Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is Gone and No One Knows Where

A mysterious trip out of state, according to the Associated Press, has caused Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to shirk her duties to certify election ballots, and nobody knows where she is:

BrewerBrewer spokesman Matthew Benson said in a brief email to The Associated Press that Brewer was unavailable to participate in the general election canvass Monday morning because she was out of the state on official business.

"That is all I can disclose at this time," Benson added.

He later reiterated that during a brief phone interview during which he said he could not respond to several questions about Brewer's whereabouts.

Under the Arizona Constitution, Secretary of State Ken Bennett is the acting governor because Brewer is absent from the state. Bennett said his office late Friday received the customary notification of Brewer's absence. Bennett spokesman Matt Roberts said the notification sent by a Brewer scheduling aide said the governor would be gone Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. Roberts said Bennett and his staff did not receive any additional information about Brewer's whereabouts.


  1. AggieCowboy says

    The acting head of state doesn’t even know where head of state is?!?!?!? For an entire week?!?!?!?!? Dereliction (and complete failure) of duty, not to mention the blatant disregard of governmental transparency. The people have the Right to know where their ELECTED leaders are. An exception might be made during a terrorist attack or an act of war on American soil, but even then we have the Right to know our ELECTED leaders are on the job.

  2. Quest says

    I was gonna say I hope she pulls a Sanford, but some of you have beat me to the punch. LOL! I still hope they find her shacked up with her lesbian lover in Tijuana drunk as a skunk on hundred year old tequila!

  3. Leroy Laflamme says

    So many first rate suggestions here, I’m ashamed to tender my lame little contribution – so I won’t. It involved kidnapping & a Mexican drug cartel. I know, I know…

  4. Leroy Laflamme says

    So many first rate suggestions here, I’m ashamed to tender my lame little contribution – so I won’t. It involved kidnapping & a Mexican drug cartel. I know, I know…

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    I think she’s pulling a Romney. The context for the previous TR post about her was her inane response to the question of global warming. She then proceeded to a Western Governor Conference which she hosted and was keynote speaker of. She spoke on Energy Policy (!) for only three minutes (!) because the only two other people (out of 19) who showed up were the chair and vice-chair. (Maddow blog)

    I guess that in her humiliation, the morning after she decided to take a week off.

  6. jakeinlove says

    Well I don’t wish her ill or harm as I don’t want that kind of bad karma on my conscious, but can we just lock the doors now so she can’t get back in?


  7. John Conolley says

    I’m prescient, by God! I writing a novel wherein the governor of Arizona disappears!
    Of course, my governor is a man, and he dies, but… I foresaw! I foresaw!

  8. DrMikey says

    Perhaps she’s hiking the Appalachian trail, or visiting her mistress in Argentina. But oh – those excuses have already been used by a Republican red state governor!

  9. Jere says

    Okay, I think the hyperbole here has gotten a bit out of hand. The AZ officials did not say that they didn’t know where Jan Brewer is. They said that they could not disclose any more information. That means “This is personal and private and none of anyone’s business,” It sounds as though Brewer or her office followed all proper procedure and that business in AZ is going forward as usual. Even state governors are allowed privacy, as long as they aren’t violating the law or lying about their activities.

  10. William says

    Clearly she’s planning Arizona’s secession and on a tour of her friends – Hitler (she’s read online that he’s in Argentina), Pol Pot, Stalin (sure, a commie, “but the way he mastered his people”…) and The Vatican, etc. — to see if they could give them a soft landing befitting the way today’s (GOP) Arizonans think.

  11. Michael says

    May I just ask WTF is that AD on the side with the guy in his underwear?

    I’m at work and he’s not exactly the best in shape nor the cutest. If I’m going to get busted could it be with someone who doesn’t have love handles and looks like he’s taken a shower within the past 4 days?

    Just sayin…

  12. Javier says

    Tell me … In the wast coast what is the equivalent of “hiking the Appalachian Trail”? Would it be hiking the Rockies? Maybe she’ll go off and find her Latin lover, her paramour… just like former Governor Mark Sanford. One could only dream that she just got tired like former Governor Palin and decided to resign. My personal favorite would be that she checked herself into an insane asylum because she realized that her ass is crazy. I guess we will find out her “explanation” upon her return.

  13. DC Arnold says

    Yall must be too young to remember the TV series “V” (original). She was recalled to her home planet because the invasion plans were not moving along fast enough. If you run across “Diana” in your search watch out!

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