1. jason says

    So Miss Madge drops in for an hour or so and then goes back to taking her clothes off on a stage for the masses. Such charm…not. The woman is an attention-seeker who loves money.

    As for her dedication to gays, it’s phony in my opinion. She loves our money as much as Obama does. Sad thing is that we’re stupid enough to give it to her.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Hello Jason—”She loves our money as much as Obama does”. What exactly does that mean? Have you been in a tizzy for a week now? You poor disappointed thing, life must be a real misery for you. Bet it’s not for Madonna.

  3. Darlin says

    Madonna was touched by the Devastating affects from Sandy and so what that she went to the Rockaways it does not mean the other areas were unforgotten.. Most important that we all help in any way we can and where it brings us! I admire her for her and nothing more or less.

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