Saying you’re not homophobic and doing something to demonstrate you’re not homophobic are two different things. Do something, Dana!

  2. RJP3 says

    Marcus (yawn) – as long as he is actively not working to discriminate against gay people (and of that you have not provided any proof) … that is enough to prove one is not homophobic.

    If using the word Fag is homophobic – most gay men I know must be really afraid of gays.

    We really need to start focusing on Straight Supremacy and not “homophobia” — it is like we are still living in the 1970’s when we use that word.

  3. Jim says

    Give the guy a break. If this were an unforgiveable sin I’d have to write off every member of my own family. Plus he’s cute.

  4. says

    That’s pretty impressive! It may very well have been staged in order to prove a point, but that sounded pretty damned honest to me. It also came and went rather unceremoniously. Take from it whatever you will, but all in all, when someone says something like that, I’m willing to listen.

  5. ratbastard says

    C’mon…I use the F-word when I’m angry all the time, and no, I’m not ‘homphobic’.

    I’ve always liked MMA and UFC fights, and not just for the obvious reasons a gay guy would like them; I think they’re just enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I’m a Neanderthal, I find dudes skillfully fighting each other entertaining, even stress reducing.

  6. Icebloo says

    I don’t use the n word – even when I am very angry. I am not a racist so I don’t even THINK about using that word.

    If the f word enters into your head when you are angry then you ARE a homo hater.

  7. fossil says

    I hate that he used it, but greatly respect him for regretting it (as he should), and greatly appreciate his publicly saying as much.

    Reasoned regret is healthy.

  8. andrew says

    Dana: Move on. You said it, you have publically said you regret it. Case closed. A stand up guy like you shouldn’t let the PC police bother you.