JET Magazine Features Gay Wedding in December Issue

As part of its December JET LOVE wedding series, JET magazine has featured the marriage of Dr. Ravi Perry and Paris Prince, GLAAD reports:

RaviRavi, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mississippi State University, and Paris, a licensed real estate broker and anti-discrimination compliance expert, were married in August at their home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The biweekly feature, which traditionally showcases straight couples, includes a short bio of the couple and explains how the couple fell in love.

"We are excited and honored to have our wedding featured in the historic yet ever-current JET Magazine.  Long the hallmark in publishing news, culture, and events pertaining to the Black American experience, Jet's publishing of our union is historic" said Ravi and Paris.

Said Herndon Graddick, President of GLAAD: “JET Magazine has an extensive legacy of covering the lives of LGBT African-Americans. This is yet another opportunity to applaud JET Magazine for continuing to highlight the diversity of the African-American community and to urge other media outlets to recognize that it’s these stories that help grow acceptance of our community and give a voice to LGBT people of color who are too often invisible in the media.”


  1. Kim says

    This is fantastic particularly because Jet readers skew older. My aunts who are in their 60’s still subscribe to Jet and Ebony.Every year Ebony profiles Gay families but its mostly Lesbian couples with kids or single Gay man w adopted kids.I would love to see them profile Nate and Rob the guys from “Kappa wedding ” YT video is at 506,000 views.I’m to buy the Jet to show my support

  2. jamal49 says

    JET was and is still a good read. I pick up a copy whenever I can find one. Handsome couple, by the way. Blessings to them and may they have millennia of happiness together.

  3. lilkunta says

    im surprised that JET did this since their audience is older afr am who are set in their ways. GOOD FOR JET.

    i cant believe their honeymoon was driving throught the south. perhaps ravi perry wanted to paris prince show that the south isnt all bad?

    they married in Mass, so is ravi gonna move to Mass? Being apart is gonna strain the marriage. plus what if they want kids? …or is paris an online teacher? and evein if he is doesnt he have to have inperson office hours ?
    i checked his website and he is on leave from Mississippi until next semetester, jan 2013.

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