1. Caliban says

    It’s not a “mass wedding” in the Moonie sense, Keating. They are constructing multiple “pop-up” chapels so that each couple will be married one at a time, one after another.

    It may be a bit “assembly line,” but it’s not a mass wedding. No one wants that or would stand for it.

  2. Larry says

    Marriage is a Civil Right for all people, it is not just a “straight right” for the few anti-gay Christians who want to keep it only for them and not for LGBT people.

  3. Caliban says

    “Whether performed one at a time or all at once, a mass wedding ceremony is a mass wedding ceremony and it’s a tacky publicity stunt. Which explains why Dan Savage is involved!”

    What are you stuffed with, fecal matter?

    Gay couples showing up the MOMENT their marriages can be legal to declare the legitimacy of their love and relationships is a powerful demonstration of how much it was wanted and needed. Rather than doing it in a featureless office they have the option to do it with a little pomp and ceremony. No on is forcing them to do it then and there, it’s merely offered as an option.

    Tell me, is there ANYTHING done by the gay community that you DON’T b*tch and complain about? Because if there is I must have missed it.

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