1. xp says

    well Chris, when I was growing up I felt it was expected of me to date girls like every other guy so despite the fact I knew I was gay I dated girls…this might be the experience he was talking about, he also said he was 12.

  2. Ted says

    ” “Unlike you, sweetie, I have had a little more experience in other areas other than with guys.” Holding a women’s curling iron or hair dryer doesn’t actually count Anderson Cooper. BTW: Wasn’t his sad excuse for a show cancelled?

  3. Gigi says

    @Ted Claws in sweetie! Even without a daytime talk show Mr. Cooper is undoubtedly far more successful than you (or I for that matter) will ever be. Why the hate?

  4. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    I could listen to Anderson giggle all day. I’m glad he came out, it frees him to be much more himself and thus, far more interesting.

  5. Chris says

    I know, but the way it was said you would think that there was something wrong with that, or that it was what he was “supposed” to do. It just seemed odd.

  6. David in NYC says

    I am LOVING this gold-star purebred business.

    Gays LOVE acting like they deserve some medal for experimenting with women.

    Proud to have always known ladybits aren’t my scene.

  7. Brandon h says

    I think Andrew Rannels looses purebred points because of his sex scene on Girls. I know it was fake, but it’s more than I’ve ever done with a girl.

  8. says

    Gay men bragging about their experience and/or prowess with women smacks of insecurity. I’ve even had Gay and Bi men put me down because I’m “purebred”! I’ve never gone to bed with a woman, and I’m proud to say so. What’s wrong with knowing exactly what you want sexually?

  9. anon says

    Gay guys who’ve slept with women are probably a bit defensive and embarrassed about it. After all, the lowest form of gay is the married guy with kids, deceiving everyone.

  10. says

    If you didn’t see this then you really missed one of the funniest moments on Anderson. Anderson was trying to be all cool and it was Noonan who called him on it. “What do YOU know about women???” and Anderson started cracking up shooting back the “sweetie” line. Anderson did admit that he hung out with girls when he was 12/13 who thought they were on a date with him but Anderson was with them only to meet or hang out with their brothers. That brought the house down and everyone was laughing, including Anderson in a laughing fit. It was a great moment.

    I really hope Anderson doesn’t end this show. He has grown into it and it gets better every day as he figures out what works and what doesn’t. It comes on at 3pm in SF followed by Ellen at 4pm so every day is a great gay afternoon. What we see here is the fun-side of Anderson. The side his friends get to see while the rest of us watch him be Mr. Reporter on 360. Here he is so interesting, so incredibly gay funny and gay opinionated like every queen you know. He doesn’t do a lot of PDA with his guests – sort of keeps them at arm’s length and busses cheeks for hello and goodbye (rather then even attempt to fake a kiss) but if you watch close he gives in every now and then as he has done with Andrew Rannells, Jake Gyllenhaal and Andy Cohen. With those guys he reached out and touched or hugged (and held it). I encourage everyone to DVR or watch the show.

  11. BETTY says

    ANON: generalizing much? Just because a gay guy sleeps with a woman doesn’t mean they are all married and deceiving. This is not about guys who identify themselves as straight who get some gay action on the side. It’s gay guys who may have had an experience with women at one time. There are many guys who have who fooled around with girls when they are still unsure of their sexuality when they were much younger. If you can’t see the difference….or maybe you’re just trying to push people’s buttons here (again).

  12. Griff says

    I’ve never heard it referred to as “purebred”, which seems kind of gross and WASPy. My friends and I always called it a “gold star gay”- in actuallity, there are two distinctions:

    “Gold Star”- never had sex with a woman.

    “Platinum Star”- also was born via C-Section, so has never technically crossed the threshold.

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