1. kp05 says

    Bath salts make people 100% CRAY. They strip naked, torture animals, brutally attack other people…

    I’ll just wait here for Brian Fisher to claim this is solely a gay thing…

  2. Randal Oulton says

    >> Three birds were also found later, beheaded in the backyard.

    I feel worse for the birds than I do for him.

  3. danswon says

    yep, that sounds completely nuts. why do people still take ‘bath salts’ if they are aware of the news stories, that it turns people into murderous psychotic animals? i don’t even know what ‘bath salts’ are exactly but i’m glad we don’t have them her in england.

  4. "The Gay" says

    How’s that “War On Drugs” working out for us ?

    And please, if you don’t know WHAT “bath salts” are, how do you know you don’t have them in the UK ? Give me a freakin’ break, I first HEARD about the active ingredients IN “bath salts” FROM guys in the UK !

  5. ratbastard says

    ‘Bath Salts’ do indeed exist in the UK! Generally under various other names. Bath salts is apparently an American name and is used because they were and still are legal in many places, and sold as ‘Bath Salts’. My state just banned them a couple of months ago.

    When I was a kid, the #1 crazy drug was PCP / Angel Dust. I’ve seen people act psychotic on PCP

  6. the milkman says

    Why is a martini and a bowl not enough? Jesus. I’m gonna just lock the door and watch old designing women reruns.

  7. Eivar says

    What does the fact that he is gay have to do with anything? Pretty tenuous connection to the incident. Just saying…

  8. Gast says

    Tragic incident. Unfortunately this is what a culture of drugs leads to. Less offensive drugs are nothing but a bridge to the worse stuff out there. The fact that spice (cloud9 etc) and bath salts can be purchased legally at your local CVS is mind-boggling.

  9. millerbeach says

    What century are you from, Gast? The biggest gateway drug in America is TOBACCO! And guess what? It is subsidized by our government! Next in line…alcohol…ever hear of that? You know too little to spout off “facts” like this line…

    “Less offensive drugs are nothing but a bridge to the worse stuff out there.”

    Really? Prove it. Any link will do. Cite your source for this sentence, please.

  10. Gast says

    I don’t have to provide you a link MILLERBEACH. I can tell you about my own brother who is in rehab, after being on the streets for weeks. He started off with weed, not alcohol. He went on to do spice (you know that stuff that is “not for human consumption”) among other drugs. Drugs are a real problem that affect real people. You may think drug users are in control, but they are not and they and up hurting themselves and those around them. FYI just reading this article’s headline should suffice.

  11. johnny says

    Gast, there are millions and millions of people who use marijuana with zero ill effects or life-altering problems or moving on to hard drugs.

    There are simply some people who – because of their own issues – are going to end up on a downhill slide no matter WHAT the cause; drugs, gambling, sex, whatever. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can stop blaming a harmless plant and start putting blame where it belongs: the user.

  12. Gast says

    @JOHNNY The user and the effects of drugs both are to blame. Besides you can’t testify for millions of people, these empty, naive arguments are tired.

  13. Randall says

    @Johnny Except for the proven correlation between smoking weed and nut cancer. Yeah, no thanks. I’ll trash my liver instead.

  14. Fenrox says

    1) Bath salts while a horrible thing, are not a zombie/crazy making drug. Like all drugs (especially homemade garbage like that) mis-dosing can be bad to lethal.

    2) Is it just me or were those cops super slow to shoot that guy?

  15. Jack says


    You mean that ONE study, that showed CORRELATION (not CAUSATION)?

    Yea, sorry, but the ill effects of alcohol are far more established. And I’ve never seen someone get into a deadly brawl after smoking a couple joints.

  16. Sooz says

    FYI– one of the men is prescribed heavy duty psychotropic meds which he had stopped taking. It was he who convinced his partner that the apocalypse has occurred, to shut off utilities to the house, behead their pets, etc.

  17. David B. says

    drugs and mental illness — not such a great combo I am guessing — -oh and the government doesn’t have a great plan on either ….

  18. Icebloo says

    Why is this not just a news story about two drug users ? Why does it have to say the men are gay ? Once again the US media is trying to connect gay men with drug use and being a menace to society.

    I’m an openly gay man. I have NEVER used any kind of illegal drug. I haven’t even tried weed. Don’t assume that we all use drugs, visit bathhouses and cheat on our partners. We don’t.

  19. ***** says

    Randall, which one can you live without; your nuts or your liver? Do I have to answer that question, or can you come up with an answer on your own?