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CT's Gov. Malloy Picks Openly Gay Former Lawmaker For State's High Court

McdonaldConnecticut Gov. Dan Malloy is ending 2012 by making a bit of history.

The CT Mirror reports that the Democratic governor today nominated Andrew J. McDonald, an openly gay former State Assemblyman, to be Connecticut's first openly gay state Supreme Court Justice.

As a justice, McDonald would bring to the state's highest court the perspective of a politician who struggled to draft and pass legislation on the death penalty, gay marriage, transgender rights, gun control and drug penalties.

"The Judiciary Committee is the legislative cauldron for all of that," McDonald said in 2009, when the panel drew the ire of Catholic clergy by considering a bill that could have forcibly reorganized the finances of Catholic parishes.

McDonald, who first ran for the state Senate in 2002 as an openly gay politician, was co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee in 2005, when the legislature passed a civil unions law that gave many of the same rights as marriage to same-sex couples. The law was seen as a stepping stone to marriage, a right the state Supreme Court gave gay couples in 2008.

Malloy and McDonald have a long working history: McDonald left state office to join Malloy's administration as legal counsel in 2010.

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Maryland County Clerks Reassigned Over Gay Marriage Objections

StmaryscountySome county clerks in Maryland would rather take a ride on Matt Grubbs' gay-free trolley than give same-sex couples marriage certificates. From the Washington Examiner:

When same-sex marriage becomes legal in Maryland next week, some employees in the St. Mary's County Circuit Court will stop performing marriages, passing the duty on to other employees.

"There are some [deputy clerks] that have voiced some opposition to doing it -- [they have] religious feelings about it ... so it's basically my idea that they won't do any marriage at all," said Joan Williams, clerk of the St. Mary's County Circuit Court. "Some people are just very against same-sex marriages, and I have to respect their reasons and their decisions."

Meanwhile, some photographers are uncomfortable over "how to pose" grooms or brides of the same sex. "I'm a photographer by trade myself, and I've done a couple of commitment ceremonies, and it is kind of awkward," said John Zito from the Maryland Wedding Professionals Association.

He went on, referring to a photographer he knows who won't work with gay or lesbian couples, "When you have two men, I don't know how to pose them, and this person [who won't perform gay marriages] didn't know how to provide them the same services [as he would provide straight couples] if they didn't know how to pose them." What a marvelous cop-out.

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Creating Optical Illusions Will Work Wonders For Your Love Life: VIDEO


I originally planned on including this video in yesterday's Guide to the Tube, but it deserves its own post.

In it, hot, science-minded YouTube user Brusspup splices together all the optical illusion videos he posted in 2012, giving the viewer 2 minutes of wonder, as well as some how-to on performing some tricks that will impress lovers in the year to come.

Check out Brusspup's video, "Incredible Illusions and Science," AFTER THE JUMP.

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Petition To Label Westboro A Hate Group Is WH's Most Popular Ever


As conservatives try to deport British CNN host Piers Morgan for using his first amendment rights to criticize the second amendment, a more bipartisan, reasonable group of Americans have signed onto a voter-created White House "We The People" petition calling on the Obama administration to label Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.

As of this writing, almost 250,000 Americans have signed the hypothetical petition, making it the most popular request at 1600's webpage.

The petition, in case you don't know, was started after Westboro announced it would be picketing the funerals of children killed during the Sandy Hook massacre. After all the "God Hates Fags" screeds and protests at soliders' funerals, it appears that Westboro finally crossed a line; now, if only they would keep walking into the horizon, never to be heard from again...

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