Maher’s (who she dated years ago) show, and it was all fluff. Absolutely nothing but flouncing her hair, Bill Maher telling her his staff had a “boner” for her, and pushing her new book. No wonder even conservatives reject her (William F. Buckley said she had nothing of substance to say, and she retorted that he was just jealous because she sold more books then him.)

    So don’t get too riled up.
    She’s just a cartoon.

  65. EJC says

    All of you with a quarter of a brain must remember that A.C, (ICAN NOT TYPE HER NAME) has made a life time commitment to causes that give her an unfortunate major profile, she is not a fool she is a media whore and not worth is one moment of our time.

    Why would anyone with even a small brain consider what she has to say with any relevence to real life, she has made her mark, and a fortune by hate. Do not, under any circumstance bother to consider any thing she might say as gospel, the unfortunate thing is she has made fortune out of her hate mongering, so lets just let her die in peace. This country is smart enough to see through this and next year she will be the joke she already is to the real l world.