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2012 In 4 Minutes: VIDEO


Filmmaker Ryan James Yezak took a break from his forthcoming documentary, Second Class Citizens, to review 2012 and compile this 4-minute review of the year ending in a few hours. It's all here: Honey Boo, Obama's reelection, the cruise ship overturning off the coast of Italy...

Relive the past twelve months in four minutes of "that happened too?" AFTER THE JUMP.

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'World Is Gone Mad,' Says Fantasia Barrino About Gay Nups, Weed


Fantasia Barrino, the singer made famous by winning the third season of American Idol, took to Instagram to tell the world that she is completely confused as to why marriage equality and weed are legal in some places yet she's still being "judged".

Judged by whom? An invisible jury? Ghosts of American Idol contestants past? Some omniscient being that goes like only one name? Cher?! Who knows?! But Fantasia is certain she's being judged and she doesn't like it at all. She thinks that judgmental shade should be thrown at the people legally getting married and legally smoking dope.

Yes, life is full of mysteries and Instagram is full of deep thoughts; just not on Fantasia Barrino's feed.

[via Good As You]

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