1. jason says

    It’s an ugly ad and Lena Dunham looks hideous in it. This is what happens when you give a hack access to a camera. If she’s trying to lose votes for Obama, she’s doing a good job of it.

  2. jason says

    Oh, and did I also mention tha Girls is a ratings flop. Too many rich girls pretending to be poor New Yorkers…just doesn’t sit well with those who don’t like hypocrisy.

  3. Brian says

    Jason’s basic point of view is that women should sit at home wearing a burka and never speak. He apparently finds Lena unattractive, so attacks her for that. If he found the woman attractive, though, he’d call her a whore using her looks to get ahead. Fortunately, the women voters this ad is targeting aren’t superficial, misogynistic idiots like Jason.

  4. jason says


    The simple fact is that people like Lena will lose votes for Obama. Her attitude is ugly and a turn-off to middle America. I certainly don’t want creepy Lena speaking for my rights as a member of the community.

  5. Mary says

    This ad is in very poor taste and it’s hard to see how the president and his advisors wouldn’t be aware of it. The motive? All I can think of is that Obama is panicking that Romney may be pulling ahead and is now trying anything he can think of to increase Democratic turnout. I’m hoping Romney will do the decent thing and not try to capitalize on this embarassing blunder.

  6. Brian says


    You don’t want any woman speaking for your rights, or speaking for that matter. You’ve made that abundantly clear for years with anti-women diatribes every single time a woman appears in a post. To pretend that an antisocial creature like you has any inkling what middle america wants is laughable.

  7. Joe in CT says

    Get a life and/or some chill meds, Jason. You’re really a much nicer person when you’re not lurking under bridges.

    There’s a fine line between being naturally contentious and provocatively controversial and simply trying too hard and being a bore.

  8. jason says


    Well, I can’t imagine that an independent voter – which is whom Obama is aiming for – will be swayed by Lena’s ugly and juvenile attitude. If this ad was made for the Democrats, they need to pull it immediately. It suggests the Dems and/or Obama have lost the plot.

    Not a good sign for Obama.

  9. endo says

    Does Andy and his team not realize how simple it would be to implement Disqus commenting with up/down voting? Jason’s trolling would be over immediately, and this site could go back to having interesting discussions.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Jason & Mary:

    has it occured to y’all that this ad will not be aired on television networks that conservative Republican idiots watch. It will be aimed at a certain audience, and will be aired on networks/TV shows that cater to that audience.

    Lord, I surely don’t want to get over-confident, but it’s the conservative Republicans who are panicking. They are terrified that Romney may win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College count to the President. Remember 2000? Payback is a b.tch, aint it?

  11. MarkUs says

    You do realize the Republicans are running with this and super giddy?

    We’ll see if it survives to Monday. If it does, I apologize.


  12. jason says

    The JASON who made the comment about blacks and penises above is NOT the JASON who is frequently attacked on this board. It’s a troll impersonating me.

    You can tell it’s a TROLL because the language standard is diminished compared to mine. I happen to be a highly educated person with a lot of experience in life who calls a spade a spade in eloquent terms.

    There ought to be a TROLL spray in the same way there is fly spray to reduce the prevalence of impostors.

  13. AJ says

    You guys are missing the point: “Wow! That was a really thought-provoking and truthful political ad that really made me change my mind about who I am voting for!” said no one EVER.

    Lena and “Girls” still rocks. “Sex and the City” was a ratings disappointment in its first season too. It came back and dominated with Season Two. I expect “Girls” to do the same.

    And on trolling idiots like Jason and Mary: IGNORE IT AND IT GOES AWAY. People that respond to the trolls are just as bad. Just stop.

  14. kp05 says

    Context, people. These advertisements aren’t for you and me. We’re here. We already know who we’re voting for. They will be used on the appropriate audiences. They won’t be aired during the Sunday cartoons. It’s the same as the President saying “bullsh!tter” in Rolling Stone. Context, setting, audience. Keep on clutching those pearls if you wish, Jason.

  15. jason says


    The strategy of Obama should be to win the independent voters. He ain’t going to do it with silly Lena. Lena is ridiculous and will scare voters away from Obama. If I were Romney, I’d be pleading with the Dems to keep playing this stupid ad.

  16. Bernadette says

    I don’t know why Jason/Rick even bothers to come here and annoy us with his ridiculous misogyny. He’d get much more positive feedback for his women hate on datalounge, where they call women fish or frau.

  17. dana says

    First Big Bird and now this? Obama knows that the election is over and he is not going to win. The electoral college is now point to Romney with either WI or MI replacing Ohio.

  18. David says

    Honestly. Can we either ban Jason or just SERIOUSLY IGNORE HIM?

    When I come to this site, I want to see Andy’s news and some good discussion.

