1. Francis says

    That’s a decent apology. With that being said, having that type of language in your vocabulary, if a gay slur the first you use when angry, you have an issue. What these guys need to do is to reflect on why they use these words instead of saying “that’s not who I am.”

    Only good thing is that, finally, it appears people are no longer getting away with using hateful homophobic slurs. The more it’s demonized the more people will think about not using these words.

  2. Rich F. says

    “I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone.”

    That is complete bull, and you know it. You meant clear disrespect to the cop, and by derisively calling him “faggot” you clearly implied that being gay was an undesirable trait.

    You’re a bloody idiot, and your apology is a joke.

  3. says

    I don’t believe it.. The apology calls the use of the word “unfortunate language.”
    Unfortunate does not mean that it’s unacceptable in your view, just that it was bad timing, or that the backlash against it was bothersome to you.

  4. Javier says

    While I don’t condone the use of the f-word, I don’t see that as the biggest issue in this story. The focus of the story should be on the merits of the cop stopping Barnes and arresting him for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest. People say all sorts of awful things when in an unpleasant situation. He used bad words, but it is not a major deal in large of the overarching circumstances.

  5. mikenola says

    Gotta tell ya, if a patrol cop who had recently arrested me and stopped me twice decided to sit out side a restaurant for 2 hours to arrest me again, I would be upset too. The language I might use is far beyond what the tape shows. That is not too excuse him for a past arrest for not having a valid license it is because the cop is apparently targeting him.

    The other question is, if this statement is true, “…then arresting him for driving on a suspended license..” how does that happen?

    Since he was not driving (he wasn’t even in a car) when arrested. You cannot be arrested for driving without a valid license when you are on foot; you can only be arrested for a past incident (with a warrant) in that situation.

    Patrol Officers don’t “wait” in restaurant parking lots for 2 hours to arrest someone on a bench warrant. At least not without some sort of personal agenda.

    Manhattan Beach Ca has 65 cops and 35000 residents. That tells me this cop had way too much time on his hands since he was able to hang out for two hours waiting to bust Barnes.