1. Bill says

    Highly offensive. Makes light of an important civil rights issue and plays into the hands of the “slippery-slope/people-will-be-marrying-goats” argument against our fundamental rights. Just shows how flippant other people can be about our rights. Marriage equality is not some puerile joke.

  2. Ha! says

    Wow, it took all of two seconds to determine this wasn’t an actual ad paid for by Doritos. More brilliant work from Belonsky.

    Seriously, did you even consider determining the story behind this before posting?

  3. anon says

    I know no one expects investigative reporting at this site, but we should expect a bit more than “blog first, ask questions later.” The author of the post should take two seconds to google before posting.

  4. Steve K. says

    This is probably for the Superbowl contest I have friends submitting commercials for it right about now. Doritos supplies assets to create the commercial like the end logo, and you can submit anything you want

  5. Tom in long beach says

    I have to agree I do not like marriage equality being made light of! This is about us being able to visit spouses (people we have spent many years with or decades) in hospitals or jails. This is about us not having our houses sold out from underneath us by homophobic or greedy families when the person we love most in the world passes. This is about us not paying more taxes that other married people. This is about us not being denied survivor benefits. This is about being able to make medical or end of life decisions. Some may think it is all about having an expensive silly party But it is way, way more than that.

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