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Towleroad Talking Points: A Gay Bond

6a00d8341c730253ef017c33d757b3970b-800wiPHOTO OF THE DAY: A gay James Bond fan-fiction come to life


A look back at today's top stories


Frank Ocean recently spoke with GQ about his coming out. On the topic of his bisexuality he says he doesn't want to be put in "labels and boxes and sh*t". Androgyny being what it is in fashion, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a woman began modeling men's clothes

Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman has launched a non-profit with the intent of bringing Republicans on board the fight for marriage equality

Anti-gay Washington pastor Ken Hutcherson had his feelings hurt that NOM didn't involve him more in the fight against gay marriage. Also Bryan Fischer says that the only way to know the age of the Earth is via accounts from people who were actually there when it was formed. I hope he isn't talking about himself. 


Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 5.17.49 PMENTERTAINMENT

During a stop on her promotional tour for Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence said that Josh Hutcherson is having a bromance with one of his Hunger Games co-stars. Take a listen to Britney Spears and Will.I.Am's new single



If you plan on getting wasted with your family this Thanksgiving, you might want to know what your brain will look like

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Obama Gives Shout-Out to Nate Silver at Turkey Pardon: VIDEO


President Obama gave two turkeys a presidential pardon today. Cobbler and Gobbler will head to their future home at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate. In his remarks, Obama gave a shout-out to NYT number-cruncher Nate Silver:

"For the first time in our history, the winners of the White House turkey pardon were chosen through a highly competitive online vote, and once again, Nate Silver completely nailed it. The guy's amazing. He predicted these guys would win."


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1253

SOUTHERN BAPTIST SISSIES: The film is on the way - why Del Shores and the cast are making it!

DAMIANA GARCIA: Thanksgiving with Deven Green.

CATCH MY BREATH: Kelly Clarkson on Ellen.


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News: Fiona Apple, Fire Island, John Boehner, Kevin Clash

RoadThanks, David Mixner!

RoadWith no dunes left due to Hurricane Sandy, Fire Island fears winter storm will destroy it.

WhRoadWhite House marks 'Transgender Day of Remembrance' at meeting with more than two dozen trans and allied activists and organizations.

RoadVIDEO: Second Kevin Clash (Elmo) accuser speaks out.

RoadCalifornia couples await Prop 8 decision: "Interestingly enough, many local couples said they would prefer the quicker but less definitive resolution. 'I suspect we will be in line at the courthouse that day,' said Thom Watson, 50, of Daly City. Watson and his fiance, Jeff Tobaco, said while they could have obtained a legal marriage in another state, it’s important to them to make their vows close to home."

RoadMaine news anchors resign live on the air.

RoadHackers attack Israeli Vice PM Silvan Shalom: "Not only have they defaced his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as his blog on Blogger, but they also claim to have access to his Gmail account and are threatening to leak his emails tomorrow."

RoadVIDEO: Christina Aguilera performs "Let There Be Love" on The Voice.

AppleRoadFiona Apple writes brutally heart-wrenching letter to fans about her dying dog: "I have a dog Janet, and she’s been ill for almost two years now, as a tumor has been idling in her chest, growing ever so slowly... She's my best friend and my mother and my daughter, and my benefactor, and she's the one who taught me what love is... I can't come to South America. Not now. When I got back from the last leg of the US tour, there was a big, big difference. She doesn't even want to go for walks anymore... So I am staying home, and I am listening to her snore and wheeze, and reveling in the swampiest, most awful breath that ever emanated from an angel."

RoadABC News profiles Immigration Equality, plight of gays in foreign lands.

RoadMosque for gay Muslims to open in France: "Mohammed Ludovic Lütfi Zahed, who is originally from Algeria and lives in France, plans to open the special mosque on 30 November. The venue will initially be housed inside a Buddhist chapel. Zahed, himself a homosexual, has decided to open such a place of worship as an alternative to conventional mosques, which can provide an intimidating atmosphere for gay men."

RoadLeonardo DiCaprio makes out with Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley.

KrasinskiRoadJohn Krasinski mugs for Nuvo.

RoadNewly-elected gay House members talk LGBT issues: "A number of new faces will join the LGBT representation in Congress: Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who’ll be the first openly bisexual member of Congress; Sean Patrick Maloney, who’ll be the first out congressman from New York; Mark Takano of California, who’ll be the first openly gay Asian-American in Congress; and Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, who’ll take lesbian Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s seat in the U.S. House."

RoadWhy Ke$ha's new memoir is 2012's answer to The Feminine Mystique.

RoadJudge rejects electrolysis for transgender inmate.

RoadJohn Boehner reverses course, says he'll repeal Obamacare through oversight: "The tactics of our repeal efforts will have to change. But the strategic imperative remains the same. If we’re serious about getting our economy moving again, solving our debt and restoring prosperity for American families, we need to repeal Obamacare and enact common-sense, step-by-step reforms that start with lowering the cost of health care. [...] Congress has a constitutional responsibility to conduct thorough oversight of the executive branch, and congressional oversight will play a critical role in repealing Obamacare going forward."

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Meet Casey Legler, a Woman Working as a Male Model: VIDEO


TIME profiles Casey Legler:

Legler landed the modeling gig this summer when her friend, the photographer Cass Bird, invited her at the last minute to participate in the role of a man for a photo shoot for Muse magazine. The photos were shared with an agent at Ford Models, and the next day, Legler was invited to sign a contract to work exclusively from their male roster.

“This is a unique little moment that fashion is allowing to have happen,” Legler says.

Watch Legler talk about her gig, AFTER THE JUMP...

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A Homoerotic 'Skyfall' Poster: PHOTO


Imagining the gay Bond.

(via reddit)

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