Gallup: LGBT Vote Could Swing Election Obama’s Direction


According to a Gallup poll, if the 71% of registered LGBT voters who say they are voting for Obama actually do, they could tip the scale in the president's favor.

From Gallup, via the Williams Institute at UCLA:

A new Gallup Report finds that 71% of LGBT Americans who are registered
voters support President Obama for reelection, while 22% support
Governor Mitt Romney. From June to September, non-LGBT registered voters
preferred Romney to Obama by one percentage point, 47% to 46%. However,
when LGBT voters are added to electorate, Obama moves slightly ahead of
Romney (47% to 45%).  These findings suggest that the highly Democratic
vote of the LGBT population could be enough to swing a very close
election toward Obama.

The findings are based on more than 120,000 interviews of adults in the
US, which represents the largest representative sample of LGBT men and
women ever collected.

The Gallup poll also found that 20% of self-identified LGBT people describe themselves as conservative or very conservative. Also most LGBT people approve of Obama's work — 68% said they approve, while 28% said they disapprove of the president's job — and LGBT people apparently are not registering to vote as much as their straight counterparts: "About three-fourths of LGBT individuals (74%) say they are registered or
plan to register to vote, compared with 80% of non-LGBT men and women."


  1. says

    What I struggle with most about Governor Romney and these men he endorses for high office. Is that they truly would like to end ALL abortion for ALL women and they say nutty things like if you are raped they don’t want you to terminate the pregnancy because it is ‘God’s will’.

    And these SAME people say they will repeal Obamacare because they don’t want Government in ‘their’ (tax payer paid for) health care.

    It truly is maddening ignorance.

  2. UFFDA says

    What good news…that we can be the ones who keep Obama in office. Lightens my whole day when it’s rainy and cold here in the Northwest and a huge storm threatens the Eastern Seaoard. So what, we can make Obama win!

  3. Icebloo says

    This gay is more than happy to step up and put Obama back in the Whitehouse ! I am so wanting to see just how more plastic and fake Romney and Ryan’s faces can be when they lose !

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    It still boils down to the Economy as Issue-One; economic policy, taxes and entitlements. Not foreign policy, not Israel, not abortion nor SSM.

  5. Matt26 says

    Romney is basically dislike outside US. Romney in WH would make US foreign policy and trade with other countries more difficult. But US voters makes decision, hopefully LGBT voters back Obama and give him four more years.

  6. mike128 says

    @Ted B: Not for me, that’s not what it boils down to.

    Not all of us are willing to put aside major human rights issues because we are “worried about the economy” (which, by the way, is in better hands with the Democrats in any case).

  7. Wayne says

    Let’s adore the guy who does NOT support our equality on a federal level (obama) and ignore the guy who actually does support our equality on a federal level (Gary Johnson).

    Obama has played the gay community like a fiddle.

  8. Eddie says

    What economic miracle do those 20% believe Romney will perform that makes accepting second class citizenship worth it to them? Romney’s plans sound exactly like Junior Bush’s policies – Corporate tax breaks, deregulation and little to no oversight of Wall Street. When Bush was president that brought us Enron, the Lehman Bros bankruptcy, bank failures and the government bailing out banks with TARP. And bringing back those policies will now create high-paying jobs for everyone?

  9. robert says

    For the first time in U.S. history, we have a president who recognizes that gay equality is a right; that marriage equality is a right. To paraphrase Rachel Maddow, people shouldn’t be able to vote on rights – that’s why we call them rights. Why anyone in the LGBT community would vote for Romney/Ryan is completely incomprehensible.

  10. Quest says

    @WAYNE: Are you serious, this is for the Supreme Court! This is for the end of DOMA…and it’s about a general cultural influence that presidents have. The fact that a sitting president has said he is for Marriage equality is helping to shift the culture…Now think what influence a Romney presidency will have…A man who has promised to support DOMA and wants to see a constitutional amendment passed enshrining gay discrimination into the U.S. constitution. Even if he doesn’t succeed, he will again legitimize anti-gay bigotry, from the oval office. This is no time to throw away your vote on Gary Johnson. Vote Obama and then, by all means hold his feet to the fire, criticize him whenever he deserves it. But if you vote for Gary you might as well vote for Romney.

  11. sparks says


    Get back to me when Gary Johnson has ANY CHANCE of being elected. Until such time, I view a vote for him as a vote that COULD have actively prevented anti-gay Romney from getting into the White House.

    Fact is, however, that Obama hasn’t played anyone. He has vocally, politically, and legally acted on behalf of the gay community. That’s something Romney would never do, and something Johnson will never have a chance to do.

