1. Marco says

    Certainly rescheduled, no? All of the resources that are used to secure and facilitate the race and racers can surely be put to better use at this time.

  2. endo says

    They probably should postpone the NYC marathon.

    That said, that dude’s story about water bottles is completely ludicrous. I doubt he’s run 2 steps in his life, much less gone to a marathon. They don’t give out water bottles to marathon runners.

  3. says

    All the positive energy striving for personal glory could be diverted to running up stairs in high-rise buildings delivering water and food to the elderly and handicapped who are trapped there.

  4. Josh says

    At this point, it’s a lose-lose situation. If they were going to postpone, they should’ve done it 3 days ago. Too late now to postpone it I think.

  5. JeffNYC says

    It should be postponed to the Spring. To hold it now is like saying to Staten Islanders “Let them eat cake.”

  6. David in NYC says

    As someone who works for a (now) struggling small business in downtown – we NEED the marathon to happen. Gotta have some sort of activity to spur some sort of marginal business.

  7. ratbastard says

    Of course it should have been at least postponed. The many resources needed to run the marathon are more needed to tackle real world issues folks in metro NY are currently dealing with.

  8. Caliban says

    Several friends of mine from NYC have said the same thing as David, above. The marathon brings in an enormous amount of money and business, something desperately needed right now to get the city back on its feet.

    There is something to be said for getting back to normal ASAP instead of letting a bunker mentality take over.

  9. Runnuh says

    I’m ambivalent about the NYC Marathon generally, and in particular about staging it right now, but how would all of the thousdands of runners re-book airline tickets and hotel reservations for next week, let alone sometime next Spring?

    People are upset and emotional right now and they’re using this as an outlet for their frustrations. It’s a total lose-lose proposition.

  10. Butch says

    Unbelievable to me the NYC is continuing with the marathon when basic services are still lacking for so many. It takes something like 1,000 officers to police this thing. How can anyone seriously claim that resources won’t be diverted?

  11. LiamB says

    Life should continue on as normal as long as it is capable of doing so without diverting resources. Resources not being diverted? Then hold it; the many businesses which rely on customers who aren’t going to be there otherwise will certainly be boosted.

  12. says

    Yes, the marathon should go on, if it can be run properly (in both senses). And I live in the West Village – no power since Monday at 8 pm.

  13. Paid in Advance says

    Didn’t they have a massive increase in the entry fee this year so that the NYRR could pay a huge fee to the city to cover overtime for police officers? If that’s the case, then the runners have paid for something that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. I don’t like what the NYC Marathon has become (a tourism generator), but I’m not sure there’s a fair way out of this for anybody. And Francesca is a total fat-ass blowhard.

  14. Wavin' Dave says

    I couldn’t run if I were being chased by zombies. But, NYC has another reputation to preserve: SURVIVE and THRIVE.
    This is the same town that was supposed to be ruined by 9/11.
    If I had to guess, my family and friends in all the boroughs will be out for the welcome diversion. And to say to the world “We will never give up, never give in. Welcome athletes!”
    Run with my full support!

  15. THE QUEEN says


  16. MCnNYC says

    Look if we need to prioritize beyond life and security….how about making sure THE ELECTION happens on Tuesday in NY, NJ CT not a marathon.

  17. Scott says

    As an avid marathoner, just finished Marine Corps in the pre-Sandy weather in DC, the participants can’t just “reschedule” the marathon. It takes months and months of preparation, with long 20 mile plus runs and shorter taper runs scheduled to get the body ready. Many participants in the NYC Marathon have been training since May and have been raising thousands of dollars for charities as well. I’m not saying that it can’t be rescheduled, til spring, but you can’t postpone it a month or so. AND the NYC Marathon is donating ONE MILLION dollars to recovery efforts. I think worse scenarios could happen.

  18. KevInPDX says

    Run the F’in race. Plans have been made, money has been spent and the city needs the $$$.
    I find it fascinasting that NYC and NJ wants the world to drop everything, show up and wipe their nose/powder their butts, when they could give 2 shiites if Seattle, Portland, LA, SanFran, etc., took a direct hit from a huricane.

  19. KevInPDX says

    Run the F’in race. Plans have been made, money has been spent and the city needs the $$$.
    I find it fascinasting that NYC and NJ wants the world to drop everything, show up and wipe their nose/powder their butts, when they could give 2 shiites if Seattle, Portland, LA, SanFran, etc., took a direct hit from a huricane.

  20. David says

    Oh come on. This aint Katrina. Things get wet and people will be without power for a week or two after a hurricane. Anyone who’s ever lived on the Gulf Coast knows this.
    Stop feeling sorry for yourself New York.

  21. acorlando says

    I think running it as scheduled could have a positive emotional impact on a lot of City dwellers who have had a really rough week. If hizzoner thinks the city can pull it off…go for it.

  22. Lucas H says

    I see both sides – it seems like an unnecessary distraction when there is much work to be done, but…it also brings in a lot of $$$$$ which would also be really useful, right?
    Anyway I don’t really know, I don’t even live there.

  23. bandanajack says

    donating a million dollars for recovery efforts? if that’s true, there is some justification. if they are talking about money into local business, not so much.

  24. Dani says

    Well, it ended up being canceled, and I agree with the decision. I can see the side of it bringing money into the city, but at the same time, many people are staying in hotels because they haven’t had power or water, and in some cases, they were being asked to leave for marathon reservations. I don’t think that NYC or NJ thinks they are worse off than other hurricane victims, as some have suggested, but it is still a difficult time. If it was even 2 weeks from now, I wouldn’t think it was a problem, but the city is limping along with their resources cut in half. Have you seen the lines for subways and buses? Now you are going to add an extra 40,000 people to the mix? Sounds kind of stupid to me…