    Not some troll fest with people who are willing to even lend him credibility by arguing with him. I don’t think you argue with a rabid dog when it bites everything it sees do you? Because that makes you crazy doesn’t it? So stop doing it! Now more than half page is just that, people arguing with a rabid dog about logic.

  19. Mary says

    AJ, why do you have to call me an idiot and a troll? All I did was express an opinion that I don’t think this ad is very presidential. Although I’m voting for Romney, I like Obama as a person and don’t at all gloat that he may be embarassing himself with an like this. You are certainly entitled to your opinion about the ad, but there’s no reason to call me names just because we disagree. Towleroad can have a diversity of viewpoints on it, not just be an echo chamber for pro-Obama liberals. And I’m no longer an opponent of the gay rights agenda as I was when I first started posting here over a year ago.

  20. me says

    @mary, that’s interesting. can i ask: 1) are you gay/bi, 2) what led you to towleroad if not? 3) what made you change your mind about gay rights?

  21. Mary says

    OK, Me – here’s the deal. So far as I’m aware,I’m straight, but since I’ve never had any same-sex experiences I can’t say with 100% certainty where I fall on the Kinsey scale (trying to be absolutely honest here). I came to Towleroad because I was trying to learn more about the LGBT community from THEIR point of view. I’m a social conservative who opposed gay marriage, but I am interested in social issues and like to read from a variety of viewpoints. I responded positively to the portrayal of a gay romance on the soap “As the world turns” two years ago and so started to lose some of my homophobia. The writer Jonathan Rauch impressed me and I wanted to read more about gay issues. After a number of months on Towleroad I became more pro-gay and even found that I now supported the right of gay couples to adopt. I greeted the end of DADT with happiness that LGBT citizens can now serve in the military. My opposition to gay marriage started to wane and I changed positions when it started to look as if I were one of the only people in America to worry about the effect this change would have on future generations of straight people. My main fear that the gay lifestyle will be a competitor with the straight lifestyle and lead to serious upheaval in society may have been an exaggerated fear. At least I HOPE this is the case.

  22. Steven Janiszewski says

    It is a sophomoric ad by a TV writer that wins President Obama no new votes. Mitt Romney is ahead in the latest Gallup poll, because his theme has been consistent and simple: States’ Rights. He has defined the election as a battle between States Rights and Big Federal Government. And he means it. That plays well for him in the individual Swing States. As a Mormon, Romney idolizes States’ Rights.
    To gain an existential understanding of the cult that produced Mitt Romney, and to get your socks scared off, read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew, available in paperback and e-book on Amazon

    Its unwilling, part-Mexican Mormon assassin dramatizes the Mormon superiority complex, manifesting it as racism, sexism, jingoism and an anti-federal government temperament. His research in the new library reveals ominous similarities between Islam and Mormonism. The spiritual power behind the cult, which is not the Holy Ghost, acts out.

    “With a clarity of language and vision unsurpassed in contemporary American prose, Steven Janiszewski’s Assassination of Spiro Agnew takes us into a U.S. mazed with madness and Mormonism and all things Utah, a U.S. that was then and still is. Readers, welcome to a masterpiece.”
    Tom Whalen

    Read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew.

  23. josh says

    She’s so ugly that I cannot imagine her losing her virginity.

    In the video her look may appear fixable, but when you see a full body shot of her, it becomes clear that her ugliness is intractable.

    She’s a 5 foot nothing blob with thighs that look like small logs of melting butter.

  24. giga says

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  25. Rocco says

    The ad and the unwomanly creature in it are really vapid, vacuous, unfunny, unseemly, un-telegenic — and the ad shows a disgusting contempt toward the very females they’re trying to “reach.”

    Apparently Democrats think women are drooling idiots to be easily manipulated.

    And apparently this passes for “cutting-edge wittiness” with mind-numbed liberals.

  26. Paul C.K. says

    I have seen at least one TV ad that began with “your first time should be…” leading some viewers to believe that “sex” was being sold. In fact there is a show called “Property Virgins” that used the same selling concept in their promos, overtly comparing buying your first house to your first sexual experience. In other words this is nothing new, so why are some people getting all twisted in knots?
    Up to this point in time it looks as if only ONE woman has chimed in the discussion and her point of disagreement is that the ad is not “presidential”. Nothing about Dunham’s appearance or how demeaning and sexist it is to women or any of the other blah blah blah reactions from MEN saying what this ad means to WOMEN. If you are a woman by all means say what kind of reaction YOU had, but don’t begin to speak for ALL women. And to the gay men who post, don’t you just hate it when straight people try to tell us how WE feel and what WE think? Well,speak for yourselves only and not for any other gender, social group, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, age group…..
    The ad was written and directed towards college age WOMEN who have never voted. If you are one of that group, please speak up