Gay MP Joins Tory Chorus Opposing PM Cameron’s Marriage Plans

CameronchangeBritish Prime Minister David Cameron is going to have a tough time getting his Conservative Party behind marriage equality in England.

The Daily Mail reports that 119 Tories have told voters they're against expanding the law, as Cameron would like. The Telegraph puts the number at 121. It's worth mentioning that both papers lean to the right. Both also make mention of the fact that gay MP Conor Burns is one of the PM's party peers crying foul.

"I marvel at why we’re bringing this forward. There is no clamor for this at all within the gay community," said the 40-year old politico, taking it upon himself to speak for all gay people everywhere.

Cameron and Liberal Deputy PM Nick Clegg reaffirmed their committment to marriage equality this week while also reassuring religious organizations that they would be exempt from recognizing same-sex marriages.


  1. Pete N SFO says

    “I marvel at why we’re bringing this forward. There is no clamor for this at all within the gay community,”

    What a turd! So, as a gov’t official, his position is that they don’t need to treat people equally… unless they make a stink?!

    I just can’t figure why people who want nothing to do with their own ‘gay-marriage’ are so intent on preventing the marriage of someone else. Baffling.

  2. yonkersconquers says

    MP Conor Burns is speaking about his own marriage prospects, which are decidedly dim. Apparently that, coupled with his Christian fundamentalism, makes him want to take revenge on others.

  3. Isaak says

    How refreshing to see a top politician wanting to put this through just because it’s the right thing to do, not because of a public uprising. He may be a fool in other aspects of his leadership, but he’s getting it right this time.

  4. Betty Treacle says

    That Uncle Tom is lying and will be proven so when the results of the UK consultation on gay marriage come out soon.

    Gay marriage is coming to Britain – sooner rather than later, and in 10 years, everyone who was against it will be apologising, desparate for history not to remember them as small-minded idiots.

  5. Jay says

    I doubt that 118 Tory MPs will vote against same-sex marriage. But even if they do, remember that the Tories have 303 votes in the House of Commons. So most of the Tories will vote in favor. All of the liberal democrats will vote in favor. Nearly all of the Labour members will vote in favor. So what’s the problem. Get on with the vote.

  6. simon says
    Liberal Democrats have announced free votes are not permitted while the Tories said it is a matter of “conscience” and they are going to allow free votes for their MP’s. I don’t quite understand why Cameron allows free votes if he desperately wants it to pass. He is supposed to have the authority to decide one way or the other.

  7. anon says

    Cameron is pushing this to shore up the coalition as it was a Lib Dem platform proposal. The LDs are set to lose a lot of seats to Labour at the next election. I suppose Cameron doesn’t care about the lack of support from Tories, since he can get credit either way.

  8. Den says

    This bill will pass and the only consequence of it is that the vast majority of the heterosexual population will see that the sky has not fallen in and that gay couples being allowed to now marry will not have the slightest impact on their lives. Life will go on and it will cease to be a controversial topic. It will become a regular part of the social landscape.

  9. Den says

    This bill will pass and the only consequence of it is that the vast majority of the heterosexual population will see that the sky has not fallen in and that gay couples being allowed to now marry will not have the slightest impact on their lives. Life will go on and it will cease to be a controversial topic. It will become a regular part of the social landscape.

  10. Will says

    Belonsky is mindlessly reposting stories from the UK tabloids, which have been waging a campaign to derail gay marriage. Belonsky is too stupid to understand that the British tabs are notoriously biased, and openly so. Citing stories from the Daily Mail, with all of the attendant spin, is a disservice to Towleroad readers.

    Bottom line: 100% of Labour and 100% of the Liberal Democrats will vote in favor. About 2/3 of the Tories will vote in favor, and that is assuming that the tabloids’ numbers about the “rebellion” are accurate. All together, the vote in Parliament will be about 85%-15% in favor of marriage equality.

    That’s the real story. Not the breathless hype about the 1/3 of 1 party that dissents. Too bad Belonsky is too jaw droppingly lazy to do some actual research.

  11. Icebloo says

    Like I have always said – NEVER, NEVER, NEVER trust a Conservative ! This is the same party who just a few years earlier was attempting to make homosexuality illegal and had introduced Clause 28 which made it illegal for Teachers/Counsellors at school to even speak of homosexuality.

