Gay Adult Film Actor Josh Weston Dies

Gay adult film star Josh Weston has died, AVN reports:

WestonHot House Video has confirmed the passing of gay adult performer Josh Weston, who entered the industry in 2001, when he signed with Falcon.

”Adult Superstar Josh Weston succumbed to HIV-related complications on Sunday, December 16,” reported the Hot House company blog.  “He was 39 years old. Weston started his career in 2001 as a Falcon Exclusive, starring some of their biggest hits from the early 2000s. After leaving that contract went on to work with other studios including Hot House where he headlined our hits Trunks 3 and Communion. Always warm and friendly and ready to laugh, Josh was loved by many and will be missed by all.”


  1. RJP3 says

    This now dead porn star did an endless run of Bareback Porn promoting unsafe sex as some holy grail of sex.

    Bareback videos are the shame of the gay community. Fine wack off to them if you want — but ANY HIV Positive Person who does not actively promote safer sex – by example – is a not someone I respect.

  2. kay says

    The life expectancy of gay porn stars…doesn’t seem very high. But of course, there are still idiots who claim that many well-adjusted people go into the porn business. They are all just confident, happy people who, unlike the rest of us prudes, are totally in touch with their sexuality. LOL!

  3. Dan says

    For pity’s sake people. The man is dead. Show some compassion. I remember seeing him for the first time on screen and tossing off over a dozen loads to his work and regardless of where he worked, he was always providing a relief to his fans and viewers. I will miss the fact he is no longer with us. If you are going to bash him, please move on and do not leave a comment and allow us to mourn his passing.

  4. Bill says

    Dan, I think this is a teachable moment. I can think of nothing more compassionate than letting this news story be the cautionary tale that it is. In yesterday’s news was a story of an AIDS activist and founder of Act-up who died of AIDS related complications. AIDS still kills. That’s a message that needs to be reiterated. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Especially when the “cure” isn’t really a cure.

  5. Fenrox says

    It’s no big deal to be an hiv+ porn star, or to have bareback porn. These things (HIV, etc.) are manageable. Bareback porn can be made safe. When things like this happen and you want to be outraged, be outraged that the system let someone slip, and you know, HELP repair the system. Make sure the people making these things know how strict they need to be. (Which they do, people die, you guys are the worst)

  6. BRAINS says


    No, you are absolutely delusional on this issue.

    The highest rates of infection are with the young, as they assume that HIV is a manageable decease. No it is not!

    As a physician, I can tell you it is like playing Russian Roulette!

    Bareback sex, unsafe sex practices, and multiple partner gang-bangs WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

  7. Darren says

    I think what first needs to be a lesson in fighting HIV is that the gay community needs to come together and become a loyal group.
    Too often I read the comments on these news items and the bickering and ridiculous arguing back and forth is really unfortunate.
    For lack of a better example it truly is like a bunch of school girls all trying to be heard.
    The untimely death of any human being is truly unforunate whether you believe in Josh(Chad) way of life or not and does not justify the negative bitching. He deserves to rest in peace .
    And further to fighting HIV I’m finding more and more that less and less people are aware of it as they were years ago.
    It was a death sentence years ago and that has changed so the stigma is dissolving so the younger ones coming of age are not as aware.
    As a community gay men and woman need to come together to teach and help those coming of age. To “pass the torch” of information, guidance and awareness.
    We need to stand together as community not apart as “mean girls”!!!

  8. ratbastard says

    Back when AIDS became acknowledged and known, when there was really zero effective treatment and obscenely short life expectancies, there were many unhealthy institutions and practices that had become the norm in the so-called gay community. When public health officials and other responsible groups [I’m not talking the haters] tried to for example shut down bath house, gay ‘advocates’ fought them tooth and nail. Almost every practice public health officials commonly and successfully used to combat public health epidemics and hazards was decried by gay ‘advocates’ as ‘homophobic’.

    HIV/AIDS is absolutely still a very.very serious condition and extremely $costly$ to treat. It has not been cured.

    And I don’t disrespect or hate porn actors and recognize they’re just human beings like everyone else, and I’m certainly not puritanical and anti-sex, but sorry, folks with any other viable alternative to survive in life DO NOT go into porn or prostitution/hustling. Folks who have little other job/life skills and who need quick $, and who [I know some are going to howl in protest at this] generally have substance abuse and mental health issues, get into porn and hustling. And the folks who produce it, often in a predatory fashion, and make good $ off of it, are at best parasitic.

