1. David in Houston says

    I find it interesting that the “Refuse to say” column is around 5%, which is much higher for blacks and hispanics. Two groups that have a machismo culture. This poll obviously can’t take into account people like Marcus Bachmann, that are self-loathing gays that are living a “straight lifestyle”.

  2. Jerry says

    This is the kind of thing that chaps my ass. BAD SCIENTIFIC METHOD. Don’t ask, observe.

    I know, that’s not cost effective, but hey, tagging big cats in Africa is the only way they can tell what’s happening in their lives, and since the culture predominantly views sexuality as something one does where this survey presumes that LGBT is more of what one is…

  3. Dback says

    Just remember: always double the number to include those who are in the closet publicly but regularly engage in same-sex activity and just don’t admit it, and then again to include those who are in deep denial and won’t even accept it even to themselves. Voila! 10%.

  4. Stefan says

    I’ll never understand why people care so much about how many openly LGBT folk exist in this country. If even a few thousand people are systematically denied some civil rights due to some shared personal characteristic or choice, then it’s a problem. What if the poll only had a 1% figure? What if it had a 10% figure? 20%? Would we magically reach a tipping point when it becomes suddenly wrong to treat us differently? Probably not.

    One other nitpick: Hispanic identity is distinct from race. It should ask the question for non-Hispanic and Hispanic, and then for Black, White, Asian, multi-racial, etc. The census has done that for the last couple decades, so I’m not sure why Gallup doesn’t.

  5. Mike says

    Keep in mind, it’s a poll by Gallup, not a new paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. I spent almost a decade helping scientists design medical research studies, and self-reported data like this is highly susceptible to a variety of problems. One huge factor is that even if you tell someone the results are completely anonymous they will still lie. They’ll say that they vote more often than they do and that they exercise more often than they do because our society rewards those things. They’ll also say that they eat fewer cookies, smoke less (or don’t smoke at all), or that they are straight. Most of the time polls are designed so badly that they’re worthless.

  6. Dirk says

    Do folks even read the report? It is very clear about limitations:

    Exactly who makes up the LGBT community and how this group should be measured is a subject of some debate. Measuring sexual orientation and gender identity can be challenging since these concepts involve complex social and cultural patterns. As a group still subject to social stigma, many of those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender may not be forthcoming about this identity when asked about it in a survey. Therefore, it’s likely that some Americans in what is commonly referred to as “the closet” would not be included in the estimates derived from the Gallup interviews. Thus, the 3.4% estimate can best be represented as adult Americans who publicly identify themselves as part of the LGBT community when asked in a survey context.

    There are a number of ways to measure lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientation, and transgender status. Sexual orientation can be assessed by measuring identity as well as sexual behaviors and attractions. Transgender status can be an identity but can also include consideration of behaviors regarding gender nonconformity and an individual’s internal sense of gender.

    Gallup chose the broad measure of personal identification as LGBT because this grouping of four statuses is commonly used in current American discourse, and as a result has important cultural and political significance. One obvious limitation of this approach is that it is not possible to separately consider differences among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, or transgender individuals. A second limitation is that this approach measures broad self-identity, and does not measure sexual or other behavior, either past or present.

  7. jamal49 says

    Look for our enemies on the right to use this Gallup poll to support their claim that there are less than 3% of the population who are gay or lesbian.

    This recent Gallup poll cannot be taken seriously, at all. It is non-empirical and unscientific but it is fodder for religious and non-religious conservatives who have tried over the decades to refute the very scientific and empirical research done by Alfred Kinsey, which evidenced that at least 10% of U.S. male population may be exclusively homosexual.

    The Gallup poll should be scorned with as much derision as possible, considering that it should not matter one whit whether it is 1% or 10% or 30% of the population who may be gay.

    What matters is that American citizens are being deprived of full civil equality based on biased, prejudicial and primitive religious beliefs. Such discrimination based on those beliefs must be vanquished once and for all.

  8. Paul says

    I understand the differences in people who identify by age, but do the difference by race, income, or education lend themselves to the possibility that at least some of those identifying as LGBT could see that as a life choice, rather than innate?

