1. fritzrth says

    Wonderful. I checked out “Lover” and barely made it through the clip. I think I’ll hold off and check out “It’s All Over” later, once I’ve recovered from “Lover.”

    I haven’t listened to popular music in literally years, but this is a singer I’m going to look for from now on.

  2. TonyJazz says

    I got to see him perform in SF twice so far…. He’s quite talented, and his music is engaging….

    Nice, sexy video, too!

  3. UFFDA says

    Whoa, this guy is going places with a video this fresh, daring and fun, and did I mention tuneful? I’ve seen him perform in Seattle as well and what a sweet, pleasant chap he is, the embodiment of the gay guy without affectation who doesn’t think that being gay makes him either special or afflicted. An NPH without the goofy bombast.

  4. Perkin Warbeck says

    He is adorable… and knowing that he is married some two years to an equally adorable man which somewhat punctures the “gay” stereotype of who “should” be with whom. More power to you Tom! Inspiration par excellence!

  5. Perkin Warbeck says

    PS: JD – wouldn’t say it’s EXACTLY like Amanda Palmer’s video. You could say that Amandar Palmer’s video is EXACTLY like Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” or “Steam” or “Big Time” or “Digging In The Dirt” – everything is derivative and not necessarily a bad thing

  6. jd says

    Stop motion vs stop motion painted on the singer’s nude body like three months later is a pretty big distinction.

  7. says

    We’re also making a short video with a montage of clips of people from across the country speaking their favorite lines from Icarus writings. If you come out on Sunday we’ll be filming footage for the video.

  8. YsoSerious says

    I’ve seen him before; got on his mail list and have chatted with him from time to time about stuff related to music and touring and dealing with promoters and the like.

    He’s a really nice guy for the most part.

    He tried chatting up my partner (who being who he is didn’t even notice) which was funny.

    I really hope LGBT music finally graduates from singer-songwriters strumming a guitar/whacking a piano.

    Bands (you know, groups of folks playing together) that happen to have LGBT personnel and lyrics and a sound that is hooky and engaging is what I am hoping the scene moves toward.

    And before you point out Melissa and kd and REM, those were major acts BEFORE the folks in them came out.

    Not the same.

    On a complete side note, I listened to this guy’s 2006 debut and it was in a word: painful.

    He’s obviously had vocal lessons as his intonation and delivery is now on par with other professionals.

    Hope he’s around for years to come.