1. jason says

    This is a nice song but it won’t get played on American radio. American DJ’s (both men and women) are extremely homophobic when it comes to male homosexuality. They are far more liberal when it comes to lesbianism.

    In fact, I’d say that American radio is probably the most male-homophobic form of media in America. There have been rumors that Clear Channel – which owns many radio stations – discourages the playing of songs that might be construed as “encouraging homosexuality between men”.

  2. uffda says

    What a heck of a song, lyrics, tune, video, manner of presention. Hip hop is usually “meh” to me but this can reach most anyone and feels not so race based, ignorant, or down-low pandering. It’s almost classy, stands up level to the crowd, and the melody, tune has pain.

  3. fritzrth says

    How far we’ve come in my 59 years. I never thought I’d see anything like this in my lifetime; this and every other step of progress that we’re seeing lately.

    @Michael, it doesn’t make me a little weepy; it brings absolute tears of joy and not a few sobs.

  4. says

    When I first heard it, when it was posted by Andy, it made me cry. It is still so beautiful….and that was a powerful performance.
    The song really speaks the words we have all felt through our lives, the treatment as second class citizens, not being as good as others and so on.
    So it’s just wonderful to see us all up off our knees, unapologetic, political, activist, demanding equality……and not allowing ourselves even to be regarded as in any way less than equal citizens. That has taken a long time….and we are not at the finish line, but I think we have made incredible progress……and it’s in no small way due to heroic activists like ACT UP.
    But where ever the song is played it remains our song….and to quote Siegfried Sassoon;
    “The song was wordless, the singing will never be done.”

  5. Pete N SFO says

    It’s great… one more brick in the wall going up against discrimination & in favor of Marriage Equality.

    It may not get radio-play, but that’s not entirely the way music gets around these days anyway.

  6. Caliban says

    It’s a beautiful song.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song and sung along with the Mary Lambert bits despite having a woodchuck-in-a-blender singing voice. My singing voice is truly heinous but I sing along anyway. In my car, at least.

    After this I looked up more songs by Macklemore and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. Smart, liberal, and funny. What’s to lose?

  7. Not Impressed says

    Ellen reminds me of Ken Mehlman, the Republican activist who originally engineered bringing gay marriage to the polls as a “wedge” issue and then came out and is now a friend of the gays.

    Ellen didn’t give any money (you can look it up it’s a matter of public record) to defeat Prop 8. Then she got married herself and now she’s a big marriage equality booster.

    Boo for Halloween!

  8. Caliban says

    @Not Impressed

    WTF? Here’s another fact about Ellen. She’s done more for gay rights than you’ll ever do even if you live to 100.

  9. Caliban says

    Please, Not Impressed, regale us with your tale of how you came out as gay and changed hearts and minds.

    I’m sure it’s a fascinating tale.

  10. endo says

    Not Impressed = Jason (You can tell by the diction and tone)

    Ellen spent $100,000 to broadcast ads opposing Prop 8. It was widely reported, including here on Towleroad. Put that up your public record, Jason.

  11. jamal49 says

    Jason, honey, I really try to give you the benefit of the doubt among the many who post here regularly (as I hope that others may do for me).

    But, really, Jason, this is one of those days when I can’t.

    Jason, please, sit down and shut up.

  12. Not Impressed says

    Not impressed does not equal Jason — I don’t know Jason, but you comment Nazis should stop trying to silence him – I’m sure towleroad welcomes diverse opinions provided the commentator follows the rules.

    The claim that Ellen supported ads is untrue and lame. Ellen went cheap on support of Prop 8 and she could have made a difference.

    She’s no saint – ask her “ensemble” cast from her first sitcoms.

    As for what she does for gay rights, Ken Mehlman’s on the out 100 list now too.

  13. endo says

    LOL, that’s nearly word-for-word what Jason posted in another thread today. It’s like you’re not even trying to conceal the fact that you’re a troll using multiple usernames.

    And you’ve provided no “facts” to prove that Ellen didn’t spend $100,000 on ads.

  14. Not Impressed says


    You’re the one who claims she did spend the money on the ads – which she didn’t — the burden is on you

    Calling someone a “troll” whoever this Jason is doesn’t make him wrong – it just means you’re a comment bully.

    Me, personally, I oppose the beatification of Ellen.

  15. Not Impressed says

    Plus $100K even if it were true is chump change when it comes to California proposition.

    At the time, I think many people couldn’t believe Prop 8 would pass. I think Ellen sat out that campaign, and she shouldn’t have.