    It would seem to me that there would be a smaller variance if 100% of those identifying in this way saw themselves has simply having been born homosexual.

  9. ratbastard says

    It would appear to show a disproportionate of people who identify are poor and minority.

    The figure for college grads is also interesting, being both lower than the average and more identifying as non-gay.

  10. Javier says

    Most people who have same-sex attractions and engage in same-sex activity do not identify as Gay or Bisexual (of course not Trans), so this poll is probably accurate. A lot of openly gay live in a fantasy world that people are just gonna come out and identify as gay or bisexual, but that is not true. Most people avoid same-sex identity even when they know they are attracted to the same-sex. The word “gay” is especially scary to people, so they will avoid it at cost, even if they admit they “mess around,” are “on the DL,” or are just “sexual.” The word “gay” has taken on so many social and cultural implications that many perceive as negative that you will never get all same-sex oriented people to identify with it. In fact, most will eschew it for themselves.

  11. notmatt says

    As a straight male I’m a bit shocked by the self-identified gay male – who I somewhat carefully ‘assume’ wishes for other gay males to not be discriminated against, disliked, hated, bullied, disparaged, etc., etc. etc., – who simultaneously states, “Plus the last thing I would want is to be lumped into the same group as trannies.”

    Maybe you should give them the same kind of love and consideration and respect, etc., etc., that I somewhat ‘assume’ you wish you and other gay males want. Do you hate, in words that parallel your demeanor toward “trannies”, ‘lezzies’ or ‘lesboes'(sp?), or are you only a biggot with respect to “trannies”?

    Just wondering? You know, logic-wise…

  12. Rick says

    I am surprised that even 3.4% self-identified, but this is consistent with the recent UCLA study that was done with academic rigor (to your point, Dirk)…which also found that half of that 3.4% were bisexuals and most of those were women.

    For those of you claiming that 10% of the population is gay, you need a major reality check.

    Do you seriously believe that one out of every ten men you encounter every day is gay? Not only in San Francisco, but in small towns?

    Come on, get real. If that were actually the case, the produce counter at any supermarket would be a major cruising spot (as would just about any place that people congregate in any volume).

    The smaller numbers in the high-income categories also does not surprise me. Anecdotally, in all my years in the business world, I may have encountered a half-dozen men of any status (out of hundreds) that were over the age of 35 and not married (to a woman) or at least divorced.

    Our real numbers are quite small….and will remain so until men are truly sexually, emotionally, and sexually liberated from women.

  13. Lance says

    NOTMATT: “As a straight male I’m a bit shocked by the self-identified gay male (…)”

    No one cares what you think about LGBT identity, LGBT opinions and LGBT debate, heterocisman. No one cares how you “think” they should act or how “mean” they are being.

    DAVID IN HOUSTON: Race =/= culture.

  14. Rick says

    “It would appear to show a disproportionate of people who identify are poor and minority.

    The figure for college grads is also interesting, being both lower than the average and more identifying as non-gay”

    @RATBASTARD It’s called “having nothing left to lose”. The lower your status in the world, the less likely you are to care about the consequnces of being “out”.

    And this is also why you will find that a very high proportion of the activists–on this site and elsewhere–who are constantly hounding high-status people to come out…..are themselves typically of very low status and tend to live outside the social mainstream.

    OR–at the other end of the spectrum–people are “out” because they are SO high-status that they are untouchable…..which is the case with celebs like Anderson Cooper or Elton John.

    The risks still outweight the benefits for most high-status people, though.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    I have seen demographics that the number of Jews in this country is <3%. There *should* be a large number of Americans who support Jews, regardless of the percentage of the population. Pointing out this fact would be useful to all but the right-wing of the Religious Right – some of whom believe that while it is legal to be non-Christian, it is not moral to be one.

    If I remember correctly, the Kinsey study dealt with self-reporting of a same-sex experience at some point in the person’s life.

  16. Shania says

    The poll didn’t ask whether people identified as “LGBT”. There is no such thing as LGBT.

    The poll asked whether people identified as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, OR transgender”. Note the use of the word “or” prior to the word “transgender.” Gallup understands that transgender is a discrete and separate group from LGBs. Frankly, the poll should have had an entirely separate question for transgenders, but the response would probably have been so tiny that it wasn’t worth doing as a separate question.