  12. BABH says

    Wayne: Obama supports marriage equality at the federal level.

    See, e.g., headlines like:
    “President Obama orders Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in court”

    “Obama backs bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act”

    and, just today:
    “Obama Reaffirms Same-Sex Marriage Platform as Election Closes”

  13. says

    The mind boggles with those 22%: On gay issues, there is no debate. Obama is on our side; the Romney-Ryan ticket is wrong on every equality issue. But even if one’s own human dignity isn’t a priority, Mitt is W all over again–welfare for the rich, vouchers for the elderly, zero respect for women, no respect around the world and ineptness every time he’s ventured overseas. Romney has nothing to offer any gay person, unless they’re in the 1% and too closeted to have a family worth honoring.

  14. Strepsi says

    I am not surprised that the majority of LGBT voters choose Obama, just as I’m not surirosed the majority of African-Americans do. The Republican platform is racist and homophobic.

    But African-Americans support Obama by 90% and we are at 71% ??? Who are these 1 in 5 GAYS who want to vote for a party that HATES US?

    And not just hates us in an abstract way, but hates us in that it’s their platform to AMEND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION in order to discriminate against us?

    P.S.> Who are the 9% of gay voters who are still “undecided”? Dudes, get your head out of your ass, this one’s easy.

    No self-respecting gay person can vote Republican. Period.

  15. Francis says

    So about 2/10 LGBT persons out there are completely deluded, indoctrinated into conservatism, or simply uncaring of our communities’ progresses socially and legally.

    I mean, now we see categorically, we could make the difference, our community could be the tipping point. And yet there are gays out there willing to throw that away and vote for the man who would set us back decades. Disgusting beyond belief.

  16. Gregoire says

    What has Mitt Romney said that realistically convinces anyone he’s be smashingly awesome at fixing the economy? Since both candidates are pretty much a draw on that topic, I turn to foreign police and civil rights next. And on those fronts, Obama is head and shoulders over Mittney.

  17. jason says

    How on earth does Gallup know how many gay people there are? Most of the gay people I know would NEVER tell a polling organization about their sexuality. It’s identity-politics crap served to you on a plate by the Gallup polling organization.

  18. rik says

    During a live interview today inside the White House, President Obama told MTV viewers that when it comes to same-sex marriage, it would be up to future generations of Americans to implement meaningful reform.

    Asked if he would use his second term as a platform to extend same-sex marriage to more states, the president demurred, saying he viewed it as an issue for the states to decide.

    “For us to try to legislate federally into this area is probably the wrong way to go,” Obama told MTV presenter Sway Calloway, who asked questions submitted by youth voters.

  19. Lucky says

    Pure selfishness.

    I am fortunate enough financially that I might actually benefit individually from Romney’s policies; however, I couldn’t possibly vote for the man. Why not? Because I care about my family, my friends, my country, and the world more than I care about saving a few percent on my f***ing income tax.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    I heartily second Quest’s concern about the Supreme Court. If Romney wins, it could eventually result in the reversal of most of the 20th century gains in rights for ALL people.

  21. says

    Spin fail, @Rik: He’s already using his presidency to extend marriage equality to more states by expressing his personal support for it (which has already significantly raised public and mainstream Democratic support), by endorsing all pro-equality ballot initiatives, and by opposing all anti-gay marriage amendments. We know where Romney-Ryan stand on this, 100% against us.

    Furthermore, he is using his DOJ to fight DOMA in the courts, which is the most likely path to federal equality. And he will fill any court vacancies with judges most likely to respect the constitution and be on our side. He knows, as any informed person does, that the next generation will demand equality, and, unlike his opponent, he’s on board with that.

  22. Lili says

    With the revelations of the past couple days, surely some in the LGBT community must feel betrayed— The Libyan embassy seige lasted over 7 hours, but help that was less than two hours away was denied, which allowed the Muslims who think homosexuality is a sin to torture a gay US Ambassador. Obama and Hillary did nothing to protect him. This was a Muslim on Gay crime.

  23. Stan says

    Obama supports gay marriage. He said so himself.

    Romney on the other hand supports a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, signed NOM’s pledge and donated $10,000 to NOM.

    If Obama is re-elected, we will most likely see gay marriage legalized federally in his second term. Possibly even in 2013.

    If Romney is elected, we can kiss any chance of our equality goodbye.

  24. Goodcarver says

    How does anybodys daddy know how sonny votes? Same deal w/these industrialist dudes that are warning employees their business will fail if the employee votes Obama. As Andrew said, the ballot is secret!

