1. GMB says


    There’s a show business legend about Carol Channing wearing DEPENDS under her HELLO, DOLLY! costumes in the last revival, saying that no matter what happened, she would NOT miss a performance. And famously, Ms. Channing never *did* miss a performance, EVER, in the hundreds and hundreds of times she played the role. Even to attend the funeral of her mother.

    But my god, this is disturbing.

    IF YOU’RE SICK, WALK OFF THE STAGE, people. I suppose some small part of me admires these troupers for carrying on, but if you’re so sick that you’re literally throwing up, you should *not* be performing. Both the Gags and the Biebs famously hold themselves to ultra-high performance standards…

    But be human beings, people. Your fans understand.

  2. Phil says

    i know our society and many of its people luv to bring someone up and then tear them down but i see this is as absolute dedication…you know how many divas would have walked off the stage…walking off is diva behavior to me…maybe she could have taken 5 but i know how i feel when im pukin and i know i wouldnt want edge of glory blasting or 20000 ppl watching so hats off miss thing

  3. Brandon H says

    I wonder if she did it on purpose. She is the woman who wore a meat dress and gave fake birth on SNL complete with amniotic goo.

    I’m just sayin’ it’s within her shtick.

  4. Evi says

    Does anyone sing anymore? If I’m buying a ticket to see a live act I want live singing. I like gaga but I’m bored of all the fakery. Poor show indeed.

  5. graphicjack says

    Well, it was only a matter of time before Lady Xerox copied Justin Beiber… lol… seriously, though, I hope she’s okay. Not a fan, but I don’t wish anyone to be ill or hurt.

  6. Joseph Singer says

    I’m really baffled why blogs such as yours make a big thing out of someone hurling. It was funny when you were in junior high school. When you grow up not so much. You need to GOI (get over it.) If you’ve never hurled good for you. I doubt that’s the case however.

  7. Bryan says

    No she wasn’t lipsyncing, it’s called backing vocals. At the point where she’s puking, she’s supposed to be lifted by her dancer and pun around, so why she’s doing that, the prerecorded vocals for the song carry on playing, but of course in this vid, she was vomitting which makes it look she was singing, when she doesn’t actually sing that part to begin with.

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