1. stuartsaysstop says

    I actually just saw the damn thing last night on our local Fox affiliate, during Jeopardy no less! I usually zone out during the commercials — can only stand so many ads for prescription drugs and mesothelioma lawsuits — but the sound of bigotry caught my ear. Disgusting. Can’t wait to hit the polls.

  2. Diogenes Arktos says

    OK, if the definition of marriage hasn’t changed, how many women want to go back to the days of being nothing but the male’s property, including legal marital rape?

    BTW – I am probably too ignorant about stock videos, but I think Hooper has too much time on his hands to have tracked down the sources of this video.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Stock videos, stock arguments….the anti gay movement is gasping out it’s last few breaths. I hope Maggie invested her money well because her gravy train is about to dry up. (Ha! gravy….wasn’t intended but if the spoon fits)

  4. says

    Yes, it is actually straight people who have changed the definition of marriage over time–straight marriages today have little resemblance to the straight marriages of yore. Excluding gay couples from marriage today is irrational.

    @DIOGENES ARKTOS: I think Jeremy’s point with the stock footage is that their campaign is a fake–they can’t even find “traditional” families to proudly make the anti-gay argument. They have to buy them.

  5. Walter Fletcher says

    No one has the right to change the definition—not even christians cause lets face it in the bible there were many different types of marriages, hmmmm. It is just plain bigotry.

  6. Eric says

    Many stock photo licenses prohibit usage that implies that the models endorse something or for controversial issues.

    It may be worthwhile to see if the anti-gay also violate the licensing terms of use.

  7. i could go on, but I won't says

    Someone could take that same footage and voice over to back a campaign to make divorce illegal. That would shake up the game. How could these god-fearing Christians speak up for the right to divorce? Be fun to watch them squirm.

  8. Diogenes Arktos says

    “How could these god-fearing Christians speak up for the right to divorce? Be fun to watch them squirm.”

    No – they would never speak up for a right to divorce. They used to vehemnetly protest any efforts to make divorce legal. They finally gave up. How long before they realize that’s what they need to do regarding marriage equality?

  9. alex says

    The use of stock clips is irrelevant (provided they don’t have the restrictions that Eric notes above).

    During Florida’s Amendment 2 (anti gay marriage/civil unions) vote in 2008, I created a website that identified the names of people/companies that donated money to the “bad side” using public records. I also created a video for the site to help convince people why they should vote no. That video was made entirely of purchased stock video clips. I guess Jeremy Hooper should have chastised me back then.

  10. says

    That is very interesting. I think that it is good to look at this situation from both sides. Especially when it involves human rights and what is ethically right. I hope that we can see what is the truth to live happily together. Why do we have to hate or put down one another. Why can we not help one another and understand one another.