1. Matt26 says

    Stunning song, sure first runner for Oscar.
    AB&C-MS surely write beautiful songs.
    AND Hugh, he is perfect, is he even real? He is a perfect man, a real life McDreamy.
    I am so waiting to see this movie.

  2. Jack says

    Jackman is actually the one cast member I’m worried about in this film. From what I’ve seen of the previews and his rendition of “What Have I Done,” I wasn’t all that impressed. Valjean is introspective and gentle at times yes, but he is also strong-willed, bullish, determined, and forceful. That side doesn’t seem apparent from what I’ve seen. Also, Hugh seems to talk more than he sings.

  3. says

    I am looking forward to this movie immensely and already have my tickets for Christmas morning. (Traditional Jewish Christmas and all.) But Jack, I totally agree with you, in a lot of the clips I’ve seen, the characters sing-speak a bit more than I’d like them to. Hopefully they won’t when it counts.

  4. db says

    Jack, how much have you actually seen? I think I’ve seen all the previews and they don’t really give enough to judge the performances of anyone.

  5. Jack says

    DB I’ve seen anything that’s been released. And the last round of previews combined with Jackman’s interview in the extended behind the scenes look gives me pause. I’m not judging the product, I’m saying I have concerns over what it will look like in the end.

  6. MiloTock says

    If you are going to be worried about any of the male lead performances, it should be about Crowe’s Javert, not Jackman’s Valjean.

  7. Jack says


    Touche, I guess i kind of disregarded that. I actually thought Jackman was a good pick for the role, and he’s obviously a great talent, it’s more my concern over his artistic license with a book and show that I love.

    Crowe, on the other hand, never belonged anywhere near this film, IMO.

  8. Randy says

    I’ve liked the previews. On stage, you can get away with just singing, but in a film you have to act, or it doesn’t work. Sometimes that means speaking the lines instead of singing them.

  9. Randy says

    Actually, my main question is whether Thénardier’s homophobia is going to be played for homophobic laughs again.

  10. THOMAS says

    I think the song is excellent and could definetly be an Oscar contender.

    But… Am I the only one slightly bothered by director Tom Hooper’s comment, “I felt the one thing missing from the musical…” ?

  11. Guy says

    Was looking forward to the film but, after reading some reviews, no longer. The famous songs are fine by themselves but hear them in succession and they all sound the same: same rhythms, same build-up, same release. Some of the reviews have said this sameness marks the director’s technique too.

    Of course, they had to write a song for the movie. Otherwise, it would not have an original song to qualify for an Oscar nomination, and that would be embarrassing for such a BIG musical.