1. ian says

    what a coincidence. i was just thinking about Bowie last night and what a fan i was in my teen years. i was thinking too about his long sad artistic decline, but i do like this song.

  2. says

    long sad artistic decline? His last few albums before he retired were quite awesome. Out of the popular eye perhaps, but he was most of his career except for a brief period in the 80’s. I haven’t liked every thing he’s done over the last 50 years but most of it i’ve found to be quite good.

  3. Eric says

    To quote from an entry on Metafilter:

    “It seems David Bowie recently got a Vimeo account, and is posting lots of videos from across the years on his website. Including one yesterday for his new single, which is being released ahead of his first album in ten years. Way to celebrate your 66th, Ziggy! ”

  4. Henry Holland says

    Huge Bowie fan since the “Pin Ups” days, I’m shocked that he’s released any new music, I figured he’d retired.

    “Long sad artistic decline”? Perhaps. When you have a decade like Bowie did in the 1970’s, where he released a series of very influential records and compare it to later stuff, sure. However, apart from the Glass Spider/desperate for pop hits phase, I love his albums and “Earthling” in particular is a favorite.

    As for the new song, it’s good, but his voice sounds very weak and not in good trim. Hopefully the rest of the album shows his voice to be in better shape.

  5. stranded says

    Oh god. I sense another ‘hours…’ Mr. B can do anything he wants after what he gave us before 1981, but really, the guy’s sad lonely introspective period seems to never end. I wish him well and I’m so grateful for his bravery and creativity in the seventies. He was the only out proud gay person I knew of as a kid, even if it turned out he wasn’t all that gay. I just wish he’d put out a decent album if he’s going to bother.

    Have you seen the album cover? Seems like he’s retreading rather than reinventing.

    Ah well, glad he’s alive and healthy. That’s what counts.

  6. Graphicjack says

    What I find interesting is the complete absence of negativity on this post, and I’m glad. It’s nice to see that over-50 music artists can still be appreciated without all the negativity and ageism… Oh… Unless you’re Madonna, who gets called grandma when she isn’t one, is ten years younger than Bowie and everyone says she’s too old to be relevant. Interesting… I get it if you don’t like her music… But with a number one album and the highest grossing tour of 2012, I’d say she’s still relevant, at least to her fans. I think everyone has a right, at any age, to keep performing and producing music for their fans. It would be nice if everyone could agree on that point at least.

  7. says

    Bowie has come out of retirement! Holy f*ckballs! That dude is a legend.

    Can’t wait until his new album comes out in March, so I’ll just hold myself over by listening to “Station To Station” and “Young Americans” in the meantime.

  8. says

    Blah! I forgot to mention that I really do like this song. Very rich sound and David sounds wonderful.

    Okay sorry for the extra post guys… back to your regularly scheduled reading. 😉

  9. Rog in L.A. says

    The new single is brilliant and retrospective. His voice sounds fractured to match the lyrical context. Once you understand the context of the song, you’ll grasp why he chose to sing it that way. I’m sure the rest of the songs off the new album will be quite different in tone as stated by Tony Visconti, the albums producer.

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