  25. anonny6 says


    And that is why I am voting for Obama. The economy alone is enough of a reason to vote for Obama. Romney is a salesman trying to sell an expensive car with a cheap cardboard box surrounding it, so it can’t be seen. And Romney’s suggesting you buy it with your credit card.

    If the economy is not your thing, Obama also beats Romney on the following issues: Environment,women’s rights, racial rights, gay rights,national security, and international relations.

  26. Bill Perdue says

    It seems clear that the WH thinks we’ll play a big role in the campaign.

    That’s why they abruptly changed positions and instead of promoting DOMA, are now forced to the extreme of opposing DOMA, in the courts at least. They still refuse to take DOMA repeal or ENDA passage up in Congress. There are too many bigots in the Republican and Democrat parties to expect a good outcome if they did.

    The most interesting part of the Gallup report was not about how man are still trapped in the political closet of the Democrat or Republican parties but how many, and it’s a huge number, have learned their lesson – that both parties are run by bigots, evolved or not, and have become independents. “Gallup’s landmark study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans finds that 44% identify as Democratic, 43% as independent, and 13% as Republican. Conservative LGBT Americans share similar traits with conservatives overall.”

    The explosive growth of GLBT independents means it’s far more easy now to build nationwide, politically militant and independent mass action groups to oppose the bigots who run both parties. Hopefully they’ll vote the way they did in 2010 and tell both parties to take a hike.

  27. EchtKultig says

    Wow…the Romney PACs are stepping up their professional trolling activities…who needs “Markusssss” and “?” when you can have “Lili” and “Wayne”. Creative names there, guys!
    Trust me, if Romney is elected it will be the fastest reversal of rights ever experienced by a minority group in the Western world…maybe the whole world…we’d be right up there with white farmers in Zimbabwe. By the end of his first four years, I can guarantee you the composition of the Supreme Court will have sufficiently change for Lawrence vs. Texas to be reversed. Yes, state “crimes against nature” laws will be back with a vengeance. Mark my word.
    About 50% of the Romney supporting gays do so out of sheer unmitigated greed. The Peter Thiels of the world. As horrible as that is, I can at least understand their Darwinian instinct on some level…screw everybody else, I must keep “what’s mine” at all cost. The other 50% are not wealthy enough to benefit from his “back to the 1890s” economic policies, like no income taxes on the 1%. They are just delusional, self-hating people with a bizarre form of political Stockholm syndrome. Their way of dealing with their feeling of inadequacy is to appease the right wing by supporting it.

  28. BABH says

    “They still refuse to take DOMA repeal or ENDA passage up in Congress.”

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why post? Obama supports the DOMA repeal bill currently pending in Congress. The Senate Judiciary Committee, with Obama’s support, has held a hearing on it.

  29. Peter M. says

    Now if these 71% of LGBT Americans will do all they can to help get out the vote by telling their familiy, friends, collegues etc. what’s at stake for our community in this election than we have a really good chance of winning this, along with some (or all) of the marriage equality ballot initiatives. YES, we can!

  30. Bill says

    Regarding Lili’s comment that the attack on our embassy in Libya “allowed the Muslims who think homosexuality is a sin to torture a gay US Ambassador,” that is simply not true. What seems to have happened is that our ambassador and others reached a “safe” room/area blocked off by gates. There were security/military personnel with the ambassador and were ready to shoot. The assailants never got through those gates, but they did start a fire that generated a lot of smoke. The smoke was heavy enough, however, that our ambassador died of smoke inhalation. It’s not clear if the people who started the fire even knew that the ambassador was in that area, so the idea that they “tortured” the ambassador for being gay is problematic at best (if he was gay – I have no idea if he was or not).

    What is clear, however, is that Romney shills are desperately trying to turn this into a campaign issue.

  31. Stefan says

    That 22% must be the members of the LGBT community who are wealthy enough to get the 1100 marriage rights we don’t have, and take whatever path they want to adoption. They can buy their rights, so they want to protect their economic position. What they fail to realize is that Romney’s economic “plan” will do little to secure any kind of long term economic growth.

  32. Ophidimancer says

    Even if I were more worried about my financial wellbeing than marriage rights, I would STILL vote Obama, because a legal marriage would allow my household to have a dual income. There’s nothing much more fiscally motivating than that.

  33. Bill says

    To partially answer Strepsi’s question, “Who are the 9% of gay voters who are still “undecided”,’ I possibly get classified as undecided because I don’t answer questions over the phone – you never know who it is who is really calling. The last thing I’m going to do is to give out information that some company might want to sell to telemarketers.

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