    I hope the dude R.I.P.

  9. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Rumor was that he’s been on a path of self-destruction for a while…perhaps even since his days with falcon Studios. If you pay attention, you can see how over the years other Falcon actors stopped having anal sex with him, or even going down on him after a while. And his bareback films just got more and more aggressive and outrageous.

    I’ve never read where he got AIDS accidentally, or if he purposely sero-converted. Some seek it so they can bareback “safely”…whatever that’s supposed to mean…and others just as rebellion or self-destruction of-sorts. I had read once that his gay porn was an act of rebellion/rejection of his straitlaced high-Mormon background, though I never seen that independently-confirmed.

  10. Mrs Patrick Campbell says

    She enjoyed some of the most magnificent sizemeat (10 inches minimum) on the face of the earth!!

  11. Tony says

    Maybe we as a community should stop glorifying those who have sex with strangers for money – I believe, in the real world, that’s called prostitution. Porn “stars” aren’t idols – they are, generally, pretty people with low self-esteen who lack the talent and brains to make it in real show business. I’m sorry for the life choices he made that lead to to this end, but I am not surprised.

  12. Icebloo says

    ….and still the idiot gays treat these porn people like celebrities ! No wonder the world doesn’t take gay people seriously.

  13. tommyboy says

    you know what gets me … is this constant critcism from this community and judgement … FACT, we know HIV is still an issue, especially in the porn commnunity however, that community has been trying to send a message for a long time. 2) there are well-adjusted porn actors, not many but some. 3) you know the ones who are so judgemental have a huge collection.. so don’t even try to act so innocent!! it always makes me laugh how some of you guys try to make it sound like you are a bove all of that!! Give me a break. I just think anyone who dies and didn’t do anything to hurt anyone deserves a little respect!!

  14. ratbastard says


    I’m no angel and readily admit it. Just tried to put some harsh reality into the discussion. It wasn’t an attempt to look down on anybody. But we should be open and honest about what’s what, and at least attempt to lead a decent and self respecting life, and treat others likewise.

  15. anon says

    I’ll have to ask, but I think he is my friend’s favorite porn star.

    There was a time when porn was the only thing gay men had in terms of movie “romance”, so porn stars were held in higher regard. They are probably no more ridiculous than any actors. Lindsey Lohan, anyone?

  16. Bill says

    One only needs to take a look at the comments here to understand that no one hates gay men as much as gay men.

    You guys are pathetic.

    Do you blame and condemn heterosexual women when they get cervical cancer from heterosexual sex? How is this different? Heterosexual women could prevent cervical cancer by using condoms every single time they have sex, too.

    So why do it to your own people?

    I fear that the majority’s compassionless view of gay men has infiltrated the manner in which we treat each other.

  17. Marc C says

    According to many outlets, the only thing confirmed was that he died of a heart attack.

    I won’t deny that persons with HIV/AIDS have a higher mortality rate due to coronary episodes. However, there’s no indication that he might not have been prone to cardiac arrest, hardening of the arteries, substance abuse or related conditions in the first place. AVN, a adult media journal with no ties to the medical community, reporting that he died solely from complications of HIV without confirmation from a reliable source, only increases stigma against persons with HIV and further contributes to infection rates.

  18. jaragon says

    Sorry to hear this- Weston was in some good Falcon videos- but those do feature safe sex. Unfortunately there is is idiot market for bareback videos-those productions really should be illegal. Let’s not attack porn performers- I doubt there is even one gay man who has not watched, purchased or enjoyed porn.
    I just hope these young men are acting/playing safe- we don’t need another senseless death.

  19. Armando says

    No one can live a life without regrets. He’s gone and cannot care what people say about him. Ultimately, all the negative comments says nothing about him and a lot about the commentators.

  20. Francis says

    RIP, Josh. My heart goes out to his friends and family. There is no point tearing him down post death, to those who have made critical comments.

  21. says

    I am very saddened to hear of this tragedy. Josh (Chad) was always a very sweet, good natured guy, that I had the privilege of knowing and sharing several production sets with. I will miss him.

    What saddens me more is how vicious the gay community can be over another’s choices. Especially when most, if not all, of these people are being hypocritical. I seriously doubt all of the people who sit in judgement of Josh have always used condoms during both anal and oral. Have they always used a dental damn when rimming? Probably not.

    We all make choices in our lives that can be dangerous to our well being, myself included. Some of us just make more of those choices than others. Just because we make fewer bad choices or differing ones does not mean we are better people.

