‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Appears on Ugandan Parliamentary Agenda


Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin reports:

This Oder Paper doesn’t indicate when Parliament might take up the bill. It could linger for several weeks as “business to follow,” or it could be pulled forward for immediate action at any time. The current session runs until December 15th before breaking for Christmas. Unlike last May when Parliament was racing against the clock to beat its expiration, the Ninth Parliament remains seated until 2016.


  1. Roger says

    The anti-gay Christians are behind the Kill The Gays Bill and they are using the blacks to make trouble for LGBT people. These anti-gay Christians are as crazy as Hitler and his Nazis who murdered millions of Jews and Homosexuals etc. in Nazi Germany and the German Catholic Nazis helped kill them. Hitler was a mad man and they are just as crazy and they like Hitler and his Nazis need to be stopped before they kill anybody. Stop the Christian religion from targeting all minorities in the world and doing them harm because they are criminals who think they can get away with murder because they have the Catholic Church behind them. They have gotten away with killing millions before but this needs to stop now.

  2. Bob says

    Well… yes the Christians are the evil behind this, but the Ugandans are the savages stupid enough to buy into it. No one comes away with clean hands.

  3. simon says

    The British common laws already contain the so called “crime of gross indecency”. What they are trying to do is to increase the punishment and go back to the stone age. Making their own people suffer by giving up foreign aids.

  4. andrew says

    The fact is that Africa is a homophobic wasteland from the Mediterranean Coast to the Cape of Good Hope.

  5. Blake says

    Thank you Tony Perkins (FRC) for selling your hateful business plan to corrupt / incompetent governments as a way to distract their citizens.
    No need to care about how many lives you will ruin / end, just as long as you make some money.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Andrew: You’re forgetting about the retired Anglican Archbishop of South Africa, Desmond Tutu.