MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts Marries Patrick Abner in NYC


Congratulations to my friends MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and his longtime partner Patrick Abner on getting married Saturday night in New York. I was a guest at the touching and beautiful ceremony, officiated by California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, though the photos I snapped with my camera phone aren't nearly as good as the handsome shot above. Along with some words and poetry from family members, the ceremony was accompanied by a gorgeous song from country singer Chely Wright followed by a celebration at the Gansevoort Park Hotel.

Thomas has been tweeting a number of shots and a friend produced a fun slideshow of the event. My most heartfelt wishes for happiness to both of them.


  1. norseman says

    One Ken doll married another Ken doll instead of Barbie. Good for them. These guys are too handsome if that’s possible.

  2. Rafael says

    Congratulations to Thomas and Patrick, may their future be bright and filled with happiness.

  3. UFFDA says

    What a dazzling event. What a splendid couple. What a beautiful thing that today it is possible for men, such men, to marry each other and embark on a lifetime together. I am thrilled for Thomas and Patrick and for all of us who now have this chance. Hear that great last part where the deep bells ring as the cannons booms in the overature written by yet another gay man, the 1812. Tchikovsky.

  4. Jefferson says

    It is always great to see long-term high-profile couples eventually surrender to the atrocity of marriage. Because shortly thereafter, they divorce. And not every gay hitched duo wants kids. Oh, maybe this was a shotgun wedding of two pretty people who just want to do everything like the heteros since that always turns out well. Marriage equality is ridiculous because marriage in any form is plain silly.

  5. DB says

    Congratulations and God bless! My husband and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary (we were married legally in California in 2008 prior to Prop 8) and our son’s second birthday. Hopefully DOMA will be gone soon and all married couples can be treated equally before the law.

  6. John says

    “Gays seem to marry when older, like in their 40’s, which is interesting.” Hmm. I married in my 50’s — because it wasn’t possible when I was in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. I also know gays (men and women) who married in their 20’s, and in their 80’s. Perhaps Anon is anon for a reason.

  7. says

    Congrats to the happy couple. They are gorgeous, no doubt about it! May they live their lives together until the end. Jefferson, take a Valium.
    My 3rd anniversary is the end of this month. Together 37 years, married three.

  8. pam rimassa says

    thomas & patrick…congratulations to you!!!!…as the mother of a gay child, of course i applaud you being so open…(and why shouldn’t you?)…thomas, i watch or tape your show on msnbc everyday – you’re great and fair and now a role model….have a wonderful life!!!!….pam (someone way old enough to be your mom)

  9. says

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