    I hate the term bareback sex and even more so hate the way it is used to demonize what I consider natural sex. You can be responsible and still engage in unprotected sex. Getting tested together with a sexual partner, sharing your results and staying monogamous or polygamous within those tested together is one way.

    The key is being honest with each other over our statuses and being able to stay faithful together or within the agreed group. Bareback sex is not the problem, irresponsible people are.

    I may not have agreed with Josh’s choice of doing bareback videos but the choice was his to make and I surely have done enough things in my life to never condemn the actions of another.

    It is disgusting to hear the way many of you have talked about another human being. Especially when almost all of you support the porn industry by buying videos, downloading from the net or what have you.

    There are many porn stars with all types of issues, just as there are many people in the outside world with varying types of issues. We as a community should come together when another human being has succumbed to this terrible disease, not judge and humiliate the dead.

    I know of many people who seek out HIV of their own accord. Why? Is it because they just want to have wild sex parties with multiple partners? I think not! The root of the matter is we are just all tired of being afraid of something so natural and beautiful as sex. Instead of demonizing sex and labeling it, we need to teach person responsibility and how to minimize our risks.

    Safe sex does not mean you will not get HIV. Condoms break, dental dams rip, wear and tear of old condoms improperly stored, etc. There are many risk factors.

    Many people judge and hate on others because they are jealous that they do not have the guts to do the things these people do or have done. You begrudge them for living their lives openly and for participating in activities you long yourself to do.

    As I said earlier, natural sex is not the problem our irresponsibility is. If you engage in natural sex be honest with yourself and your partners about your sexual activities and stay tested within your coupling or group.

    We should all stop judging and hurting each other. That should be the ultimate goal of our or any other community.

    My final word on this posting is: “Josh, I love and will miss you, my friend. I hope you have found the peace you craved in this life in the next.” XOXO

  22. mickeymike says

    the pushers who worked at falcon should be ashamed of all the boys there they got hooked.
    josh was magnificent !!!!

  23. says

    @ Chad Hunt – bless you and amen. Thank you for an eloquent and graceful post, and your equanimity in your shaming the hypocrites amongst us. I cannot bring myself to be as gracious at the moment, so I will confine myself to responding to your post and keep my talons to myself.
    I will also say that you broke my heart… OK, so I don’t have one, but still… when you retired. I wish you well, and a long, prosperous life.

  24. Disgusted American says

    well I for one – enjoyed his vids…..and wacked off many a time to them…..thanks for the memories!!!

  25. RJP3 says

    Chad – the SILENT MAJORITY of gay men, lesbians, straight friends are DISGUSTED by the HIV positive men and Porn Industry that have decided to glamorized unsafe sex. HIV rates went down when the community stood against the immature and “radical” elements in society. HIV KILLS. He did not use his short life to spread that message. Now in DEATH he can.

  26. DJSauvage says

    Sorry for your loss Chad, it’s tragic. I wouldn’t let a few shrill nasty rants on here give you a skewed impression of gay men in general, most of the commenters on here tend to skew a little angry and bitter no matter what the topic.

  27. dumbnhung says


    I don’t usually bother with spelling but in your case I had to.

    You’re a physician who spells ‘disease’ as ‘decease’?

    Back to school with you!

  28. says

    Everyone always says: wrap it up, no glove-no love, safe/safer sex, etc. How about “don’t have anal sex or you don’t have to have anal sex”.

    It will soon be 2013 and gay men are still getting AIDS at alarming rates, just like in the 80’s and 90’s. And whenever someone well known dies of AIDS they’re always gay. It’s not rocket science to figure out what’s going on. It’s all about anal. Straight people bareback vaginally all the time but 20% of them aren’t HIV positive.

    Anal sex is not natural, never was, never will be. Sadly, gay men still don’t get it.

  29. Buckie says

    Sometimes just saying “no thanks” is the only intelligent thing TO do…

    Don’t dictate to me or anybody else what the options/choices are.

    It’s OK to skip sex with the hot slutty guy that collects STD’s.

    There’s nothing wrong with being responsible and planning for a long healthy, happy, productive life.

    The suicidal gay death cult is so 80’s.

  30. says

    Marc C, if more gays said “no” to anal we’d have a lot more of them alive today and less of them infected with HIV. I’ve never heard of this man or the other one I just read about, Spencer Cox. It’s unfortunate the lifestyle choices some people make.

