Posts from December 2, 2012

News: Clowns, Chiefs, Divas, Bucks


The New York Times announced Brenda Sue Fulton and bride Penelope Gnesin’s West Point chapel wedding. Pope Benedict met with lions and clowns and acrobats, oh my! GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, ever the voice of optimism, predicts the nation will spe…

Gay Libyans Speak Out About Anti-Gay Militia Attacks


The post-Gaddafi climate in Libya is no better for the gays than when the dictator was in power. In fact, some say it’s gotten worse. London’s The Times this weekend ran a lengthy story in which gay Libyans told of how the capital city Tr…

Mitt Romney Is Sad And Rudderless Post-Election


There’s an early Simpsons episode in which Marge becomes the church’s “Listen Lady,” leaving pious Reverend Lovejoy with nothing to do but play with his model trains. To the toy passengers on these trains, the brokenhearted an…