1. David says

    I cried last night when we heard the news, and I cried again today watching these wonderful warriors erupting in joy. So proud of my fellow Minnesotans today.

  2. John Bisceglia says


    I don’t think enough people (hetero and GLBT) realize just HOW incredibly stressful these votes are to those who have been traumatized by the events that occur when no protections are legally available, such as not seeing your mother before she dies, becoming homeless, losing your adopted child, developing PTSD, etc.

    Since our brain is an organ, when we talk of MENTAL health we are also talking about PHYSICAL health, and these anti-equality campaigns are literally killing us.

  3. Curt says

    True words, John. My relatives and straight friends can, and some do express sympathy with our situations, but don’t really feel empathy and cannot truly understand how exhausting it can be to have, in the back of your mind, that so much of what we have earned for our lives can be taken simply because we are less than equal. Got to keep trying!

  4. io says

    i put in 6 months into the campaign against prop 8 and was devastated when it passed. it left me with so many doubts and regrets for not doing more. i am so happy for MN. so happy we are moving forward.

  5. Caliban says


    The timing of the video is perfect, with all of them hopeful but stuck in limbo, having to walk away without knowing, mentally stuck there, then sudden knowledge it’s over- they won.

    Congratulations to all of them, Minnesota, and all of us because it means something to gay people everywhere.

    But this stuff takes so much out of all of us, having our rights held hostage to the opinions of others, their religious beliefs, when and where they were born. It isn’t supposed to be this way. Time and time again our rights have been affirmed by elected officials and judges, even those appointed by Republicans, which difficult as THAT is to deal with is supposed to be how it works. Never the majority deciding on the rights of a minority.

    Don’t get me wrong. Nov 6th was a great day, with many great things happening. But it isn’t supposed to be this way and I’m wrung out. But that’s the way it IS, so time to gut up again and keep going.

  6. Icebloo says

    What a WONDERFUL video ! It sends shivers down my spine. GREAT GREAT NEWS ! Well done to everyone gay or straight who worked so hard to defeat the hate !

    Watch out NOM – we’re coming for you !

  7. Serena says

    I cried when I heard Obama won last night, I cried when I saw the amendment results this morning and I cried at the rally at the capitol tonight. I think I’m in an emotional post campaign delirium. We’re all so tired and happy after these fights. Minnesota had a lot going on thie year. We were constantly calling and door knocking, but it was worth it. Next step is to get the law repealed. We are so close. I’m so hopeful for my GLBT friends.

  8. says

    A special shout out to all LGBT who are out, who are open, who care about their equality and who’ve done things to attain equality for us all. Things, be they large or small. Whether it’s volunteer with LGBT organizations, or simply having a CONVERSATION with a family member, friend and coworker about our concerns and issues as a community— it was a group effort. We are winning. We have reason to be proud today.

  9. Amir H. says

    For a group (GLBT) who’ve been shunned, rejected, hurt, and often kicked out of our homes or churches….boy do we get things done! Not only did we come together and make change happen, more so than any other movement in recent memory, our movement has seen the fastest growing form of success. It’s as a direct result of the heart and amazing tenacity of our people. Keep on fightings guys and gals and make change happen not only for us but for future generations of GLBT.

  10. says

    A great testimony and tribute to all those GLBT people who have suffered discrimination, harassment, bullying , being passed over, belittled, and those who have grown to be proud, who have started out small and expanded their self worth into these wonderful supporters we see in the vid.
    Congratulation to all…..your enthusiasm is infectious……and most of all, THANK YOU.

  11. Amir H. says

    We LGBT don’t ever give each other enough credit. We’re SO quick to judge each other based on myths about what we’ve heard homophobes say about our community (and myths we wrecklessly say out loud ourselves) and yet we never applaud each other. We never give each other credit, or say how proud we are of one another. You guys do realize that the progress made in our movement in the last decade is mind boggling, right? and you do realize it happened as a direct result of every gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual member of our own community and how much we all worked together, right?
    For once…can we give each other some credit and truly be proud of our work?

  12. says

    The campaigns in these four states were flawless…..just FLAWLESS. The commercials, the out reach, the language on the ballot,t he ground work, the level of volunteers, the outreach to specific communities and ethnic minorities, the stories about the gay struggle, the ads about children of gay couples, the ads showcasing gay families, the money, the politicians, the HARD working LGBT backers and sponsors. It was absolutely perfection. I can only hope we follow suit in every state like we did in these states.

  13. Greg says

    Amazing, stirring video!
    Brought tears to my eyes!
    Love the hugs at the end when the camera angle
    started showing backs, butts, crotches!
    I felt like I was there to share the victory!!
    Bless those wonderful volunteers!!!

  14. says

    Guys…can everyone who reads this PLEASE PLEASE consider tweeting a thank you to Brendon Ayanbadejo, the ravens football player? He has been INSTRUMENTAL in this…with many gay rights organizations crediting him to gaining momentum in Maryland and even Minnesotta where he constantly mentioned in tweets. PLEASE just take one moment of your day and tweet a thank you for his support to Mr. Ayanbadejo. His twitter account is brendon310.

  15. Tim Leaner says

    @ USC Trojans Fan

    I just checked out Ayanbadejo’s twitter page and man is he truly amazing. His tweets made me tear up. What an incredible ally. I agree, everyone be sure to say a supportive thank you to people like him for all his support. Maybe someone should tweet him this video?

  16. Michael says

    In my youth I parked cars at fundraisers at Hubert Humphrey’s home in Waverly. I left Minnesota with my new (four months) partner for the west coast 29 years ago. We’re still here and thank god Minnesota is still a wonderful place. Good work!

  17. Tom says

    Congratulations MINNESOTA’S, I just wish we had been more prepared and organized in Virginia before they voted the gay families here out of existence. But what more can you expect from a hypacritical GOP state like Virginia, Virginia is no longer for lovers, only bigots.

  18. Sam says

    I followed this race very closely. These guys worked so hard. I have never seen a campaign that is in full gear months before election day. They were working intensely for months. The Star-Tribune did a piece about the campaign in June and the reporter stated that the campaign atmosphere felt like it was 2 days before election day. And they kept at it even after a series of polls showed them likely to lose by a narrow margin. This campaign was the opposite of the incompetent, over-confident No on 8 campaign from 2008.

    It would have been awful if they had lost and it is all so sweet to see them win.

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