1. says

    Oh brother. “Declaring themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

    First off, no matter how much Evolutionists scream to the contrary they have NEVER EVER proven the evolution of SPECIES. No matter how many mutations a species may achieve over time, it is still the same species. A human will always give birth to a human and a chicken will always give birth to a chicken. Evolutionists don’t like to point out the fact that all creatures have a DNA stablizer which PREVENTS massive mutation beyond a certain point. It is an impossibility for any mutation to continue perpetually into further generations – the DNA will cancel out the mutation. And that HAS been prove to be an absolute.

    I am just amazed out how people get hostile at the very simple idea that God created the chicken and gave it the abiity to give birth (lay an egg), but they so willingly accept the nonsensical and astoundingly complicated crap found in videos like this.

    Hey Andy Towle, you should be made aware that only a minority of gays and lesbians are godless. Vast hundreds of thousands of us very much believe in God, as can be attested to by the mutitudes of gay Christian & Jewish (and even Muslim) ministries around the world, such as GayChristianSurvivors, Metropolitan Community Churches, Cathedral of Hope, United Church of Christ, Bat-Kol, Aleph, The Aguda, Havruta – just to name a few. And there are scores of books, like HOMOSEXIANITY and GAY CHRISTIAN 101, written by conservative ministers who prive that the Bible is 100% pro-gay. We are the ones who didn’t give up on God just because some straight people told us that God hates us. We don’t judge God by what others say but by who He is – and He is love. He created us because He loves us and wants us. That is truth whether you want to accept it or not. No one can make the earth flat by believing it’s flat, and no one can make God go away by believeing He isn’t there. And He PROVES HIMSELf to those who seek Him.

    Not only does the Bible confirm that God made the chicken first and that all species reproduce only themselves, but that God NEVER spoke against gay marriage, and in fact Jesus spoke positively about homosexuals THREE TIMES. Stop listening to these homophobic religious theocrats who think they represent God and these crackpot Evolutionists who want you to believe that your great grandma was a monkey, and pick up a Bible for yourself and see that God is Truth and that He is NOT anti-gay and that He made you because He loves you and wants you.

  2. johnny says

    Yikes, Rev.Jim, that was some pretty absolutist thinking going on there. Zero room for any other viewpoint much? No possible hybrid theory, like perhaps intelligent design that evolved on it’s own after it was set in motion? Zero possibility that there was any inter-species action going on at some point?

    Nope, just your viewpoint and that’s the one that’s correct, nobody else is right.

    And you wonder why so many people avoid anything to do with religion. It’s that “I’m right, everyone else is wrong” mind-tightly-closed thing that makes a lot of people steer clear of anything biblical.

  3. JSH says

    Hey Rev. Jim – can you pipe down? Intelligent science-believing people are trying to have a conversation here….go play in the corner with your Noah’s Ark Lego set & don’t bother us, honey. Maybe if you’re really good, your invisible sky daddy will give you the power to process complex ideas. (but don’t count on it)

  4. Tom in long beach says

    hey Rev. Jim: Gay liberal Christian here. I have a question. What name did Adam give to the T Rex ?? I attempt to take the part where Jesus tells us to love each other literally. The murky old Testament stuff may just turn out to be something like a parable…

  5. anon says

    That video was nicely thorough. As to evolution, the issue isn’t, as the video points out, a case of some sudden change. The issue is gradual change. Domestic chickens are not like their wild ancestors prior to domestication. They were selected over a long period of time by humans to produce lots of meat and eggs, and flightless helps too. If Rev. Jim’s ideas about DNA were correct, it would be impossible for us to produce a domestic chicken different from their wild ancestors because DNA replication is perfect. This is false. Mutations are unavoidable. Even in a single individual, mutations cause cancer.

    It’s important in any closed group for members to express some sort of allegiance or have their loyalty tested, but groups can make such tests conform to what we know about the natural world. It’s the responsibility of group leaders, such as Rev. Jim to make loyalty oaths fair to the members and not demand that up be down or left be right, or have other insidious ramifications. Otherwise, the group is more cult than social organization and the members lose more than they gain by joining.

  6. jexer says

    Dear Rev. Jim- There’s a hell of a lot more concrete evidence for evolution than there is for god. Words in a book are ‘testimony’ not ‘evidence’.

    Go troll some place else.

  7. MIke says

    We eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner. The egg came first! Unless, of course, one works the night shift and sleeps all day. In that case, one eats dinner first and breakfast just before going to sleep. :-)

  8. jexer says

    @Anon- it’s pointless being rational with trolls like RevJim. They don’t believe in DNA or physics. They believe that God pushes every atom in the universe around manually. They don’t believe in cause & effect, they believe everything is a miracle that happens at God’s whim and that he could change his mind at any second and reality would simply change to fit his plan without rhyme or reason. To biblical literalists… studying science is as pointless as studying a sand castle, the tide could re-arrange it completely at anytime invalidating anything you thought you knew.

    No… people that accept the bible as inerrant use a completely different vocabulary than the rest of us. To them, words like ‘evidence’ and ‘natural’ mean completely different things than they do when we use those words.

    There’s just no getting through to them. I mean seriously, most of what they believe was written by ‘anonymous’, and attributed to God. Not what I would consider a credible source of information, and hearsay like that certainly wouldn’t hold up as ‘evidence’ in court, much less scientific review.

  9. Robert says

    “Reverend Jim.” That was honestly hysterical. As a (self-proclaimed, I’m assuming) reverend, you need to focus on doing good in this world. This doesn’t concern you, and you’re waaaay out of your league here.

  10. SoSeriouslyY says

    I’ve always known this. It’s pretty obvious.

    Eggs came before anything like a chicken, proto or otherwise. And anything that becomes a chicken has to come from a chicken egg.

    There’s the whole thing, in two sentences.

  11. Richard Harney says

    @Rev. Jim. You like to refute 100s of thousands of science experiments that continue to point to proof of evolution. Yet you have 0 scientific data on creation and people are just supposed to believe you because you say so?

  12. says

    for a belly-laugh, check out the link Rev. Jim provided!

    it reminds me of something else: demonic possession.

    know a surefire way to ensure you never get possessed by a demon or the devil?

    don’t f***ing believe it’s possible because the devil isn’t frickin’ real.

  13. yadda yadda says

    Wow, that Rev. Jim site is so much fun. web counter. it feels like 1997 all over again when we had these little gay pic libraries we could surf for free.

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