1. JohnAGJ says

    So I guess by this ‘logic’ it must mean that there is… something, just one little thing that’s keeping ol’ Tommyboy here from doing the horizontal mambo with a male intern or two? Hmm… I wonder what it could be?

    They never seem to follow the logical conclusions of their absurd claims.

  2. Tanoka says

    1. What Mr. covey said.

    2. I don’t believe it is a choice, but for arguments sake let’s say that it is; why should that matter? Why must people be forced to choose heterosexuality?

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Every time I hear one of these creeps compare being gay to smoking, I know I’m listening to somebody who likes to sneak out for a cigarette every so often, if you know what I mean.

  4. Bob says

    All the dumbfucks who are mad at Obama and plan to sit out the election need to know that people who believe as this whore does (or pretends to, to get votes) will be appointed to the Supreme Court if Romney wins.
    You can kiss women’s reproductive rights, Gay rights, and much more goodbye if you don’t work hard to get Democrats elected
    — although we may agree they are imperfect
    ____ and, Andrew: 2003 was nine years ago

  5. Homo Genius says

    I think the tactic should be to make people describe what this “lifestyle” actually is. being slutty? doing lots of meth? going to dance clubs? wearing tacky versace shirts? being so waxed and tan you look like a baby oompa lumpa’s ass?

    They seem to know what they mean but never are specific as to why its a bad lifestyle choice

  6. jason says

    The orientation is NOT a choice BUT it IS a choice to immerse oneself in the gay social scene, a scene which isn’t exactly savory. That’s where choice comes into it. I wish these anti-gay bigots would get their stream of thought right because they DO have a valid point if they are referring to the harmful effects of promiscuity and drugs in our social scene.

    Let’s not deny it. These thing DO exist. Promiscuity and drugs and partying all night ARE promoted in the gay male social scene. It is NOT a healthy lifestyle at this level of choice.

    I wish the gay media would admit to this. It doesn’t want to because it would be an admission that we aren’t perfect and that much of our “liberation” is in fact based on having as much sex as possible. There’s also a LOT of money in promiscuity.

  7. PAUL B. says

    @Jason…sounds like you’ve self-described your own life. Too bad. You miss out on a lot while doing all those gay/bad lifestyle choices. I was in college, studying & working nights, so you probably didn’t catch that while you were screwing around and doing drugs.
    You’re a disgusting pig…and not because you were a whore as a young professional fag…but because of who you are today.

  8. KZ says

    I always believed the term lifestyle meant what people DO and not so much with WHOM people spend their lives.

    A gay couple dedicated to raising their children may lead a lifstyle quite similar to a straight couple with kids. A gay couple with no kids may travel and lead a more adventurous lifestyle.

    People like Tom McMillin tend to believe that all gay people choose a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and partying. Some do. To those of us who don’t, this is infuriating.

  9. jason says

    Paul B,

    I don’t care about you. I simply stated my viewpoint, which is based on fact. In contrast, yours is based on bile.

    By the way, I never did drugs. However, I frequented dark nightclubs with loud ear-piercing music and chemical smoke-filled dance floors. Very healthy…not.

    I hope that a lot of gay men wake up to the dangerous inducements of the gay male social scene. They can be life-destroying, not just soul-destroying.

    My advice to gay men is this: find a group of friendly individuals regardless of sexuality and mix with the mainsream. Mainstream is reality. Gay clubs are manufactured entities.

  10. PAUL B. says

    @Jason…it sounds like your opinion is based on your past lifestyle choices….not mine, not most of my old friends. So, you might want to re-examine what you consider “bad” choices and think of how you could have done it differently and perhaps not have become the bitter person you sound like today. The gay male social scene…like the straight male social scene is what you choose to make it for yourself…there’s plenty of options and it sounds like you regret the choices you made. Please don’t project your personal failures on the rest of us all the time.

  11. jason says

    Paul B,

    I’m simply talking about cultural imperatives. Don’t deny that gay bars and nightclubs are a cultural imperative in the gay male social scene. In fact, gays have become entirely bar-centric in recent years.

    By the way, there is no such thing as a straight male social scene. All social scenes populated by straight-identifying men include women within the sexualized paradigm. They consist of two genders, not one.

    I’m not saying that it is gay men specifically who choose to adopt poor lifestyles. However, I’m saying that such poor lifestyle are encouraged within the gay male social scene.

