1. says

    @ ROBERT :
    I totally agree.

    Just as clear, distinct, forthright as Zack Wahls; they have no edges or bitterness or religious baggage of self righteousness.
    Kluwe is right; it’s the younger generation which will sweep away the hang-ups of the old farts.

  2. Bob says

    UNFORTUNATELY, even if the amendment is defeated, marriage equality will not exist in Minnesota, since it is illegal presently, anyhow.
    As of today, I am thinking WA is 4:3 for equality, ME a hair less, MD in doubt, and MN not looking great.

  3. says

    He is so freaking hot!!!

    Okay, maybe I am supposed to say, “Thanks Chris, for your support.” But c’mon, he’s stil hot. :-)

  4. Icebloo says

    I’m so glad we have new stars like this who are speaking out for us. Some of our so-called allies like Roseanne Barr SAY they support us but they actually do the OPPOSITE and cause us harm.

    Right now we have Roseanne running for President trying to split the Obama vote to help Romney win. I guess a Romney victory will be a win-win for her – she gets to step out of her millionaire boredom and satisfy her craving for attention at the same time as ensuring a victory for Romney which will result in tax breaks for millionaire Roseanne.

    Who needs enemies when we have “friends” like self absorbed Roseanne – willing to put the needs of millions above her own, selfish need for more attention.

    THANK YOU CHRIS ! It’s great to see someone with money, fame AND integrity.

  5. Bill Michael says

    Dear Chris, PLEASE think about running for office one day. In the meantime, have a wonderful life and have lots of children.

  6. ND Mitchell says

    Sexy, handsome & smart = What a man, what a man, what a man, What a mighty good man! 😉

  7. JAMES says

    This man has a great head on his shoulders. And on that head is a beautiful smile and a beautiful mane. I wish I had his hair.

  8. Gabe R L says

    I really admire this guy. He is intelligent and sensible,as well as gorgeous with a great head of hair.

    Still, i have to note that he used the term ‘heterosexual’ rather than ‘straight.’ And he said it as though that is the word that he typically uses for opposite-sex preference.