  17. Rick says

    Had I been asked to identify I would not have identified as gay because I don’t relate to you liberal sissies with limp-wrists.

    I’d have identified as “heterosexual and masculine male with no testicles who sucks his father’s penis” because that’s the most accurate description of myself.

  18. Rick says

    You will always find people like myself on sites like this who continue to give excuses to not come out, and it’s not because we’re powerful and high-ranking, but because we’re still miserable that we’re gay. With any luck I’ll just die and finally be out of my misery.

  19. Michael says

    Yeah, 97% of men are straight. Odd thing is about 97% of the men who I hook up with claim to be straight.

    Go figure.

    Sorry, but if being straight caused a man to be labeled a f@g then only 3% would admit to it.

    And for people who want to claim gays are only a small percentage are also the same guys, IMO, who have never, ever, been a man’s first time.

  20. Rick says


    What you have to understand is that the whole concept of “gay” or “homosexual” is an artificial cultural concept that did not even exist until the last century.

    Human sexuality comes in 1000 shades of gray and is rarely black and white. Certainly, there is SOME degree of same-sex attraction among MOST men, but whether they act on it or whether it is stronger than or equal to opposite-sex attraction depends on many, many factors, a lot of which are situational.

    That is why our goal should be to totally liberate men from their dependence on women so that they can find their true selves, whatever that is…….and one key aspect of that will be GETTING RID OF the very idea of “gay”, which, as you indicated–whether you intended to or not–acts as a deterrent to men embracing their attraction to other men. Why? Because being “gay” generally equates to being effeminate and masculinely deficient and no self-respecting man wants to be associated with those characteristics.

    It is the culture of effeminacy associated with “gay” that is as responsible as any other factor for keeping men repressed and/or in denial of their attraction to other men…..and until that culture is wiped out, it will continue to hinder us.

  21. Rick says

    I’d never identify as gay, not as long as it means I’m lumped in with teenagers who listen to Lady Gaga. There should be a separate category for us closeted men who have sex with our fathers.

  22. says

    I actually like Rick’s theory, really.

    As long as happy and proud gay men continue to be Out, insecure self-hating fem-bashing cowards will remain closeted.

    YAY! You’re not exactly missed, wimps. Confident masculine men are Out, and stand in solidarity with ALL of their brothers.

    It’s only the lowest scum of our community who remain Closeted because they “dont’ want to be associated with Fems.”

    Y’all can rot in your closets. I stopped caring what bigots thing when I Came Out in my teens. It’s not my fault your balls never dropped.

    Sit miserably hoping for a revolution that will never come. None of the “i hate femmes” brigade are *man enough* to change anything, anyway.

    “Hey, we need to like change our culture so people think gay doesn’t mean fem!”
    -Yeah, we should like start something
    “i dont’ wanna do that. you do it”
    -no, you
    “no, you”
    -no, you

    That’s your trap. We confident gay males don’t have that problem. You could learn a thing or fifty from us 😉

  23. Francis says

    These polls are so hilariously irrelevant. Um, the fact that 4-5% say “don’t know/refuse” should be a reality check, obviously.

    NEWSFLASH: Most people attracted to the same sex or trans persons will not out themselves in a poll like this.

    NotMatt, please don’t assume the troll weirdos on here speak for most gay men. Guys like Rick and Matt have internalized issues they take out on others to feel better about themselves.

  24. says

    to your point, Francis, I’m actually now, for the first time, of the mindset that we need MORE fems! Anything that keeps the insecure Ricks of the world cowering miserable in their closets is pretty darn awesome to me.

    It won’t even mean that “masculine men won’t come out” – traditionally socially-deemed “masculine” men Come Out all the time, every day, all over the world.

    there’s no shortage of masculine gay men. there is a shortage of openly gay anti-fem insecure self-haters. but that’s a good thing. f**k them. they can stay hidden and die.

  25. peter says

    Am I missing it, or did they neglect to account for gender.

