1. Larry says

    Blame everything on the gays, give me a break people. I guess gays are now the most powerful thing on earth, lol. What war on xmas? These anti-gay Christians have lost their minds. There are millions of LGBT Christians who will not let the “gays” stop xmas, so now you can rest in peace and you war mongers who want to stir up ignorant people to make trouble, we know who you are, you are the anti-gay Christians who work for hate groups that used people to do your dirty work. Too bad they are not falling for your lies and tricks where you use them like they are slaves, since they are the minorities.

  2. says

    I was really longing for an example…but I couldn’t finish the clip. I had to run to my Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Advent service rehearsals, for the church that I’m a part of, where the director and the majority of the choir are gay, and love christmas…should I go on?

  3. hugo says

    oh please! Without us, Christmas would be a thoroughly dull affair with inedible baked goods, butt-ugly sweaters, and horribly tasteless decorations.

    Bill is really just calling it in, these days, isn’t he? Come December 1 he just pushes the ‘war on christmas’ button and replays his shows from the last five years. BOOORING, Bill, you are being very very BOOORING

  4. anon says

    Clearly, Bill is having trouble getting A-List pundits to back his “War on XMas” meme. I suppose also he hasn’t learned the lesson of Glen Beck, which is that ridiculous levels of persecution complex related diatribes will eventually backfire. Bill, when not scolding someone, spends the remainder of his time complaining that other people are calling him “bad names”. He must have more chips on his shoulders than guys who work in marble factories.

  5. Michael in Toronto says

    From my perch up here in Canada, it seems to me that FOX News (which I don’t get — in BOTH senses of the word) is the root of all evil in these times.

  6. Caliban says

    What exactly does this so-called “war on Christmas” consist of?

    People employed by stores being asked to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to customers because not all customers are Christian and that phrase covers the gamut of holidays. (Fox News’ own Christmas cards say “Happy Holidays,” or have in the past.) Right Wing Christians are upset because they aren’t getting THEIR preferred holiday greeting from employees who may not even be Christian themselves.

    People are protesting religious displays but on PUBLIC property. Individuals and churches can display the baby Jesus doing the hokey-pokey if they want and nobody’s stopping them.

    All together now, OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

    Now, O’Reilly *may* have a point, in that some of this backlash may be fueled by the Religious Right trying to force their religious laws on others via bans on same-sex marriage, birth control, and abortion rights. But in that case the REAL issue then is “The War On The Separation Of Church And State” and the Right’s failure to respect it.

    And payback, as has long been known, is a b*tch.

  7. says

    how wonderful. bill and friends telling their viewers at home that their gay children are ruining Christmas, Christianity, and the American Way of Life. ho ho ho.

    that’s the sad part. being a fox news viewer and anti-gay “Christian” doesn’t mean you’re immune from having gay children or family members. and these bigots are furthering a culture of prejudice and youth suicide. merry f***ing Christmas, indeed.

    each one has blood on their hands.

  8. says

    as IF we live in a world where people don’t want to “expose their children to gay people” but are fine with exposing their children to neanderthalian Black Friday riots.

    oh, and what about the Christian (and other) religious denominations that wholly support LGBT marriages?

  9. Francis says

    Well, he’s saying nothing we didn’t know in regards to what they think of us. This is what they truly believe. They believe we, and social-liberals in general, are the enemy of Christianity, and the enemy of America.

    It’s comments like this that are continuing to drive conservatives completely away from the mainstream.

  10. Johnnybeegood says

    When you’re losing big time in the battle to maintain your inherited position as the “king of the pack”…you get desperate. Watch them trip over each other…it’s like Walmart on Black Friday.
    However, I’m putting my tree up this weekend…baking fruit cakes with lots of rum…and having my nails done just in time for our annual Christmas dinner party. My husband and I love this time of year…we fly our kids and some of the grandkids in with that “gay disposable income”. It’s a wonderful celebration of love & family. All aboard !

  11. SFshawn says

    Bill and Faux News declared a war on INTELLIGENCE and LOGIC a long time ago and they continue to lose that war daily!
    Time for them to pack it up and disappear already. :)
    Happy Friday.

  12. says

    Diminishing religious belief makes us misanthropes? Isn’t it more misanthropic to believe that the religious have a monopoly on morality, and that in the lack of faith humans can’t stand one another. These people only provide more evidence that blind belief and dogmatic resistance to change will make you spout and do stupid things in arrogance.

    A book revealing phony outrage by selling phony outrage? They should be warping reality. Oh wait, their reality already is.

  13. jamal49 says

    Um, yeah, Bill, sure. Uh, are you talking about the pagan-inspired Yuletide kind of Christmas? Or, are you talking about the, um, Christian kind of Christmas? Got any proof, Bill, that we gays are the reason why there’s so many “attacks” on Christmas? I mean, I know you’re a blowhard extraordinaire and all, but proof of your allegations would be kind of nice. What’s that, Bill? You’re just sayin? Oh, OK. Well, thanks for those insights, Bill.

