Browns Linebacker Tank Carder Calls Someone a ‘Faggot’ on Twitter, Doesn’t Agree with Being Gay, Apologizes






Cleveland Browns linebacker Tank Carder got into an argument late last week with another Twitter user before caling him a "faggot" and then proceeding to unleash a series of tweets explaining himself, Outsports reports.

Tank_carderSaid Carder, complaining about people angry at him for using the slur: "Yea, they all gettin butt hurt." He later added, "I don't agree with being gay or lesbian at all, but saying faggot doesn't make me a homophobe, it's just a word."

Carder then issued a non-apology "if I offended anyone in anyway."

After Carder's tweets began getting around, he spoke out again today, saying, "I want to sincerely apologize for the word I used! I did not in anyway mean to offend anyone! That tweet doesn't define me as a person!"

What action the NFL will take remains to be seen.

Outsports notes: "Major League Soccer puts the penalty at a three-game suspension for this kind of language. The NBA puts the cost at $50k."


  1. Fahd says

    It is a lot like the proverbial swear jar. With salaries what they are, the fines need to be increased.

  2. says

    as usual, the problem is not “the word” but the intent behind it. which he made clear.

    i, for one, am frankly stunned that this clearly brilliant intellectual mind is still mired by anti-gay bigotry.

    i’m also stunned that it snowed today. in canada. in late november.


  3. DeeperStill says

    What a pathetic little loser…

    I’m always amazed when someone say they don’t “agree with being gay”. Who gives a rats azz that you don’t “agree” with it? It’s not like gay people are ever going away, and it’s really none of your damn business anyhow. Like Whoopie Goldberg once said; “Gay people have been around since air”.

    I don’t agree with stupidity, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on this moron, or his fellow bigots.

    Oh well… Moving on…

  4. TampaZeke says

    “I don’t agree with being gay” is about the most stupid statement a person can make.

    It’s equivalent to saying, “I don’t agree with being female” or “I don’t agree with being Irish” or “I don’t agree with being Asian”.

    And YES, using the word faggot DOES define you. It defines you as ignorant, bigoted and a waste of space!

  5. beed says

    His name is TANK. People shouldn’t be shocked when a football player named after a weapon of war tweets something dumb.

  6. niles says

    what exactly does it mean when he says he doesn’t “agree” with people being gay or lesbian? does he want to kill them?

  7. Bob says

    I would be fine with him being forced to do a public service ad while locked in a pillory in the town square

  8. says

    by “not agreeing” with gays and lesbians he probably means that he follows his version of the bible to the letter and believes that sexuality activity is solely for procreation.

    because i’m sure when we saw his pic we all realized that this is clearly a man who has only ever engaged in missionary sex with the woman he’s married to, and lost his virginity on his wedding night, and never ever would engage in the sins of oral sex.


  9. Michael says

    Btw, I wish any of these f#ckers wouldn’t we quickly as possible put their tail inbetween their legs. Be a man, stand by what you said. It’s obvious its exactly how you feel.

    Also, what Bizarro world do we live in when homophobia is the quickest way to make a sports player crumble?

  10. Bollux says

    He’s 23, went to Texas Christian and plays linebacker for the Clowns. None of that says Mensa member to me. Fool needs some educating.

  11. jleo71 says

    “That tweet doesn’t define me as a person.”
    I’m afraid it does Tank. It lets everyone see how you really think and feel.

  12. Francis says

    He’s from TCU as Bollux said. His family are major Christians. He is basically a redneck if you look through his tweets. So, yeah, no surprises here. He’s the typical Christian conservative Texas boy. I don’t care about him nor what he said whatsoever other than, obviously, he needs to be punished harshly, and he likely will be.

  13. says

    ok, but since he’s a typical Christian that means he was a virgin til marriage, doesn’t ever perform or receive oral sex, and only engages in copulation to procreate, right?

    and he’s NEVER tugged it to lesbian porno scenes….right?

    just wanna make sure.

  14. greenfuzz says

    We know you meant exactly what you said. Cutting the money supply off made you pretend you’re not a bigoted asswipe.

  15. Francis says

    What I don’t get is how these athletes just don’t seem to get it. The culture is homophobia is apparently even stronger than most of us wish to admit or think it is. Heck, Yunel Escobar was essentially run out of town this offseason from the Toronto Blue Jays team for his eye-black situation, yet still we see athletes using gay slurs and being flagrantly homophobic. The only good things are that, one, a conversation can be had on the issue of homophobia in sports. Two, seeing these idiots punished sends the message homophobia is bad and unacceptable. But it would be great if we didn’t have to read stories like this every other week.