    I know a lot of you would like to think that the DK/R is DL nation, and if included would prove Kinsey’s 10%. However at the risk of sounding completely sexist my hunch is that it’s mainly women, who find the masculine obsession with categories silly.

    Obviously, I’d like to know if the sampling was more valid than Kinsey’s university cohort. I certainly hope it was.

    Matt: much as some of us ‘masculine-identified’ gay men would not like to be counted along side trannies, that is precisely what those who would deny us our basic rights do. The Gay Rights movement began as an alliance of dire necessity between disparate groups who often clash. Might I remind you that it was started by a bunch of militant drag queens who had more balls than either of us. The Rainbow Flag symbolizes diversity.

    Stefan while I agree in principle with you that numbers shouldn’t matter where civil rights are at issue, realistically this figure supports that we represent a significant segment of the population: 3.4 million Americans identify themselves as GBLT. Perhaps more importantly, it allows people who are struggling with their sexual identity know that they are hardly alone.

  26. Rick says

    @Francis I don’t claim to speak for “most gay men.” As I said, “gay” is nothing but an artificial construct and those that adhere to the culture associated with it are going to be overwhelmed by the revolution that is underway and being led by “non-gay” men.

    You see, despite the stigma that the idea of “gay” and the culture of effeminacy have attached to male homosexuality, men are nevertheless discarding the taboo on their own terms, which will ultimately make masculinity and homosexuality entirely compatible in most men’s minds……and the magnitude of that change will totally obliterate the culture of effeminacy and “gayness” in the process…..and leave its practitioners even more socially isolated and outcast than they are now……

  27. Dave says

    @ Rick (and others),
    As an earner, I am a 1 percenter, as is my husband, so I guess together we are somewhere in the “tenth” percenters. He is in finance, I am medical, we have both been out professionally for over 10 years, me in the suburbs, he in the city. I also know many people who are is similar positions. This “risk” you are talking about may exist, but I have seen little evidence of it. My practice is in a very white, very catholic, blue collar town,and I have a thriving business. A business where I freely mention my “husband,” when relevant (e.g. when I’m asked about my “wife”). It was not easy for me to do this at first, but you have to believe in your self worth, and if you project respect respect for yourself, even the most unlikely people will respond positively. If you dis-respect yourself, its usually obvious, and you are just giving ammo to people who are likely to dislike you for cultural or religious reasons.
    Your comments on women seem like a total red herring, stop scape-goating others and work on yourself.

  28. Rick says

    “The Gay Rights movement began as an alliance of dire necessity between disparate groups who often clash. Might I remind you that it was started by a bunch of militant drag queens who had more balls than either of us. The Rainbow Flag symbolizes diversity.”

    I am so sick and tired of the disemmination of this LIE. The founders of the Mattachine Society were not drag queens. There was a gay movement LONG BEFORE STONEWALL. There would have been one without Stonewall. Most of the gains that have been made have been since Stonewall have been due to the efforts of people in the mainstream who would want nothing to do with a bunch of street-dwelling gender-confused freaks in high heels.

    The only reason those freaks were in the bar that night, by the way, is because it was the only place they were allowed to go…..and they were a tiny minority of those who fought back that night, a TINY MINORITY of them, so Stonewall itself would have happened without them.

    Please stop LYING.

  29. says

    everyone knows Rick is a troll who will do the world a lot of good by simply dying, but I can’t resist pointing this out:

    he, and his ilk, are utter cowards and excuse-givers.

    “i can’t come out because i don’t want to be associated with effeminate men!”

    then you and your ilk will be closeted forever. your hoped-for revolution hinges on insecure excuse-giving homosexual males finally standing up to be counted. which they will continue to give excuses to not do.

    they don’t want to come out. they want everyone else who is out to change. that won’t happen. those of us who Come Out also stop living in daily fear of What Bigots Think.

    the “culture of effeminacy” exists only in the minds of insecure resentful homosexuals who use it an excuse to not Come Out.

    we’re not outcasts and socially isolated. we’re Out. and we’re Out alongside our brothers and sisters of all varying degrees of gender-norm or appearance.

    i’ve never met a confident masculine and openly-gay male who felt any denigration toward “effeminate males” – that’s exclusively the domain of the cowardly homosexual still begging for tolerance from his bigoted parents.

    the only peoplel who don’t think masculinity and homosexuality are compatible are the cowards who refuse to Come Out.
    fact. fact. fact. fact. fact

    to the gender-nonconformist men and women out there: ROCK ON AND KEEP IT UP!
    What you are doing empowers people to be themselves, and helps keep the insecure bigots of our community totally closeted. wouldn’t have it any other way.