    Now, please sit down and shut up.

  14. says

    Gays anti Christmas ?

    Ha ha ha; tell that to my gay friends….with their celebrations, gift giving, decorations, trees, lights;
    then tell that to all those beautiful and brave, generous and loving gay Dads, who have their own kids and adopt kids into new homes with love and affection and attention.
    Their homes will rejoice in the festivities of Christmas.

    There are ten of us celebrating Christmas together this year with food gifts from everywhere……all gay boys, Bill, all together, all very happy.
    So Dear Bill, F.U.

    But I do agree that we gays cause earthquakes and we might have a hand in the Mayan ‘fin de siecle’ also.

    Keep jerking off, Bill.

  15. Jason Chenard says

    “Grouchy misanthropic heathen atheists”? Is he specifying that he’s only referring to atheists that possess characteristics of all three adjectives? Or may I assume that he believes that atheists are also intrinsically all three of those other things? (In which case, for the record, he’d be indulging in redundancy.) I’m definitely grouchy, but I’d like to think that I’m not misanthropic… well, most of the time.

    And as a matter of correctness, while all atheists are heathen, the reverse is not true. I strongly suspect that this subtlety is lost on most of the show’s watchers, and probably also its host and most of his guests.

  16. Bobby says

    Bill O’Reilly is crazier than every person at Fox News combined. There is no war on Christmas but I’d love to see the Christians thrown to the lions that keep perpetuating that myth.

  17. Joe in CT says

    This just shows how cloistered and uninformed these guys are. Everything about the way we celebrate Christmas in the U.S. is gay, gay, gay. We make it happen.

  18. mikeflower says

    “Judeo-Christian traditionalist people”…so can I expect a “War on Hanukkah” any time soon or is O’Reilly expecting American Jewery to convert en masse?

  19. Gary says

    You wanted all the exposure “equality” would bring. Now it’s time to own it. Boo hoo…..poor gays. Sniffing poppers on a New York City disco dance floor was so much more fullfilling. “New Normal” enough yet??? If only we could live in the TV….. I suggest Karate for all.

  20. uflyguy says

    Darn, wish I had seen this sooner. We wouldn’t have spent all last week putting up lights outside on the house, decorating the inside and putting up two trees for our Christmas party. I wish whoever is in charge of THE GAY AGENDA would send me updates sooner.

  21. andrew says

    @Gary: “sniffing poppers on a NYC disco dance floor” is so Jason. Are you Jason? You can tell me, I won’t tell the homofascists like Little Kiwi. I promise!

  22. Steve Chapman says

    @Gary…you probably need to your gay stereotypes updated a bit. Studio 54 closed decades ago.

    I have said it before and will say it again. If gays have so much power, why is getting a simple thing like marriage equality done so hard?

  23. Caliban says

    If anybody should be offended by this it’s Christians. Really, Bill, ALL Christians are anti-gay and anti-abortion? Someone really should tell the Episcopalians that, as well as the MCC, the Unitarians, and the many other Protestant denominations that are accepting of gays and have theological reasons for doing so. Catholics as a group are among the most pro-gay despite what that old b*stard in Rome has to say.

    Most Christians don’t get their panties in a knot when someone says Happy Holidays to them instead of Merry Christmas. Most Christians celebrate their holiday the way they want and don’t really care there isn’t a creche in front of city hall or on public land.

    O’Reilly and the Religious Right act as if Christians are some monolithic group with only one opinion on social issues, so it follows that if you don’t agree with them then you aren’t *really* Christian. If I were Christian that would really p*ss me off.

  24. Gary says

    Hilarous. Gays are better at hate than love, especially with “perceived” threat. If you want the right to be miserable and marry one of these stone bitches, be my guest. And FU is dated too.

  25. Jerry6 says

    Merry Christmas; One and All! (Even you, Bill O’Reilly) Although, I wonder HOW you celebrate Christmas with all of the HATE and BIGOTRY you espouse all year long, and especially now as we near the Season of Love and Kindness.

    Does your “GOD” really approve of your actions and comments during this Season of Love and Affection?

  26. andrew says

    Mr O’Reilly, you should go back to Inside Edition. That gossip show is more in tune with your talents than Fox Noise, which still pretends to be real journalism.

  27. Diogenes Arktos says

    I wonder what O’Reilly would make of the fact that non-Christian Japan goes over the top about Christmas.

    @Caliban: Thank you. It does p!ss me off.

  28. Robert says

    Bill O’Reilly will say anything to get his ratings up. One day everyone will look back on all this and say “what a bunch of bigots” And that day is soon approaching.

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