  31. DW says

    Who cares if the commentors are harsh? Gays need to wake up and realize how dangerous bareback sex is. Living with HIV is no fun either. Maybe it takes a well-known porn star to die in order to educate people.

  32. Icebloo says

    Funny how so many people on here attack him yet I bet ALL of you watch porn ! If it wasn’t for people like him there would be no porn.

    HIV/AIDS is a terrible, cruel and devastating disease which is STILL killing us and for which we STILL have NO CURE.

    Nobody deserves to die so young and nobody deserves to be infected with HIV. Yes he may have made some risky choices but I would never wish HIV on anyone.

  33. DW says

    Icebloo, you can watch porn and not watch bareback which he did. There’s plenty of porn out there where all the guys wear condoms. While there is no cure yet for HIV/AIDS, there are ways to have safer sex. Nothing new here.

  34. Billy says

    Thanks Josh for being such a great guy. May you rest in peace buddy. I loved you more than you ever knew!

  35. Speller says


    If you’re a physician (as you claim), I somehow think you’d know how to spell the word “disease”. (You spelled it as “decease” – which means to die, in case you’re not aware – as a physician and all).

    Bareback porn is indeed much riskier than condom porn. But you’re tilting at windmills to think that it’s going away just because it’s risky. As long as there’s a market, it will be made.

    Sad, but true.

  36. Scotty says

    Wow Ratbastard, that’s quite a nifty trick, to say that you don’t disrespect adult actors and sex workers, but then to turn right around and say they’re mentally ill drug and alcohol abusers who have no other viable life or job skills and no life prospects aside from having sex on camera! Is that really how you demonstrate “respect” for someone? I’d hate to see what you say about someone whom you DISrespect!

    And for the record, you’re assumptions are untrue in many cases. Plenty of gay adult actors are college students looking for extra income doing something fun and hot. Plenty of gay adult actors have been productive members of society with good jobs, from teachers to accountants to cops to soldiers to salesmen to you name it, and they do porn for the thrills, the sex, having an exhibitionist streak, and any number of other reasons. Yes, there have been tragic cases of hot messes being involved in the adult industry, but there are hot messes in just about any industry. Does porn tend to attract a higher than average number of messy people, of disturbed addicts? Probably. But that’s a FAR CRY from painting all people in the industry with that broad brush.

  37. Scotty says

    @Tony: Most humans (especially men) enjoy watching people have sex. It’s hot, arousing, and entertaining. Porn actors are merely people who’ve consented to have their sex acts with others recorded for the entertainment of other consenting adults. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your fair share of porn in your day. You can step off your self-righteous soapbox any time. That is all.

  38. Scotty says

    @Icebloo: You think gays are the only ones who treat porn stars as celebrities? Female porn actors and their hetero male fans would beg to differ. Have you ever seen coverage of the annual porn conventions and awards programs? Plenty of those porn actresses have almost cult followings among their male fans.

  39. Scotty says

    @Ratbastard: Oh, and generalizing about porn producers being predatory, exploitative parasites is also unfair. Some have been and are, but others are not, and do what they can to pay their talent decently, keep them safe and STD-free, and treat them with respect.

  40. Scotty says

    @Buckie: So any gay man who engages in casual sex or is not monogamous is caught up in a suicidal death cult? Wow, thanks for clearing that up.

  41. NOT A FAN says

    Anyone who believes bareback sex can be safe is absolutely delusional. AIDS/HIV still kills and for those it does not kill right away…it leads to a lifetime of nasty side effects and health problems and a shortened life span. Its been likened to other “manageable” diseases like Diabetes. As if that should be some comfort and excuse for reckless behavior. Diabetes is a pretty god awful disease (depending on the type) and also leads to nasty health problems and reduced life span etc etc….
    Y’all need to wrap it up.

  42. Warren H says

    “Bareback porn can be made safe.”

    absolutely and utterly pathetic – keep sucking up that meth you damn fool!

  43. Fenrox SuX says

    Fenrox sounds exactly like the seedy HIV poz dude who is offended and feels discriminated against for your refusing to take his load inside you. I have dated HIV poz men several times who are all good moral men who refused to pass on the virus. I wish all Poz men. were like my exes.

  44. stanhope says

    I so disdain the judgments in this string of comments. I don’t know Josh Weston or his work. What I do know is that NONE of us is in a position or has the right to judge him. I get so sick of these self righteous persons who post such comments. It leads me to wonder when I read the virulence of their words, what is behind them. Are they envious of Josh’s good looks, his obvious appeal to other people, the supposed glamour of his life? Take care of your own business and leave this gentleman, yes gentleman to rest in peace.

