1. rustytrawler says

    Arguing and attacking Westboro is pointless.

    Their whole goal is to get you to do something they can sue you for. While it may be tough to sue the anonymous members, they will undoubtedly get a lawsuit or 2 out of the people who use their name and phone numbers to harass them.

    They have no sway over anyone. Far from corrupting the minds of anyone, that actually bring people together — over their hatred of Westboro.

  2. Rafael says

    The Westboro “Church” is a cult much like Jamestown. Picketing isn’t effective, it doesn’t win hearts over and it doesn’t open people minds to their message (however wrong it is). So in my mind they are a bunch of idiots who follow deeply flawed ideologies and execute counterproductive strategies.

  3. AJ says

    The only way to truly fight them is to ignore them. If every news organization out there refused to report anything about them, they would go away.

  4. Maguita says

    This is absolutely magnificent and malignant at the same time!

    Love these “Anonymous” obvious uber-geeks, until of course, they reach egotistical and God-like summits in their perceived own greatness and allocation to over-rule human law.

    Of course, when that time comes, the group Familiar will take you down.

  5. Yupp says

    But while they’re at it….can we have Belonsky’s home address ? That lacrosse team would love it. So would I.

  6. ErnstRoehm's Ghost says

    Pleased to join the majority, for once. Threatening Westborough is not the answer. Ignoring them is.

  7. V says

    @ AJ :

    Pretending/ignoring something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away – let’s not close our eyes on those who wish our demise!

  8. mason says

    There was a great piece in the SLPC’s Intelligence Report about Anonymous and WBC, how they went on air and said they weren’t afraid of Anonymous that their servers were safely guarded and while the interview was happening Anonymous hacked thier site posting a notice that they had and publishing the names and telephone numbers for donors to the church that are not considered members.

    It’s part of a larger effort on Anonymous’ part to try and fight electronically against hate in almost every place where Anonymous is. They have focused on WBC here in the US because of how they use the internet, not just for the picketing.

    I was frightened and elated at the same time. As they said there is no arguing with WBC so they will have to be taken to them.

  9. Rich F. says

    “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive.”

    Take the bastards down, ladies and gentlemen.

  10. hahagetem says

    IGNORE THEM???? How dumb could you be. Keep their damn sites down and keep posting information about them. The hell with them noobs!

  11. billmiller says

    These morons only influence each other, the ‘church’ seems to be all of one family. Truly sick people, with a closet case leader.

  12. Houndentenor says

    RUSTYRAWLER is exactly right. This family’s chief source of income is suing people. Be careful when engaging them. There are several lawyers in the family and they have successfully sued many people. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t protest them, just know the law well before you decide how to engage them.

  13. andrew says

    I say congratulations to the anonomous hackers. Ignoring the Westboro Mutants doesn’t work, Mabye the hackers can help.

  14. sean DeCastro says

    I personally believe the west boro church went way to far.Self righteous and misguided they are.What you guys have done is justice, against corrupted hate mongers like that church.How can any one so sick say its Gods way.Kids were massacred in a place of innocence and education, and these freaks have the nerve to say its an act of God. Thx Anonymous! you have my vote, its good to see we still have smart heroes around in this corrupted and post apocalyptic society.
    sincerely , D

  15. Javier says

    I’m torn… I think the Westboro Baptist folks are the lowest form of ignorant subhumans that ever walked the face of this earth. However their hatred and bigotry provide the exact opposite of what they are trying to accomplish. Think of how their hatred and bigotry unifies the left and the LGBT community against them. The right is running away from them and trying to diminish their exposure because they have the same point of view. The difference between the right and the Westboro Baptist church, is that the right keeps their views “in the closet” now. Believe me the hatred and bigotry exposed by Westboro Baptist will prove to be such a turn off that more and more folks will turn to support LGBT equality.

  16. Caliban says

    I’m all for anonymous (or anyone else for that matter) f*cking with the WBC to their heart’s delight. Be careful though, because as others have said they WILL sue. That’s how they make their money.

    But IMO, in general the WBC has actually helped the gay community more than they’ve hurt it. Only by accident, but still.

    Here’s my evidence: You could get Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, and Ellen DeGeneres giving a concert and it still wouldn’t get almost the entire student body of a school to stand up against homophobia and for gay rights. Yet the WBC unites schools and people AGAINST their virulent homophobic bullying all the time. Not just in support of that day’s protest target, but against their anti-gay signs and words.

    As the Right has known for a LONG time, negative emotions like hate (and fear, which the Right plays like a violin) unite people faster than positive emotions. People really really HATE the WBC and since their primary message is anti-gay they end up rejecting, or at least moderating, their own homophobia rather than agree with them or sound like them. Fox News Anchors have gone on pro-gay tirades thanks to Shirley Roper but you can bet your @ss that gay activists or celebrities couldn’t have gotten them to do the same.

  17. ClearMindedMan says

    I am sorry to all the people on here who say ignore them, they get money from suing folks, that Anonymous is not doing anything helpful here. I have a question? How much crap has to happen in the US before you are willing to take action?

    – Ignore them – They will just make themselves more noticable but what ever other acts of hatred they can think of until they are noticed.

    – Sue them – A group just like Anonymous cant be tracked, so who is there to sue. If you personally are going to use the information and contact them, you open that door yourself. That information in the right hands, can ruin a person with out getting caught, which I think is the point they made by posting that.

    – Let them go there to protest so they can get there butts kick – Has that town not been through enough already, just to see that would be even more devistating. The goal is keep them from going in the first place to save the family from having to see that.

    When is enough going to be enough America? Obviously waiting for the Gov’t and our politicans to makes changes is not going to happen as long as those in the higher chairs are making the larger paychecks. “For the people, by the people!” is no longer the focus it seems. There are times when action is needed and words can do no more good.