  16. Dback says

    I personally volunteer to silkscreen or print any appropriate message about tolerance, etc. on the contents of a package of condoms, and then ram said message, repeatedly, one condom at a time, into Tank’s firm, sculpted linebacker ass. Maybe that’ll help him get the message. (I may have to repeat the process a few extra times.)

    The more he whimpers, the “harder” the message will be delivered.

  17. andrew says

    Saying: “I don’t agree with being gay or lesbian at all” is just absurd. Its like saying you don’t agree with being male or female or black or white or short or tall or left handed or right handed etc. These things are reality. You can’t disagree with reality.

  18. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s time for Scott Fujita to have a little chat with him. (Unfortunately, Fujita is on Injured Reserve.)

    @Michael: Woof!

  19. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s time for Scott Fujita to have a little chat with him. (Unfortunately, Fujita is on Injured Reserve.)

    @Michael: Woof!

  20. DC Arnold says

    What a way to announce to everyone the closet is very constricting. Really don’t think a football player should be taken this seriously.

  21. KSBrian says

    He says it doesn’t make him a homophobe to use that word. Well… Okay it doesn’t make me a racist to use the N-word. wonder how many practices he has done without his helmet??

  22. Steerpike says

    Oh well, I posted a thing about what we stupidly call ‘the N-word’ without using the awful euphemism ‘the N-word’ and got deleted. Don’t you see that if ‘faggot’ ever becomes ‘the F-word’ then its power will increase exponentially and everyone who hates gays will just go about saying ‘the F-word’ constantly and safely on national television. Censorship is ALWAYS counter-productive and STUPID. Just say the damn word and condemn it id it is actually being used, not discussed.

  23. Francis says

    Steerpike, the reason people don’t publicly use the n-word and instead say “the n-word” is because the word does have power, just like the f-word, because the word is connected to severe human rights violations, and it is a word connected to hate. The same should apply to the f-word. Because it is a word that DOES have power. You can’t wipe away history. It’s a hateful word with a hateful history. If/when the f-word is taken seriously on par with the n-word, heck, on par with the word cu*t which is another word you DO NOT see used as flagrantly as the f-bomb because again, it’s connected to sexism and sexism is taken serious, then that means progress has been made. Homophobia isn’t taken serious. So therefore people see no issue in using this slur without any restraint.

    The only reason that there have been any inroads is solely because people are being condemned and told “hey, you sound like an ignorant jerk, stop using that word.” Without that message from millions in society, the f-word and it’s usage would be even worse, wouldn’t even be half-hearted apologies for using it.

  24. db says

    First: “I don’t agree with being a gay or lesbian”? Who cares if he “agrees” with it? What does that even mean?

    Second: “That tweet doesn’t define me as a person”, another one of those things people say that is meaningless. It’s like that apologizing to “anyone who was offended”. It seems like a way to weasle out of an apology. If you’re sorry then apologize. The “apology” here was obviously a P.R. move.

  25. Warloc says

    I do understand how some Christians have an issue with homosexuality. Those are his personal beliefs, and he is entitled to them. I am not Christian, and simply believe that we all have a right to live our lives happily, as long we aren’t hurting anybody. This was a verbal misstep for sure, but if he really meant it the way everyone is assuming he did, do you really think he would have said it? I truly believe the original comment and the one following it were a result of innocent ignorance, whether from religious upbringing, or living in a small southern town. Slandering him and attacking him and his family make you even worse than you think he is, because you are doing it with malice. In my humble opinion, everyone needs to let this go. If there is a price to pay, he will pay it. From reading this post, I am pretty sure he already is. We all make mistakes, and hopefully learn from them, and move on. He’s not evil, just human like the rest of us.

  26. John says

    Now, now, the poor guy is clearly closeted and needs our understanding to help him out of the closet that his religious upbringing locked him into.

  27. Icebloo says

    Does he say the “n” word then ? Does he think that’s not offensive either ? Does he say “it’s just a word” about the “n” word ? I doubt he has the balls to say that word !

    He’s just another dumb sports player who is a big pussy and can only pick on gay people. What a loser. He will be bankrupt in a few years when he’s too old to play football. He’s too dumb to plan for his own future.

  28. JAMES says

    I absolutely love these people that are so certain that the word “faggot” doesn’t offend anyone and it absolutely does not make them a homophobe. They’re so delirious.

  29. Jonny says

    Too bad the Browns aren’t playing the Vikings this season. I’d love to see a postgame rumble between Carder and Chris Kluwe!

  30. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Someone who makes millions of dollars to play a game shouldn’t be offending anyone. Especially lesbians, every lesbian I know loves football.