  30. Rick says

    @Dave You are independently employed, essentially an entrepreneur. As such, there is nobody that can do any damage to your career.

    And almost all of the few prominent business people who are out are also entrepreneurs, for the same reason (David Geffen, etc.)

    Your comments are typical of those who are self-employed and/or financially independent who sit in judgment of people who are not when it comes to being “out” because they simply don’t understand through the experience of being part of an organization what the consequences of being “out” usually are (I should have added them to the extreme-low-status and extreme-high-status categories of people who are likely to be “out”)

    Do you seriously believe that all the gay people in the corporate world are “self-hating”? How stupid. And yes, it is pretty much ALL ….and if you don’t believe me, go look at the OUT 100 and count the number of corporate executives on it.

  31. says

    prove you’re a masculine man, Rick. URL to your own page.

    blogspot. tumblr. youtube. anything.

    you want change? represent that change. ten bucks says you don’t have the balls.

    you need to learn a few hundred things from the men your piece-of-S**t father, whom you apparently had sex with, taught you to hate: namely, to grow a spine and stop being afraid of what others think.

    we get it. those “femmes” you hate are strong enough to live each day openly without fear, and you live each day anonymously complaining about them online.

    that makes you less of a man.

  32. Javier says

    Call it misogyny, self-loathing, or just wanting to fit in, but most same-sex oriented or interested men don’t want to be associated with “gay identity” despite their orientation/interests because they fear being associated with male effeminancy. That is really what repels most guys to avoid the gay label for themselves.

  33. says

    replace “most same-sex oriented or interested men”, Javier, and replace it with “wimps whose balls never dropped” and you’ll be correct.

    and if those guys just grew a pair and Came Out and identified as gay, the so-called perception would change.

    as we have it, however, they refuse to do that. and they always will.

    so the openly gay people can continue enjoying their lives and the miserable closet-cases who hate being gay can continue to miserably, and anonymously, hate the rest of us for enjoying our lives 😀

  34. notmatt says

    LANCE: Not having been a formal student of gender studies it took me quite awhile to figure out what the hell “heterocisman” means. (Gosh, I’m just glad Al Gore invented the internet!)

    I think I sort of get it at least enough to ‘wonder’ (me thinks so) whether it is being used as a put down in this context; but, what the hey, at least it isn’t a grossly pejorative term like Matt’s “trannies” reference, or the oh so many other disgustingly bigoted terms that some people who are targets of bigotry like to use against others (hmmm…seems a bit hypocritical or something…)

    Factually, you are absolutely and logically incorrect in claiming (with such great but false assurance) that, “No one cares what you think about LGBT…” My tax guy cares greatly. He’s been doing my taxes for decades. He and my wife taught together until he was ‘outed’ and ‘resigned’. He’s gay. My wife liked and respected him, and he and I discuss this stuff quite a bit.

    Quite frankly – he cares quite a damn bit that I think Minnesota’s potential Constitutional Amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman is disgusting – and likely – unconstitutional. (I’m about 99% sure I can prove this, but I’m not a lawyer so I’ll have to tap one on the shoulder to go after this if the Amendment passes.) He cares that I don’t give a rat’s ass (in any negative way) about his sexual orientation. He cares that I’m happy for him having found a partner who by way of Canada is now his husband. He cares that I hope the same thing becomes available in Minnesota (not so) Nice (at least on this front). And, he cares that I feel the same way about people who happen to be lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, etc., etc., etc., etc… (the multiple et cetera’s is no accident – my understanding is that there should be about 30 or so of them to cover the many gender, affectional preference and other factors that go into the many, many variations on the human ‘gender’ theme)… and every damn one of them should get equal respect, equal rights, understanding, consideration, appreciation for who they are, etc., and not be called names – like “tranny” for instance.