  16. says

    @Jason: Ellen brought gay marriage to the polls as a wedge issue? Who knew! And, the public record is clear that she gave $100,000 against Prop 8–not that that has anything to do with the post or the song. Your slip is showing, dear.

  17. endo says

  18. Not Impressed says

    So what! This is just Ellen’s PR people getting busy — btw, they are also active in the comment sections of posts about her.

    Ellen’s annual salary is estimated to be


    That’s right – 45 million per year.

    When it comes to California propositions and the costs of the campaigns, my Uncle Maury did more on a relative basis.

  19. MateoM says

    Love how Not Impressed hasn’t even denied that he/she is just another alias of Jason/Rick.

    Pathetic troll is pathetic and show go kill itself.

  20. Not Impressed says

    Again, the pronouncements of a comments’ section bully!

    so far you’ve tried to dismiss what I’ve said by equating me with some Jason person who seems to be disliked

    You’ve called me a troll

    You’ve called me a liar

    The fact is Ellen did not do what she could have to defeat prop 8- No matter what spin comes along.

    You can forget and forget – some have with Ken Mehlman — I still resent that she didn’t do more

  21. endo says

    The only spin here is you, sweetheart. You initially insisted that Ellen spent no money. When that lie was disproven, you change your argument to Ellen didn’t do enough.

    At this point, it’s not a question of how much Ellen spent. It’s that you have a personal agenda consistent with previous misogynistic comments aimed at Ellen, Lady Gaga, and other female entertainers, and nothing you say should be taken seriously, no matter what alias you post under.

    Begone with you, troll!

  22. Not Impressed says


    You do not have the power to ban people here. If you do, ban away.

    Giving $100K when you earn $45 million is the same as given $100 when you earn $45,000.

    Should we stand up and cheer? I think we should sit down and boo.

    Ellen’s inaction at the time of the Prop 8 campaign was heartbreaking – and no matter how hard her PR people work, you can’t change history.

    Have at it comment section bullies!

  23. MateoM says

    Actually Not Impressed, I’m not Endo, which you can tell by the differences in what we say. Unlike You, Rick and Jason. You all use the same copy and pasted rants on this site every day. It’s exhausting to have to deal with you every day. Go troll somewhere else. And take your opinions (not facts, since you haven’t provided links to support your “evidence”) elsewhere. Get a life. Or die. I don’t really care why you leave, just leave.

  24. Not Impressed says

    To those who insist on everyone having the same opinion. I think you should leave, but I think you have a right to be here as long as you follow the rules. That’s why they call it the comments section. This whole thing about assuming I’m Jason is also ridiculous, but hey this is the internet.

    Again, relatively speaking Ellen’s $100K contribution during the Prop. 8 was insignificant for her and for its impact in the costly campaign. Given the nature of the campaign her inaction was and remains shameful. My Uncle Maury’s $200 contribution represented a greater personal commitment. I remember.

  25. jason says

    I think Mateom and Endo may be one and the same person. After all, they seem to have similar trains of thought….. LOL.

    Isn’t it interesting how some of the posters can’t cope with my reasoned posts. Everything I say is based on reason and facts. A lot of you PC poofs can’t accept it. Go away, PC poofs.

  26. uffda says

    This is hilarious, of course ENDO has repeatedly proven himself to be an officious ass so he hasn’t got much to add that anyone should bother with. Just sayin.

    I miss RICK.

  27. MateoM says

    It just occurred to me that I’ve been trying to fight a troll. Which is pointless, because a troll is not going to concede victory or fess up when he/she is wrong. A troll is a troll is a troll and that’s all there is to them.

    Don’t address Jason/Rick anymore. At all. In any way. They’ll make your blood boil and nothing good will come of it. You’ll have waisted time trying to reason with someone who is beyond reason, decency, or honesty. Jason/Rick IS THE WORST.

  28. Caliban says

    Well, back to Macklemore, which is the REAL point of this article, I love this song and you should check out more of his stuff on YouTube. It’s the furthest thing from the “b*tches and hoes” style hip-hop that glorifies violence. Many if the videos are awesome too.

    I liked Thrift Shop, Love Song, and Otherside in particular. Otherside is an anti-drug song, but not in a preachy, “just say no” sort of way. It’s more “I’ve seen people die” and you’re just wasting your potential.

    Macklemore’s latest LP debuted high on the charts so he does have a following and Same Love (from the new album) has the potential to reach his audience.

  29. Icebloo says

    The song is good but why do all these people try to sound like scumbag Eminem ? Why don’t they try to sound original.

  30. lara says

    They’ve been playing this song on KEXP in Seattle for at least a month so it does get the airplay