Towleroad Talking Points: The Race Tightens

6a00d8341c730253ef017d3c9da897970c-800wiBY SAM GREISMAN

A look back at today's top stories



A week removed from the first candidate face-off and Romney is really feeling the effects of a successful debate. So much so that New York Times election forecaster Nate Silver says we are nearing a toss up. Anyone else getting a little nervous? Romney has made up a great deal of ground by reneging on statements that he has made previously. Case in point, his ability to debate himself. The second debate will be in a town hall format. And if you have a ticket Pizza Hut has a once in a lifetime offer for you

A bit of welcome feistiness appeared post-debate in the form of Former President Clinton

Missiouri Senator Claire McCaskill will not let the public forget about opponent Todd Akin's horrifying comments about rape, and rightfully so. McCaskill released a group of ads featuring 'pro-life' rape survivors



Check out P!nk and a hunky dance partner test in the music video for her new song "Try". Hitchcock officially enters the Oscar race with a new trailer today. Thoughts on Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh?

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You may remember the hot air that One Million Moms was blowing this summer regarding The New Normal. Well last night the show fired back via Ellen Barkin. Also check out Stephen Colbert taunting Morrissey on his show last night. 



Anti-gay wackjob Kirk Cameron recently claimed that he was "stoned" for expressing his homophobic views.

Apparently considering a "kill the gays" bill isn't enough for Uganda. Watch one Ugandan lawmaker address the Pan African Parliament and state that homosexuality needs to be condemned across the ENTIRE CONTINENT. 



Ok who hasn't wished they could control their dreams? This video tells us all how


  1. shle896shle says

    Well, don’t these polls ALWAYS show a toss-up before election day? Certainly that was the case in 2008 and Obama won that handily.

    All I read in the couple of weeks leading up to the first debate was how little the debates mattered in the long run, but now the media is acting like one debate is a game-changer. So, which is it?

    I think taking a damn poll every time a candidate has a bowel movement tells us NOTHING. Let’s stop taking so many polls, already. It’s ridiculous.

  2. sparklekittens says

    We need to motivate, my LGBT brothers and sisters. Don’t let complacency lose this race. Every vote counts- so get your friends, go to the polls, and get the political party who embraces us to win. If Republicans win, the uphill battle for equal rights gets A LOT steeper. Register and VOTE!

  3. Dawson says

    The Republican’s as well as the press sell one thing——-FEAR. This is all about the Electorial College not the popular vote. If this was the case Gore would have been elected in 2000. Could we focus on the Electorial College and stop this popular vote b.s. We saw the same thing in California when they said it was a toss up between Brown and Meg Whitman. Brown won easily but on election day we were told the race was tied.

    And would someone please deal with those nuts at Yahoo! who seem to want to keep this decisive issue going. Has anyone seen how Rommey gets so much press and Obama negitive press so that people will continue to ready their stories. Just count in one day how many articles are about Rommey. Did Rommey plant people in Yahoo!.

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