  45. PJ says

    Due to the ever increasing meth plague, the number of emaciated barebacking boys around in saunas and sex clubs now makes it look like 1982 all over again. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. Meth is the best friend HIV ever had.

  46. LateXsandMoNoGaMyOhMy says

    Negative commentary is just Anon commentary given a temporary name to suffice for its inadequate nature.
    Chad Hunt, I didn’t know who u were until today, (Damn you’re a hot human) and I wish you well. You speak the truth brother. Those who listen to your message are those who realize how valid it is. Others – well, ya cannot win them all…

  47. t. geoffrey says

    On the other hand, one of the latest studies is showing that the anti-viral meds are so effective that a person’s smoking now endanger him more than the virus. Go figure… It’s just like my grandmother Nana Roseannadanna used to say, “if it’s not one thing it’s another…”

  48. Pietro says

    FENROX, unsafe sex is never safe & to imply that HIV is a manageable disease so it is okay to have unsafe sex is a terrible mindset. I witnessed firsthand the onset of the plague years & nothing was hotter than the later years of the 70s by far, but looking back, I so very wish we had wised up earlier and not taken it to the extreme. No, I am not self-hating. I am alive and unwilling to romanticize the past, which was incredibly bleak and horrific. Young people are giving up their healthy lives for a fuckhead oblivion of meaningless empty sex. No lover is worth contracting HIV disease. Sorry for the off-topic, but you stirred up some anguish in me.

  49. RICK BURD says

    I remember seeing “Josh Weston” on Market St. around 2000 in the Castro neighborhood. I thought what a spectacularly good looking man. The next time I saw him, maybe a year later, he was built up (maybe with steroids?). He had a movie star quality, the look of someone the porn industry would love too. He was a human being who brought a lot pleasure to a lot of people. Sadly, gone too soon.

  50. vita-t says

    It’s sad to see someone die so young. I think the issue is that there are a lot of young gay guys who see bareback videos and don’t view it as a fantasy but as a real possibility and feel encouraged to engage in bareback. There are no public HIV prevention education campaigns now like there used to be and so people don’t think it’s a big deal anymore when it is. For the first time in two decades new HIV infection rates are going up rather than down. That is significant and should make all of us concerened. People aren’t making anti-bareback comments to be judgemental but to get people to wake up and realize it’s going to be 1982 all over again if we don’t get it together.

  51. DB says

    HIV is still a death sentence. It may take 20 years instead of 5, but the disease is incurable and fatal. Even the minority who respond well to treatment have their lives cut short do to the effects of inflammation and the toxicity of the drugs. Please never have intercourse without a condom except with an uninfected long-term partner. The rate of new infections among gay American men is increasing rapidly year-over-year.

  52. Tom Perez says

    Thank you Chad Hunt, your kind words about Josh are touching and have given this topic of Hiv a face we can all see in the mirror. No one is without owing some part of this part of human sexuality.Lets pray for a cure to this disease.Have you seen what kind of money is going into Hiv/Aids research and yet we still don’t have a cure?th kind of love we preach and expect from out straight brothers and sisters. Remember straight people get AIDS too.
    Lets lean to be real men and practice

  53. David Hearne says

    Really Geoffrey? When you see the outward visible signs of AIDS, does that seem like a condition you would find acceptable for the next 30 years? And what happens if the drugs stop working, or some new African virus comes along that isn’t afraid of our chemicals? Stop kidding yourself.

  54. SeanZilla says

    Oh. I didn’t think people died of AIDS anymore… I’m sure this is only seen as collateral damage. The industry approves of barebacking so it must be safe, right? They even have self-serving awards shows with categories like Best Bareback video, so it must be safe, right? Not to worry. I’m sure they will have a barebacking montage at the next event in honor of his death. Assh*les. (pun not intended)

  55. MoussaA says

    Be a Responsible ADULT and
    Take Responsibility FOR ALL YOUR Choices!
    Use Precautions, Play SAFE ONLY.
    Don’t Throw Away Precious Human LIFE away for a few moments of fleeting meaningless pleasure
    spent with SELFISH people that
    ULTIMATELY don’t give a damn about YOU !!!
    Or YOU will pay the Ultimate Price and Hurt Many others in the process !!!!