    Are we on the same page yet?

  35. Rick says

    “Call it misogyny, self-loathing, or just wanting to fit in…..”

    How about calling it what it really is, namely a perfectly natural repulsion towards an artificial culture of woman-idolization and woman-mimickry that is based on internalization of the societal notion that homosexuality equates to a lack of masculinity?

  36. says

    if any of these “i hate femmes” guys could put a face and name to their comments at least they’d seem like PROACTIVE cowards.

    as is, we have what we all knew we’d have – cowards who blame “effeminate men” for their own cowardice.

    the “femmes” you hate aren’t afraid to live and be Out, and if you are then you’re much lesser men than they are. which is why you’re so angry.

    you see the sparkly twink walking down the street and you realize he has a courage you;ll never know. and then feel emasculated. and then come online to blame him for your own shortcomings.


  37. Rick says

    “so the openly gay people can continue enjoying their lives ”

    Certainly nobody who reads Kiwi’s posts could fail to see how much enjoyment he is getting out of life and how full of joy his life is–the vitriol in virtually every comment, the death wishes directed at people, the ubiquitous bitterness and anger, plus the fact that he seems to be here 24/7…..yes, the epitome of happiness and good will (LOL).

  38. Francis says

    Kiwi, I agree. More fems would be a wonderful addition to the community and it would keep the insecure, paranoid types on their heels. Which is definitely very amusing!

    Rick’s venom gets stronger daily. I almost pity how damaged he is.

  39. Icebloo says

    @Matt – you need to educate yourself you moron. “Trannies” are born that way the same way you were born gay. USE SOME COMMON SENSE ! You are acting as bad as the anti-gay people. You are an embarrassment. Don’t expect others to have compassion for you if you aren’t mature enough to have compassion for others who are different than yourself.

  40. Dave says

    @ Rick,

    clearly your mind is made up, and you will cherry pick the pieces of my story and warp them to fit your pre-conceived notions. I built my business from the ground up, AS an out gay man. I had A LOT to lose, as in would people choose to go to another practice (my town is saturated with medical professionals). Also,my husband is out and in finance, and as an out and proud man has continued to be promoted to a high level position. My best friend is a partner in Earnst & Young, hired as an out gay man. Quit making excuses for yourself, your world is as dark and scary as you want to make it, it doesn’t have to be that way.

  41. Icebloo says

    @ Rick Well at least we finally got you to admit that you are an attention seeking child because you hate yourself.

    From what we see of your pathetic views you may as well be dead. Don’t let us stop you. Oh, wait, that’s right you aren’t really wanting to be dead you were just adding another childish comment to get more attention.

    You are gay. You will always be gay. DEAL WITH IT. GROW UP. Stop trying to ruin other people’s lives just because you aren’t intelligent or mature enough to accept yourself. Being gay is not the problem – YOUR attitude is the problem.

  42. jason says

    These polls are pointless because most people do not tell the truth when it comes to their sexual feelings or behavior, especially on things that are stigmatized. Asking a man whether he has had same-sex feelings is like asking him if he’s cheated on his wife – you’re not going to get the correct response.

  43. Diogenes Arktos says

    One bit of (good?) news it that many on the Religious Right have been trumpeting a 3% figure for some time. (I’m not clear on the source.) I hope this poll comes as a shock that they have been underestimating our numbers! OTOH there are some who believe we are only 1% (citing a Canadian pseudo-study?). Of course, the true blue diehard right-wing Religious Right believes being gay is a choice and there are in reality just 0% of us.

  44. says

    I don’t think anyone else pointed this out yet, but aren’t these polls conducted by land-line? Most people I know under 40 don’t even have a land-line, or if they do they don’t use it (i.e. it’s just part of their cable package), or if they DO use it they screen out unknown callers. And I’m pretty sure the proportion of out LGBT people to self-identified straight people gets smaller as you go up in age – – so, just to add to the clearly non-scientific methods here, there’s that. Right?

  45. Isabelle says

    I am transitioning. Personally though, I self-identify as “just a girl”, nothing more or less; and I’m fairly sure that there are others who feel the same way. But I also question ~anything~ that is put out by Gallup (and isn’t a peer-reviewed comprehensive study).

