Madame Secretary, Christina Aguilera’s Eyes Are Up Here: PHOTO


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrated singer Christina Aguilera's philanthropic works during the 2012 George MCGovern Leadership Award Ceremony last night, and as this picture shows, even one of the most powerful people in the world is powerless against Aguilera's ample body.

This image of course was one lucky shot in a million, but it really is one in a million, capturing a moment in time that should bring laughs for years to come.

[Image via Socialite Life.]


  1. ChristopherM says

    She had to look at something to avoid Christina’s clown makeup. She is a pretty girl and so talented. I don’t know why she lets her gays style her like a 70-year-old Vegas showgirl attempting a comeback.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Stinkin’ Republicans will probably try to use this photo against Hillary during her 2016 campaign. It won’t work.

    Damn, that TJ Holmes is a fine man.

  3. jason says

    Christina Aguilera is tacky beyond compare. She’s a narcissist who wears revealing clothing for attention. Women who are like that have a mental problem in my opinion.

  4. jason says

    It’s interesting that Hillary’s head looks twice the size of Christina’s. Photo-shop? If so, why are photo-shopped images being shown on towleroad?

  5. Icebloo says

    YAWN. YET ANOTHER attempt by the media to say Hillary is gay. She is not. Move on.

    Shame on you Towleroad for doing the dirty work of the right wing !

  6. ChristopherM says

    Yes Jason, because men are never narcissistic or wear revealing clothing. Men who come on gay blogs to complain about how awful women are have a mental problem.

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