1. simon says

    They should have some nude feminists with writings on their bodies. Wonder what they will do. Women baring their breasts in public may not be illegal in France or Italy, Vatican may be different.

  2. john patrick says

    I guess the people holding signs favoring marriage equality were a major threat to the closeted pope, fresh off his blessing of the Ugandan politician who was pushing a kill-the-gays bill, and fresh off his over the top hateful spiel about marriage equality threatening marriage and peace and justice. Must not let anyone interrupt his inane pious words to the throngs in St. Peter’s Square.

  3. Randy says

    They didn’t dare arrest them because they know that it would cause more publicity for the gay group. Also, having several gay men in custody in the Vatican jail would be too tempting.

  4. Chateauneuf Du says

    “Signs don’t harm children. Greasy-a$$ed papal goombahs with sexual identity issues harm children.”