    ~As for Matt… I’d want him to know that I have a gay uncle who I love dearly–and he also happens to be a great guy who did not condemn me merely for having been born trans. The virtues of respect, love and equality–these are things that every one of us who has known what it is like to be different, every one of us who has known the pain of discrimination, should possess. I respect your identity as a gay male, so please respect mine as a (trans) woman.

  46. GregV says

    “…so it is possible that some married LGBT people have same-sex spouses and is certainly more likely that some percentage of those in domestic partnerships could have a same-sex partner…”

    Some of the quotes from the analysis, such as the above, seem borderline laughsble to me.
    Yes, “some” gay and bi people do have same-sex partners rather than opposite-sex parrners. This is not only “possible” but very obvious.
    It also says that it is possible that some LGBT people did not identify themselves as LGB or T to this stranger who randomly called them for a survey (and, for many living in states where they can lose their job just for answering honestly, for all they know, this random caller could turn out to actually be calling to share information with their boss).
    I have lived in the situation when I was younger of not feeling safe to identify honestly, and I answered “heterosexual” on such a survey when I knew that was not true.

    Again, this phenomenon is not just “possible” but is obviously an issue. The only question should be by how many thousands of people this is skewing the count lower than the reality.
    If we count the “I Don’t Knows” and the “Refused to Answers,” it could be said that, among young adults, 10% are part of the “LGBTIDKRTA community.”
    That doesn’t even include people who answered “hetero” when they are not, or those who consider themselves in other non-conventional sexual orientation and identity categories like “Same-Sex-Attracted” (that’s what gay practising Mormons who are afraid of the word “gay” call themselves) “gender-queer,” intersexed, “unlableable,” etc.

    One of the most interesting parts of the survey to me was the fact that younger people are FAR more likely to be willing to talk about being gay or bi.
    The age demographics of the answers really help explain almost every other seeming quirk in the survey, including race (young Americans are more racially diverse than older ones), income and education (many self-labeled gay and bi people are 20-somethings who have yet to finish their schooling and/or are still climbing up the salary scale).

  47. "The Gay" says

    I don’t take much stock in a poll that’s done, what, over the phone ?

    I don’t know about anyone else here in the US right now, but I am all phone surveyed out this election cycle. I’m talking calls almost every night. I’m not even answering the phone now. That’s what I get for being stubborn and determined to hold onto a land line because of it’s reliability when the power goes out, and the positive affect it has on credit ratings.

    I also don’t take any stock at all in our resident Canadian gay trolls insistence that so many gay Americans are cowards because they won’t tell a stranger on the phone that they’re gay. The reality here in the US is that phone scams, fraud, and identity theft are rampant, and so is caller ID spoofing, which means you have no way of knowing who you call is who they purport to be for certain.

    But whatever. When you’re young, naive, have no lifetime of assets you’ve worked for to protect, or a family to be responsible for, it’s real easy to act like a little punk and make demands of older gay people you don’t know, who have done more already than you’ll ever do for the cause, and suffered more than you ever will for it. While you behave like a little privileged cu*nt that has no real comprehension of just how far we’ve come or even of the most basic aspects of the history of the community.

    Statistics are not truth, they’re just numbers. The interpretation of numbers is dependent on the intelligence of the person looking at them. These numbers do not prove any of the assumptions proclaimed here, and many of the assumptions I’ve endured reading only prove to me that way too many of you are so blinded by your own presumptions about other gay people that who the he*ll needs enemies when we have allies like some of you douchebags.

  48. GregV says

    @”The Gay”: If that surprises you consider, as I mentioned, that, it is likely explained by the age of self-identifying gay and bi people.
    The number of self-identifying LGB and T’s more than triples as you go from older to younger on the survey.
    Compare 21-year olds by orientation and there is likely to be no difference or even a reversal in that result; Likewise, compare the “LGBT” baby-boomer respondents to straight ones and the same reversal might be seen.
    In should be no surprise that starving college students have less education than their older friends who have already completed their education and climbed to the top of their salary scale.

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