Tales from the Fight Against Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment: VIDEO


Here's the second installment of New Left Media's excellent mini-doc series they're producing in association with The Four, on the four states — Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington — with same-sex marriage ballot measures this November. The first was on Maine, and you can watch it HERE.

In Minnesota's case, it's not a measure that would put marriage equality into effect but a constitutional amendment which would ban it.

Watch "Marriage for All Families: Stories from Minnesota", AFTER THE JUMP...

MNIn related news, new polling from PPP finds the amendment to ban same-sex marriage trailing:

PPP's newest poll on Minnesota's amendment to ban gay marriage finds it running slightly behind, with 46% of voters planning to support it and 49% opposed. That represents a 4 point shift compared to a month ago when it led for passage 48-47.

The movement over the last month has been with independent voters. Where they supported the amendment 51/42 in September, they've now almost flipped and oppose it by a 52/42 margin. Women (43/51) are stronger in their opposition to it than men (49/47) are in their support. Most of the margin against the amendment is being provided by younger voters who say they plan to vote against it 53/38.

In general 47% of voters in the state say they support gay marriage to 43% who are opposed. And 74% of voters, including even 52% of Republicans, support some form of legal recognition for gay couples either in the form of marriage or civil unions.