    When Tony Blair and the Labour Party swept into power in 1997 the first thing he did was change the age of consent for gay people to the same as straights, he introduced gay civil unions, gay fostering, gays in the military, married gays in the military were given the same housing as married straights in the military, equal pension and inheritance rights for gays etc etc and the Conservative Party voted against ALL of these. Tony Blair was defiant and made sure all of these laws passed for us.

    The Conservative Party do NO support gays no matter how many times they tell you they do. They are liars. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

    Gay rights have only ever moved forward in the UK when there is a LABOUR PARTY government. Tony Blair has done more for gay people than all of the other Prime Ministers in history combined.

    VOTE LABOUR if you want positive change !

  12. Icebloo says

    Once again it will be the LABOUR PARTY who vote this legislation through. The Tories will vote against but LABOUR will vote with us. LABOUR always stick with us so that’s why the idiot gays in the UK who vote Conservative need a punch in the face. If LABOUR had won the last election we would already have gay marriage.

  13. Icebloo says

    @Den – why would I support the opposition who hates me ? Of COURSE I am a Labour supporter. They are the only party who has EVER progressed gay rights in the UK. They don’t just TALK about it – they deliver !

  14. Icebloo says

    @Steve – Tory scum does not have a conscience. Their number one priority is their bank account. If they annoy the orgnized religions in the UK it means they get less money given to them at re-election time.

    LABOUR will swing this vote in our favour. They genuinely support human rights for ALL and have demonstrated this time and time again over the years. Let’s hope all the gays remember this at the next election so we can kick out the Tory scum and bring our country back to prosperity.

  15. Icebloo says

    …and let’s not forget Tony Blair disposed of the evil Tory “Clause 28″ law within weeks of being elected !

    He may be remembered as a villain for his involvement in the Iraq war but we also need to remember how well Tony Blair treated gay people and just how much progress he achieved of us.

  16. Dana Chilton says

    This MPs views are not new. Burns made this statement a while ago and received pretty widespread condemnation for it. He does not believe that gay people really want to get married and does not believe that gay people should tinker with traditions. He thinks that only a very small group of gay people (who don’t themselves want to marry) hate straight people, society, and Christians so much that they are using the issue to promote their liberal agenda. He is a wealthy, privileged, politician who cares more about ideology than the real rights of those who do not share his own.

  17. sam says

    Folks, this is nothing but a ‘pinkscreen’ -Cameron is using to hide the fact that the Tories are instituting appalling welfare cuts against the most vulnerable and the poorest in our communities. Equality, whether in marriage or elsewhere, must be for everyone and the Tories are NOT equitable – I’m gravely concerned that we will see more food banks; higher levels of real unemployment (the figures are currently ‘massaged’ to make them look lower that they actually are);more of our young people without jobs or education opportunities; and all the while the Tories get richer.

  18. says

    People keep saying that 100% of Labour MPs will vote in favour of gay marriage. While I hope that most will, not all will.

    Case in point, my parents’ MP, Joe Benton. He is the oldest MP in the House and is a devout Catholic. In 2001, he had the largest majority of any Labour MP.

    He voted against the equalisation of the age of consent, and is a signatory of the Campaign For Discriminatory Marriage petition. As are 5 other MPs and Peers from the Labour Party listed on their website, and I expect more will vote against equal marriage, or abstain.

    Labour had the opportunity to do this properly the first time round. Rather than go for full equality from the outset, they chose the route of “separate but equal” Civil Partnerships. By creating a separate institution, individuals and organisations continue to seek to discriminate because its “not marriage”.

  19. Ahhh, Britain... says

    After a decade of do-nothing Labour, now they’ve got a Tory PM who actually wants to do something, but the rotten old Tory establishment (clinging to its irrelevance) is moving heaven and earth to stop it.

    It’s so sad how the class system can make an otherwise relatively free country so very steeped in authoritarianism.

  20. Matt says

    Funny that Cameron, a heterosexual, is fighting for the rights of gay brits, while Margaret Thatcher’s gay BFF is totally acting the con.

    Just goes to show that actions are more important than words or titles of any kind. And I hope the great Thatcher is enough for the bitter homocon; I’ve a feeling he won’t be marrying anytime soon.

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