    All individuals are capable of making moral choices to opt in or out of such lifestyles. But – and this is the big but -these lifestyles are sold as “gay rights” in the gay male social scene. It’s a fraud.

  12. EchtKultig says

    Anne Heche is the worst possible person for some moron like this to cite. If anything, she demonstrates that having completely psycho evangelical whackjob parents can either cause one to temporarily believe one is lesbian, or never be able to fully accept it in spite of being in a relationship with someone like Ellen. Both of Anne’s parents were totally nuts – her Mom is still an anti-gay activist.

  13. PAUL B. says

    @Jason…I get it now. You’re seriously damaged goods, you’re angry because you don’t think you have options and you assume the rest of us don’t either. I wish I could help you pal, but it’s beyond my skill-set and job description. Good luck.

  14. jason says

    Paul B,

    People do have options but their options are influenced by advertising. Why the heck do you think companies spend billions of dollars per year on advertising? They’re not doing it for nothing. There’s a return there for them.

    I’m simply pointing to the fact that the gay scene is dominated by false advertising. The gay scene falsely advertises the notions that drinking alcohol, having lots of anonymous sex and taking drugs is a form of “gay rights”. This is how a lot of young men get sucked into unsavory lifestyle choices that can ultimately kill them.

  15. jason says


    The thing about Anne Heche is that she’s a woman. Women are known to fake their sexuality. Women use their sexuality as a marketing ploy. Women don’t need to be aroused in order to have sex with someone. Combine all these things and you have a person who sexual behavior does not correlate with sexual need.

    This is why I think it’s dangerous to equate the female experience with the male experience when it comes to same-sex relationships. Women use sex as a means to an end, men have sex because it is an end in itself.

  16. says

    @ BOB :

    You speak wisely.
    If we don’t get out the vote and consequently Romney wins, then he is in for eight years on the wave of the ending recession.
    That would put the Supreme Court in the hands of the extreme right wing for a generation.
    You can then forget about equal rights and learn to fight the constitutional amendment they will introduce against our equal rights.
    Women can forget about Roe -v- Wade; socially deprived people can forget about support; immigrants can forget about Dream Act and start self-deporting; and all of you earning over 250,000 a year can rub your hands with glee.
    In addition there will be no effort to repeal the Citizens United case by amendment and the Republicans will lock in their ability to buy elections.
    We must destroy the Republicans and Romney/Ryan in Nov.

  17. says

    Gay lifestyle ????

    Ha ha ha; working extremely hard,trying to juggle personal relationship to include things other than just collapsing on the couch after work……

    Dark clubs ? Drug filled dance floors ?
    Are you serious ?
    Some of us have grown up !

  18. says

    By the way, since when does a Michigan State Representative even deserve the steam of my pi$$ ?

    And I ask the same question I always ask ; what can he do ? Is he a plumber, a bus driver, a pilot , a teacher , a nurse ?
    What is he capable of doing other than mouthing off his bigotry ?

  19. eyechart says

    By his logic, Cynthia Nixon and Meredith Baxter “left” heterosexuality. And there can be no such thing as bisexuality, it’s either one or the other.

    Just another idiot on camera.

  20. Icebloo says

    So when idiot Stevie Wonder says being gay is a choice you are all OK with it because he’s famous but when this politician says the same thing you are all shocked ?

    GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES ! Hate and discrimination is the same whether it’s from spoiled brat Stevie Wonder or by this moronic politician !

  21. andrew says

    I can still remember, as if it were yesterday, when I was NINE years old, I weighed the pros and cons of heterosexuality and homosexuality and chose homosexuality because I concluded that it would make my life so much easier.

  22. says

    @ Jason – Stop generalizing. For every gay male out at clubs and bars all night, there are 15 – 20 others who are home with their spouses, kids, families.
    Only the WEAK are influenced by advertising. Besides, this thread is about the DOUCHENOZZLE State Rep saying that being gay is a choice. That’s not to be confused with guys who go out to clubs and bars.
    Hey – take a visit to Hollywood. You’ll see nothing but straight guys and girls going out to bars and clubs all night, doing drugs, etc. They do the EXACT same thing that you state “gays do” in your comment.

  23. Tre says

    @ICEBLOO – WTF ?? Get YOUR head out of YOUR OWN ass. No one is talking about Stevie Wonder, and no one was “OK” with his bigoted comment, which is why Mr. Wonder walked it back.

    Honestly, between you and Jason, the idiocy quotient in this comment thread has reached a new pinnacle….

  24. Matt says

    The nature/nurture debate is a waste of time and completely misses the point. We need to start taking real responsibility–and pride–in our lives. And that means owning up to the fact that we choose to live the way we do.

  25. jason says

    Matt, I agree that we choose to live the lifestyle we live. The thing about these anti-gay bigots, however, is that they consider innate sexual orientation to be a choice. They thus conflate orientation with choice, partly because they refuse to believe that God created us.

  26. Steve says

    Anne Heche is bisexual. But she had an abusive gay father and an insane mother. Both ultra-religious nutjobs. She was abused by both of them and just had a horrible upbringing. Because of that she also developed dissociative personality disorder as a way to cope with it. Given that environment it’s no surprise that she didn’t come out sooner – she was told all her life that she would burn in hell for it. Then the press viciously attacked her for no reason and killed her career for many years (she is having a comeback now) – never considering why she may never have told anyone before. So as a result her agent quickly forced her into a straight relationship. Fortunately, the press has grown up since then. They handled Portia deRossi pretty well for example.

  27. Diogenes Arktos says

    He gets his information from conservapedia, which has an extensive section on the diseases ALL gay men inevitably get. (sigh) As Tre points out, there are plenty of straights (especially young people in today’s hook up culture) who behave in a sufficiently similar way that his agrument implies the censuring of the normal, inherently moral heterosexuality, which of course is NOT in conservapedia. It is truly sad that some on the Religious Right still believe that HIV/AIDS is caused by poppers and the execution of anal sex. They do not want to accept the pandemic of straight transmitted HIV/AIDS in Africa.

  28. jason says


    Please, stop playing the victim card for Anne Heche. I personally think she knew exactly what she was doing.

    On women in general, I really don’t like women who try to equate their experience to ours as men. As I’ve said a million times, female sexuality is COMPLETELY different from male sexuality. Women can easily fake theirs.

    On the legal side, lesbians have never been oppressed to the same extent that we gay men have been. It’s we gay men who have suffered the force of law against us. Sodomy laws were brought in to oppress gay men, not lesbians. Lesbians and bisexual women have sought to ride on our coat-tails in the gay rights movement.

  29. Monroe says

    Ugh, they could make much headway with the “unnatural” argument against homosexuality, now they are back to the dispelling “choice” notion. What is this? The 90’s?

  30. anon says

    I don’t see his opinions as mattering that much. We should be pressuring the press to ask harder follow up questions. It’s a bit whack-a-mole-ish to go after these guys.

  31. says

    if it were a choice then The Closet simply wouldn’t exist.

    there would be no conservative anti-gay males who get busted with their ankles in the air in a motel or their lips open wide at a gloryhole.

    but The Closet does exist. because people are unable to reconcile who and what they are in a culture still predisposed to prejudice against them for who and what they are.

    i can’t believe it’s 2012 and we’re still having this discussion.

  32. says

    btw, any cowards who come on to say “sex and drugs are promoted in the gay male social scene” is clearly an idiot who cannot get laid.

    they pretend “the scene” is a bacchanalian charnel house of horrors as an excuse for not being a part of it, when the reality is they’re too cowardly to go out and experience it themselves.


    and as every intelligent poster knows, and has said, even if it WERE a choice there’s no intelligent reason why a person shouldn’t be allowed to choose it, nor be punished FOR choosing it.

  33. Bob says

    God created LGBT people the same as he did straight people, God also created all people gay and straight equal. Straights who are anti-gay have chosen to be evil and hateful which is going against God’s creation and a sin and they are the ones joining forces with Satan.

  34. billywingartenso says


    Not all but lots of the anti gays are simply terrified of coming out and use hatred of gay people to hide who they are

    I could respect them if they simply kept their mouth shut, and eg the legislature simply recused themselves from voting for or against gay issues

    But when they are Benedict arnolds to hell with them.

    I’ve participated in outing the two chief homophobes of hte MD legislature.

    One is divorced now – his wife left him. The other – the wife is working on it

    Good riddance to DD and RD

  35. jamal49 says

    @JASON Honey, you need to lay down the pipe and stop trolling the truck-stop tea rooms before you make idiotic blanket statements that describe your own sad life choices as a gay man and not those of other gay men.

    Then, you need to get a grip.

    Then, sit down and shut up.

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